2017 First Haiku Meeting: January 7
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

each and every scene
in winter
Hiroshi Utano

the time in new year
self-indulgence justified
Hiroshi Utano

New Year's sun
letter from a white dove
behind the curtain
Yuzu Sugita

Mt. Fuji white
the 1st page of new calendar
still blank@
Yuzu Sugita.

feeling remorse
filial duties not fulfilled
winter constellation
Michiko Murai

at dawn
first cockfs crow
rising towards heaven
Michiko Murai

first spa bath
all right with all happiness
I have now
Juichi Masuda

sea lion claps its hands
so do its fans in the zoo
New Yearfs worship
Juichi Masuda

punishing cold wind
rips right through my ancient coat
winter solstice now
Stephen M. Block (USA)

wrenfs feathers puffed out
my own jacketfs down puffed out
winter survivors
Stephen M. Block (USA)

over my valley
infrared to ultraviolet
a new year rainbow
Royal T. Fruehling, Hawai'i (USA)

first day of the year
in the white sky
the yellow moon
Fillion Geneviève (Canada)

winter morning
merry and bright--
unmatched socks
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

mattina dfinverno
allegra e luminosa --
calze spaiate
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

scattered clouds - the wool of an old mattress
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

nuvole sparse - la lana di un vecchio materasso
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

winter dawn
shine on the tree
ice stars
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Alba d'inverno
sull'albero brillano
stelle di ghiaccio
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

the full moon
playing hide-and-seek
in a Nativity
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

La luna piena
gioca a rimpiattino
in un presepe
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

New Yearfs clear sky
kites over the river
anxieties over the world
Masako Omaki

an iris flower blooms
for my comfort
late autumn
Masako Omaki

prism spectrum
the indoor winter rainbow
warming my heart
Midori Tanaka

what story shall I draw
on the canvas of clear sky?
--New Yearfs Day
Midori Tanaka

the new year days fine
shots from Mt. Fuji to Mt. Tsukuba
often on television
Hideo Ebihara

led up by my wife
praying to the temple
a pious couple
Hideo Ebihara

feeling blue
now winter crescent
behind the clouds
Motoko Satoh

chilly street
only flower shop
full of gaiety
Motoko Satoh

her voice on the phone
same as the old days--
vernal again
Yuji Oishi

Spring is come! --
hearing a brook murmuring
from the bridge
Kazuo Takayanagi

the taste of our New Yearfs dishes--
my deceased parents
would be nodding
Kazuo Takayanagi

our Korean comrade
left nothing else
lily fragrance
Yasuhiko Shirota

winter peony--
pale red petal
under the straw umbrella
Yasuhiko Shirota

first Bob Dylan
then Thomas Tranströmer
New Yearfs Day evening
Ikken Ikemoto

shooting out
the yearfs first quick email:
tea stalk floating upright
Ikken Ikemoto

from headlines
one fades away--
winter rose
Yasuomi Koganei

her flight into New Year Sky
reconciliation failed
his hurry to Cup Noodles Counter
Yasuomi Koganei

my memo
forgotten in Shinkansen
back to Gifu next morning
Masaaki Oka

an eelpout
of Japan Sea origin
fantastically tasty
Masaaki Oka

applying lipstick
for the new year photo
Michi Umeda

sash to runner--
sash to runner-- sash to runner--
New Yearfs road race
Michi Umeda

fallen leaves
crunch, crackle
at each step
Takashi Ikari

stepping on fallen leaves together
the sound
friendly also
Takashi Ikari

many mourning cards
with black letters
white camellia in the garden
Takeo Hanaoka

New Year
a scare of politics
wishing for peace
Takeo Hanaoka

in the golden sunshine
through the soft snows
New Year Flower
Keiko Toya

gingko-lined street
an old familiar tune comes to mind
--Autumn Leaves
Kiyoshi Sugita

old friend complaining
gonly regrets accumulate as I ageh
--New Yearfs card
Kiyoshi Sugita

autumn sunlight
casting long shadows
on empty rice fields
Crystal Brunelli

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