2016 Sixth Haiku Meeting: June 11
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

daily routines
relax me at this age
Masako Omaki

blue sky
clears my gloom
rainy season
Masako Omaki

kingfisher on a twig
waiting long for the chance
dived in--SPLASH
Katsuhisa Nakagawa

baby acorn
blown off its mother tree
wears faded flower crown
Katsuhisa Nakagawa

green foliage
a white horse jumps
his black mane fluttering
Hideo Ebihara

past the tunnel
flowers of paulownia floating
in midair
Hideo Ebihara

stripes of rip currents
woven in Tsugaru Straits--
summer clouds
Kazuo Takayanagi

lilac smiling--
a foreign student
by Clark bust
Kazuo Takayanagi

May breeze
missing those good days
in my youth
Kiyoshi Sugita

fine day
no cloud in the blue sky
wherefs the forecast rain?
Kiyoshi Sugita

the eyes the eyes
beam at flowery
Maki Hatanaka

a swallowtail resting
in the shade of leafy trees
--ombra mai fu--
Sachiko Kondo

bear warnings
in my village
the rainy season
Sachiko Kondo

white butterfly
its color wafting in the garden
Motoko Satoh

gspeakh gspeakh
chirping in the morning sky
to whom, do you?
Motoko Satoh

birds in the Tiergarten joyful
summer clouds towering
Ikken Ikemoto

encyclopedia research:
cumulonimbus vs
mushroom cloud
Ikken Ikemoto

laying out
summer clothes
chanson in the background
Michi Umeda

early summer
suddenly, at noon
the automaton clock
Michi Umeda

crowd of parasols
lined around the Museum
Jakuchu Exhibition
Takashi Ikari

here comes the season
unconsciously people
drawn to fountains
Takashi Ikari

summer dress-up--
in the sleeves, breeze
Juichi Masuda

a swam of ants--
young and old, proceeding
Great Buddha in Nara
Juichi Masuda

Obama in Hiroshima
with paper cranes he folded
May 27, 2016
Yasuhiko Shirota

breezy May dusk
Obama finalizing his speech
gthe start of our own moral awakeningh
Yasuhiko Shirota

a couple of butterflies
touching to sing
a silent song
Midori Tanaka

gBath is ready.h
says the automatic voice
lavender sachet in tub
Midori Tanaka

lingering twilight
flaunting their blue hue--
Michiko Murai

grandmotherfs parasol
only I
still remember
Michiko Murai

traveling the deep green
looking for the mystery
the folk narrator
Takeo Hanaoka

unintelligible folks
Are we all Japanese?
Tohno in deep green
Takeo Hanaoka

verdure around--
butterflyer in the reopened pool
recovering three yearsfabsence
Masaaki Oka

my writing
dedicated to Blythfs tombstone
lily still remaining
Masaaki Oka

evening dew
blue cosmos on the table
hydrangea blossom
Yuzu Sugita

my sickle moon
mirrors yours
wherever you are
Yuzu Sugita

dawn of
pig-to-human transplants
the stomach digesting pork
Yasuomi Koganei

towering thunderheads
on the horizon--
his travel to G-Zeros
Yasuomi Koganei

autumn sky blue
original Sanada family
Osami Kawasaki

spring wind breathes
into the green
the kids concert
Osami Kawasaki

cool in the rainy season
a hazy railway track's
Hiroshi Utano

spring melancholy
turning my wrist
the time disappears
Hiroshi Utano

summer swallow
grandchildren go away
Tenshi Sakai

the corner of the mouth lifting
ladies chatter
under the green shadow
Tenshi Sakai

cardinal, not a
black cat crossed my path
good luck?
Stephen M. Block (USA)

Ravel chords resound
in my head - haru same
resounds on my hat
Stephen M. Block (USA)

the time passes--
the daddy longlegs
still in its web
Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

indoor pool--
a relaxed swim through
the music
Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

Come ranocchia
in una pozzanghera
allegra salto
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Like a frog
jump cheerfully
in a puddle
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Sotto la gronda
un volo di rondini
un altro nido
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Under the gutter
a flight of swallows
another nest
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

playing children
the poisonous berries
are nearly ripe
Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

rainy day in June
happy that my roof is new
drip, drip, drip, drip!
Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i. USA)

walking in the park
I know all the dog owners
and their dogs by name
Royal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)

mon coeur bat
au rythme du shinkansen
je vois LE Fuji
Janick BELLEAU (Canada)

my heart beats
at the shinkansen rhythm
I see THE Fuji
Janick BELLEAU (Canada)

route des vins
entre montagnes et forêts
un champ de lavande
Janick BELLEAU (Canada)

wine road
between mountains and forests
a lavender field
Janick BELLEAU (Canada)

metro station
a butterfly opens
a girl's mouth
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

birthday ...
fireflies come out
to mate
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

chirping frogs
and childrenfs soft breathing
overnight camp
Crystal Brunelli (USA)

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