satanael(ex-SCOURGE)wanted to do the 80s'true thrash.As satanael want to revitalize BIOTHROAT which was being done before. satanael renames to RIGOR MORTIS begins a rehearsal with G SLOWHAND,B TAK(REIGN),Dr MASAKI(ex-GRIMEFORCE,SMASH THE BRAIN) early in 2002 ,and We renames to RIGOR MORTIS.We begin 1stLIVE in Terada-cho FIRELOOP in September. We pile up LIVE¡¡Variously, We recorded 1StCDR early in 2003, and since Kamomiya finally returns to GRIMFORCE, it is left. A drum is not found easily henceforth, Dr chrisemilio-yoko(ex-PERFECT CRIME) joins in January 2004, and We begin Reborn LIVE at NAMBA BEARS in May.We are making the live and music every day to aim at REAL THRASH METAL BAND.

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