Teams drawn from different regions of Africa participated in the baseball events of the All Africa Games. The competition was keanly contested therefore an eminent rise in the standard of play among the teams.


The matches played drew an expected number of spectators. From my stand point the spectators had quit thrilling experience. they expressed optimism that the game of baseball will in the nearest future, will be second to non among other sports in Africa if more healthy competition such as this as well as the putting in place of a good developmental programmes and framework to be nortured and ran effectively.


Nigeria been host of the games enjoyed great support from spectators in all the events and venues baseball was not an exception this is why it is important to mention the significance of first match played by the Nigerian team. The whole nation celebrated the victory of her baseball team when they defeated Zimbabwe in their first match. This match though recorded high scores difference was still rated high  because two sides exihibited  good skills and technically sound approach to the game.


The Zimbabweans though losing the first match to Nigeria went to put up an outstanding performance as the competitions wound up they reached a well deserved third place (Bronze) medal position as they lost again to Nigeria at the semi final stage. Nigeria in turn lost to South Africa in the gold medal game which saw the later clinching the gold medal. Please see attached for fixtures/standings.



Each team were officially allowed to register 22 players and 4 officials for the competitions.



The organisers  as well as the host did their best to provide the best facilities they could for the games to run hitch free. Although a new playing pitch was constructed for the purpose of the compettion. Equipments still remains the major inpediment to the development of the game both at compitative and developmental level of baseball in Africa.



Following the conclusion of the 8th All Africa Games one would rather conclude that baseball in Africa is gradually rising to a level where it can be nortured to greater hight but it needs more support from within and outside the continent in other to make the desired progress. These it is hoped can be achieved through a well integrated, systematic  and practically oriented approach in meeting the developmental demands or reqirements of African Baseball


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