2017 Third Haiku Meeting: March 11
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

against the winter sky
twigs jostle in
clear treetops
Hiroshi Utano

a greenish vein on the back of hand
with aging
Hiroshi Utano

early spring
a white riverbed
Nature Trail
Osami Kawasaki

sweet summer oranges
the first gale of spring
gives me presents
Osami Kawasaki

lenzuola bianche--
si separano piano
i monti dalla notter
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

white bed sheets--
the mountains slowly
part with the night
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

il suono delle pietre nascoste
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

drizzle drops--
the sound of hidden stones
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

daylight lengthening
winter shadows shortening
buds daring to burst
Stephen M. Block (USA)

in the March wind
bending trees strain to join
my kite in the sky
Royal T. Fruehling, Hawai'i (USA)

Stella di Natale
cade l'ultima foglia
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

Christmas star(Poinsettia)
the last leaf falls
it's Carnival
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

un compleanno
con troppe candeline
non lo festeggio
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

a birthday
with too many candles
I don't celebrate it
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

autumn rain
I recall sunny days
at Nobiru
Leanne Mumford (Australia)

class reunion|
the yearbook acts
our class president
Kazuo Takayanagi

recovery from illness--
in a crack on the bank
Kazuo Takayanagi

peach sake
her four score and tenth birthday
slightly rouge on her lips
Juichi Masuda

blooms on the finger-tips of
Japanese sweet craftsman
Juichi Masuda

strong wind,
feeling sun on my neck
early early spring
Masako Omaki

the day of starting
three, each their own destination
hoping for the new life
Masako Omaki

small greens
through crevices
of pavement
Hideo Ebihara

heads upright
old men walking
along the cherry tree way
Hideo Ebihara

lingering cold
faint scent of spring
in my pocket
Maki Hatanaka

hard cherry buds
piercing into
soft shining sky
Motoko Satoh

old Hina doll
on its face remain
her joyful stories
Motoko Satoh

precocious cherry
beside beech
people gather round
Takeshi Hanaoka

four missiles
shock waves
stormy spring
Takeshi Hanaoka

forced to venture
our future on Trump
chilly spring
Takashi Ikari

happiest moment
encountering Japanese apricot
Takashi Ikari

alternative fact,
fake news, post truth
the gales since Jan. 20, 2017
Midori Tanaka

gunder controlh
an alternative fact
Midori Tanaka

but still a hill
lovely spring day
Michi Umeda

in the very midst
of pleasant conversation
spring melancholy
Michi Umeda

one white magnolia
scent faintly grows
Michiko Murai

nature wakes up
my garden better left
Michiko Murai

the scent in her room
once visited
Yasuomi Koganei

his 80th spring dawning--
from the North
non-salute missiles
Yasuomi Koganei

thin ice--
chilblained foot itchy
aching so much
Yasuhiko Shirota

cornelian cherry
coming loose
lingering cold
Yasuhiko Shirota

cherry blossom falls
whether it knows
secrets of human nature
Takafumi Ishihara

drowsy spring
drawn into the forest
piece in monochrome
Kazumi Karaki

your face in profile
spring moon
Kazumi Karaki

the cherryfs blooming
my nephew passed
Kiyoshi Sugita

lady and her dog
enjoying a leisurely walk
in early-spring breeze
Kiyoshi Sugita

I-House garden
artificial waterfall, stones and hills
very natural looking
Masaaki Oka

finishing touches of
Old Higher School boarders
--remembrance and Uni. donation
Masaaki Oka

magnolia blooming
faithful gBaumh missing her mistress
together, a legend
Yuzu Sugita

to the higher space
the paper Hina dolls left me
call from another planet?
Yuzu Sugita

trying to take
Mejiro pic
spring sweetness
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

Shinto wedding
fresh and white
a heronfs poo
Simone K. Busch (Germany)

a pair of olive birds
flying around
the red and white ume
Keiko Toya

morning too cold
not to wear gloves--and yet
the smell of daphne
Crystal Brunelli

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