2017 Eighth Haiku Meeting: August 12
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

my Love is gone from here
showing its condolence
my weeping willow tree
Royal T. Fruehling, Hawai'i (USA)

a muggy day
not a single person
early afternoon
Hiroshi Utano

looking up at treetops
looking for cicadas
chorus of cicadas
Hiroshi Utano

early autumn
the white clouds
way of the morning
Osami Kawasaki

a chestnut tree
it drizzles
white flowers
Osami Kawasaki

hot, humid: muggy
pathways deserted - just me
flowers and the birds
Stephen M. Block (USA)

golden curls piled high
alabaster face- eating
salami sandwich
Stephen M. Block (USA)

summer solstice--
only one beer
isn't enough
Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

at the lake. . .
I swim towards
the warblerfs song
Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

a heat wave--
the passer-by stops
under each tree
Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

stressed plants
continue to bloom
orgy in yellow
Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

break of guerrilla clouds
summer's drums up to volcano
silent half moon
Yuzu Sugita

shutting up the one-man office--
towering Tropical clouds
Yasuomi Koganei

festival WaDaiko beat
shaking the city--
the daylight moon
Yasuomi Koganei

a swallowtail
through the window--
my husband waving his hand?
Sachiko Kondo

a girl with
thick false eyelashes--
summer bus!!!
Sachiko Kondo

summer morning
daily walking with
haiku mind
Masako Omaki

scorching heat
home alone
reading old diary
Masako Omaki

inhale mist
climbing the hill
yellow lilies
Motoko Satoh

girls chorus prays over
Day of the Atomic Bomb
wake up everyone
Motoko Satoh

a summer funeral
her archaic smile--
first cicadas distant
Yasuhiko Shirota

news of typhoon No. 5
noises of wind
vague unease
Yasuhiko Shirota

hi snail:
why not talk about
the world and the nation?
Ikken Ikemoto

August 15 all burst into tears--
in katakana
Ikken Ikemoto

power to tomorrow
Midori Tanaka

with smartphone in silence
-summer loneliness
Midori Tanaka

justice? suggested corruption?
Japanese bureaucracy
Kazuo Takayanagi

a single flower of iris
our living room
Kazuo Takayanagi

Emperorfs rescript
Japan put down arms
red dragonflies in the sky
Hideo Ebihara

Summer Fuji a big rock
gSee me dressed
in snow next!h
Hideo Ebihara

burn the darkness
in your eyes
Kazumi Karaki

snake still
Kazumi Karaki

the perfume name fading
the romance
still living in memory
Takashi Ikari

botanical garden
the views of greenery
Takashi Ikari

loud chorus of cicadas
a sign of autumn approaching
still scorching now, though
Kiyoshi Sugita

replying to a question
about how to stay fit in summer
gEnglish haiku, karaoke, evening walksh
Kiyoshi Sugita

living alone
the sound of the electric fan
Michi Umeda

bygone chapters
without titles
flowers in the field
Michi Umeda

souls flying home
on veils of clouds--
full moon
Junko Saeki

shooting stars in
the air getting sharper
Junko Saeki

the choir of calm wind
silent waves of Inland Sea
catch a grand sunset
Michiko Murai

cicadasf choir
offering its song to
the temple of pilgrimage
Michiko Murai

the brilliant jade
of a stagnant river
height of summer
Crystal Brunelli

Next meeting:

September 16, 13:30 to 17:00 No. 3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )

October 14, 13:30 to 17:00 No.3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )

November 4, 13:30 to 17:00 No.3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )
Advance Information: Program of Sakura Haiku Festival which will take place in Tokyo in spring of 2019

1. Period: April 1 (Mon)--April 6 (Sat), 2019

2. Theme: Pilgrimage to Haiku Holy Places (Santoka, Issa, Shiki, Hakyo, and Shuson) in Falling Cherry Petals

3. Programitentative and subject to changej

April 1 (Mon): (AM&PM): presentations, speeches at the office of Meguro International FriendshipAssociation (MIFA) in Meguro City Office

April 2 (Tue): (AM&PM): visit Dairyuji temple (Shiki Masaoka) and Hongyoji temple (Issa Kobayashi and Santoka Taneda)and Ueno Park famous for cherry blossoms

April 3 (Wed): (AM): presentations and speeches at Meguro CitizensfCenter (PM): visit Joshinji temple (Shuson Kato)

April 4 (Thu): (AM&PM): visit Jindaiji temple (Hakyo Ishida) and Jindai Botanical Garden

April 5 (Fri): (AM): presentations and speeches at Meguro CitizensfCenter (PM): ginko to river-side promenades along the Meguro River famous for cherry blossoms
and a haiku meeting at the office of Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)in Meguro City Office

April 6 (Sat): (AM): presentations, speeches at Meguro CitizensfCenter
@@@@@@ @ (PM): MIHC Monthly Haiku Workshop at Meguro CitizensfCenter

Detailed program will be announced during December 2018 and January 2019
For details, please contact Yasuomi Koganei: yix04102@nifty.com .

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