Koryu is a dynamic Taiko drumming group based at the foot of towering Mt.Youtei performing a powerful synthesis of rhythm, harmony and body movements.

Founded by master Taiko drummer Rokuro Takada in Kutchan, the group aims to carry on his ambitions of contributing to the growth of culture in the local area while rediscovering this powerful native art.

The group strives to exemplify the principals of  ]( Jyu ran ni shyo)  in all its endeavors; ginherit the masterfs accomplishments, exceed his accomplishments, strive to understand your emotions, and persevere endlessly.h Witnessing a Koryu performance is memorizing- you can hear, watch, see and feel the thundering sounds of the drums as they invite you into the world of Taiko.

Japanese text: http://www.geocities.jp/youteidaiko_koryu_top/koryutoha.html