How to carve4




At first you make base of petal after making a center part. For reference, see how to carve1. Then you can get it like the figure 1-2 above.

2-1. 2-2. 2-3.

Then carving out upper of petals. It scoops up with a spoon keep an edge being laid down.

3-1. 3-2.

Remove lower part of petals and then one petal is carved.

4-1. 4-2.

After remove lower part around the circle, shown figure4-1.

5. 6.

Then repeat the same process as No.2. After carved petals, chamfering for part of center.

7-1. 7-2. 7-3.

Putting an edge on a knife, repeat carving the petal -> removal - > petal, from outside to inside.

8-1. 8-2. 9.

This is additional carving leaves for base. Then remove an extra part.




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