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Updated on April 4th, 2007

New! You can listen to the audio clip of "After Dark".

Hello, my name is OSAKABE Yoshio

I am a big fan of MURAKAMI Haruki. I am collecting his works, particularly Hard Covers. I took pictures of covers by scanner. You can see them in lists of his Novels, Short Stories, Essays, Interviews&Dialogues, Translations, Studies and Translated Works. Please enjoy World of MURAKAMI Haruki's works at Let's Haruking on Books.

Do you know he is also an athlete? He participated in Marathon races such as Boston and New York City. He wrote about Tateyama Wakashio Marathon race in his Essay "How Murakami Asahi-do was trained". Some members of his fans formed running club "Hashirundagaya" in 1998. We ran with him at Kodomono-kuni Ekiden race in 1999 and 2000, and Wakashio Marathon race in 2000. You can enjoy his athelete life at Let's Haruking on Foot.

Do you like
Haruking? So, Let's go MURAKAMI Haruking with me.


On books On Foot
Complete Lists NY City in 1998
Novels Tateyama Wakashio in 2000
Short Stories Kodomonokuni Ekiden in 2000
Essays NY City Marathon in 2000
Interviews/Dialogues Honolulu Marathon in 2002
Study Books
Translated Works








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