2016 Seventh Haiku Meeting: July 9
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

murderers all over--
hoping to welcome you
in peace
Masako Omaki

aiming at a knot
in the neighborfs fence
Juichi Masuda

summer vacation--
sons of the sea
from the home town
Juichi Masuda

hometown visit
toast with mild and bitters--
to schoolmates!
Ikken Ikemoto

amid the crowd--
festival music
Ikken Ikemoto

pick out hairy
downy kiwifruit
surely, sweet
Motoko Satoh

gumeh pickles dyed
with beefsteak plant
Oh! This crimson
Motoko Satoh

in the deep shade of trees
a deceased friend smiling
beyond time
Michiko Murai

rainy season skies--
on my knees, gLonely Planeth
face down
Michiko Murai

trim the garden clean
bringing refreshment
Bonsai stand out
Takeo Hanaoka

morning glory
in flowerpot
what color next?
Takeo Hanaoka

solitary hydrangea
surviving the cold rain
unnoticed by anybody
Kiyoshi Sugita

terrorists in Bangladesh
EU-separatists in Britain
this summerfs Broken-down
Kiyoshi Sugita

good-bye song--
Rose of Sharon
Yasuhiko Shirota

white gardenia
the guest arriving late
at the wake
Yasuhiko Shirota

steam whistle roars
last SL starting
journey of no return
Hideo Ebihara

man came on board
which older he or I ?
bus running in green wind
Hideo Ebihara

the secret of long life
Tenshi Sakai

balmy wind
Henry Moorefs
round sculpture
Tenshi Sakai

nuclear family--
small size watermelons
at a greengrocerfs
Kazuo Takayanagi

a bunch of grapes on the vine
in our family temple--
our relatives
Kazuo Takayanagi

stars overflown
sunflowers unshadowed
someone missing
Yuzu Sugita

The Milky Way in Tokyo
long hidden
July 7th candle night
Yuzu Sugita

azure-winged magpies
having for themselves
the lush green of the park
Katsuhisa Nakagawa

azure-winged magpies
mobbing a crow--proved a success
one summer day
Katsuhisa Nakagawa

on hiding my heart
Michi Umeda

fiery sunset
my man passing away
without completing his will
Michi Umeda

Olympicsf rowing games
on Milky Way--
Tanabata Night
Yasuomi Koganei

his red sail
on the horizon--
the vast debt on the beach
Yasuomi Koganei

Zika virus in the spotlight
a mosquito larva
gwhat do I know?h
Takashi Ikari

a cool day
no gBrexith vote expected
in Japan
Takashi Ikari

stop teasing
my catfs mind off the centipede
setting it free
Sachiko Kondo

could say nothing
but listened to her life story
in the evening cool breeze
Sachiko Kondo

going to the island
by high-speed ship
in early summer
Keiko Toya

white hand, black hand
holding on to straps in the train
rainy season runs
Hiroshi Utano

I dare say:
betrayal would be a good deed
a break in the rainy season
Hiroshi Utano

pause in the rainy season
hints of stars in the skies--
Junko Saeki

death from heat strokes
or from radioactivity?
- gWashleth comfort
Junko Saeki

Alas! Brexit@
could London survive as the World Financial Centre?
or be localized?
Masaaki Oka

a sense sublime@
as lined by an English poet and wanderer
|worshiper of Nature
Masaaki Oka

swallows once
bicycles now
sad, scared
Midori Tanaka

o, mothers who lost their children
by terror
stars in heaven
Midori Tanaka

before nightfall
day lilies smile
tomorrowfs promise
Stephen M. Block (USA)

cosmos expanding
hurling us towards extinction
out for todayfs walk
Stephen M. Block (USA)

alba estiva
allegra e luminosa
canto dfubriaco--
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

merry and bright
summer dawn
a drunkfs song--
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

luce lunare--
lfombra di una cane abbaia
alla mia ombra
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

a dogfs shadow barks
at my shadow
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

cani randagi--
cassetti chiusi da anni
su antichi lutti
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

stray dogs--
drawers locked for years
on ancient bereavements
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

at the homeless site
broken bottles, dreams, and lives
flowers try to bloom
Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i, USA)

schizoid sister
takes no more narcotics
cannot be waked up
Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

Notturne luci
che danzano nel prato
sono lucciole
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

nighttime lights
dancing in the fields
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Pioggia dfestate
sfallagano i prati
come risaie
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Summer rain
floods the fields
like rice paddies
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

scudding clouds--.
pigeons strut
round the square
Leanne Mumford (Australia)

lavender ice cream
on a smooth Hokkaido day
-no regrets
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

scent of lavender
her eyes on the selfie
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

ihre Augen auf dem Selfie
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

waves of a ship--
the sea raises bodies
of the bathers
Tomisslav Maretic (Croatia)

the boat's motor
turned off by an island--
singing of cicadas
Tomisslav Maretic (Croatia)

summer night
arriving home after dark
cold tofu with green onion
Crystal Brunelli (USA)

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