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Music Gear Closeout: Purchase Discount Music Gear Online at Musicians Friend - Nady HAM-4 4 Channel Headphone Amp Save BIG when you buy today! ... Ibanez AW20ECE Artwood Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Onboard Tuner Honey Sunburst The Fishman Sonicore pickup and SST preamp assure an accurate and rich reproduction of this guitar's natural tone when plugged in. It has maple back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top. The honey sunburst gloss finish is accentuated with gold die-cast tuners and pearl dot inlays. Also has an onboard tuner! ... Ken Smith RM-ML Rock Masters Medium Light 45-100 Bass Strings Gauges 45-65-80-100.These stainless steel roundwounds are super bright and will perform well for all styles of modern music. Long scale with 38 winding length. Silk wrapped at both ends to protect your hardware. Ken Smith strings are manufactured to stringent quality standards to assure maximum tone and long life. They are strings that bring out the best in any bass. ... Audio-Technica AE4100 Cardioid Dynamic Mic It features an aggressive sound that stays upfront in the mix. Its design is optimized for stage use with excellent isolation properties. Superior anti-shock engineering assures low handling noise and it's built tough for road use. Includes a quiet flexmount stand clamp. ... Pearl DR-80 Rack The Pearl DR-80 Rack has 4 square top rails made of black anodized aluminum which ensure that mounts won't spin or loosen once positioned. 4 large-diameter legs on the DR-80 Rack provide complete stability. Folding storage with the 4 included PC-8 clamps in place. The DR-80 RAck is fully compatible with all Pearl tom and cymbal holders.Additional pipe clamp for 7/8 tubes ... Hagstrom F-300 Left Handed Electric Guitar Black Gloss Save BIG when you buy today! ... THD YJ7591D Yellow Jacket 7591 Duet An adapter that permits the use of an EL84 power tube in an older Ampeg amp or other amps using the 7591 tube. There are no adjustments to make and no modifications necessary. You simply plug the Yellow Jacket into the amp's output tube sockets, plug the provided EL84s into the Yellow Jacket, turn on the amp, and play.Yellow Jacket converters not only rearrange the pin locations of the tubes, but also provide the necessary current limiting on the screens and cathode as well as blocking the amplifier's grid-bias voltage, configuring the EL84 in a Class-A, self-adjusting cathode-bias circuit.In old Ampeg Reverb Rockets and the like, you experience a warmth and sweetness that you could never get with the now unavailable 7591 tubes. The overall output power remains the same, but the sound becomes fuller and the extinct 7591s are replaced with common and inexpensive EL84 tubes.Will they hurt your amp? No! Yellow Jacket converters are safe for all amplifiers and transformers. As all Yellow Jacket Converters internally limit voltage and current they put no extra strain on amplifiers' power and output transformers or internal components. Using the Yellow Jacket in higher powered amplifiers actually reduces the strain on the transformers and internal components because it reduces the overall wattage of the system. Furthermore, the heater (or filament) current of the EL84 is lower than that of the 6L6, EL34 or 7591,... ... Musser M-646 Orchestra Bells 2-1/2 octave steel bars with hand damper in wood case. ... LMI 15-Chord Chordharp with Hardshell Case Constructed of top-quality materials and meticulously crafted, this Chordharp meets the most-demanding situations with consistently beautiful sound that has made it a bestseller. This 15-chord instrument plays in a broad range of keys. Durably constructed, fleece-lined case withstands the bangs and bounces encountered while transporting your instrument from class to class. Covered with brown simulated leather. ...

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