2016 Tenth Haiku Meeting: October 8
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

green leaves yet to fall
brown leaves crackling under foot
a momentfs reprieve
Stephen M. Block (USA)

giggling, home from school
three girls telling too tall tales
wished for adventures
Stephen M. Block (USA)

route brûlante
la paysanne mfoffre
une tomate fraiche
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

scorching road
the farmerfs wife offers
a fresh tomato
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

cimes montagneuses
dans la vapeur du jour
le temple émerge
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

mountain peaks
through the day mist
a temple emerges
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

deux papillons sous la pluie
le ciel sfouvre dfun temple à lfautre
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

from temple to temple
two butterflies in the rain
the sky opens
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

du haut de la montagne
un chapelet dfîles
pins dressés vers lféternité
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

from the mountain top
a rosary of islands
pines groomed to infinity
Geneviève Fillion (Canada)

smette la pioggia
la luna nellfanfora
non riesce a uscire
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

it stops raining
the moon in the amphora
canft get out
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

sbuffi di vento
tra i passeggeri sale
anche una foglia
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

gusts of wind
among the passengers
also a leaf gets in
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

dressed in his best clothes
now, lifeless on a foreign beach
refugee child
Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i, USA)

Vecchia cornice
chiude nel suo riquadro
le mie stagioni.
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Old frame
holds within
my seasons
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Rami potati
su quel vecchio albero
son cicatrici.
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Branches pruned away
on that old tree
are scars
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

clouds from below
clouds from above in sunshine
eating on the way
Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

last tea ceremony
the taste
of returning home
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

letztes Teeritual
der Geschmack
von Heimkehr
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

deep red sun
the bellman bows
at a shuttle bus
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

tiefrote Sonne
der Page verneigt sich
vor dem Shuttlebus
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

bus stop
air of deepened autumn wraps
standing passengers
Hiroshi Utano

sesame tofu
fragrant coarsely
karma would exist
Hiroshi Utano

local kabuki--
child actress makes her parents
cry at last
Juichi Masuda

chrysanthemum dolls
dressed up all with flowers
except a ninja
Juichi Masuda

the night of her wake
all umbrellas soaked
by September rain
Michi Umeda

Indian summer
a crow crossing
a tin roof
Michi Umeda

farewell, my dear--
monkfs voice
at the family tomb
Masako Omaki

crescent moon
after typhoon
Hikone Castle lit up
Masako Omaki

mackerel clouds
sail above the sunset
for a journey, somewhere
Michiko Murai

time flies, time stands still
suddenly, bygone days alive
autumn reunion
Michiko Murai

autumn rain
colors beet farm
hazy yellow
Motoko Satoh

autumn night
sounds of river
salmon coming up
Motoko Satoh

cicadafs shell
on an aspidistra leaf
where are you chirping
Hideo Ebihara

flocking white egrets
one crow aloof
reaped rice field
Hideo Ebihara

graves in the rain
bouquets offered
tombstones brighten
Takeo Hanaoka

autumn shower
shoppers run away
in a hurry
Takeo Hanaoka

lengthening its shadow--
feeble song of cicadas
Ikken Ikemoto

puffing a cigar
in the autumn sun
Que Será, Será
Ikken Ikemoto

fragrant olive--
deep dimples
in a selfie
Yasuhiko Shirota

night in autumn--
faint chats in open bath
Yasuhiko Shirota

rehab-nordic walkers
in twos, threes, ... one
in the depth of autumn
Yasuomi Koganei

polishing poems
far into the autumn night--
loneliness creeping up
Yasuomi Koganei

fragrant olive blossoms
already in full bloom
--summer still lingering
Kiyoshi Sugita

too few still alive
fall class reunion cancelled
--letter from my hometown
Kiyoshi Sugita

in the sound of rains
to the bottom of my heart
Midori Tanaka

surrounded by
alien languages
crisp wind thro Ginza
Midori Tanaka

autumn dusk--
Mt. Fuji rising calmly
eSoleil fspa
Masaaki Oka

hoping for
more of national identity
--US Presidential Debate
Masaaki Oka

empty studio
autumn tinted tree
in a tiny pot
Kazumi Karaki

autumn wind
echoing ocarina
between buildings
Kazumi Karaki

Respect-for-the-Aged Day
now my life unrelated
to a larger or second helping
Takashi Ikari

three typhoons
at the same time
heavy on the weather map
Takashi Ikari

fragrant breeze
swing to the childhood
that tunnel of Kinmokusei
Yuzu Sugita

trick or treat
armed giant hornets
my poor Halloween grapes
Yuzu Sugita

swinging and dancing
two meter-high molokhiya plants
survive Typhoon 16
Junko Saeki

day after day
new crop of sweet peppers--
Temple of Ten-Thousand wishes
Junko Saeki

myriad crickets
even louder than
the swollen river
Crystal Brunelli (USA)

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