2017 Fifth Haiku Meeting: May 13
Moderator: Crystal Brunelli

into strolling shadows
moonlit petals falling--
tomorrow, her departure
Yasuomi Koganei

in the moonlight
drinking beer on a rooftop
floating over sparkling Tokyo
Yasuomi Koganei

long spring day
resting my head on my arm
thinking nothing
Hiroshi Utano

persistent cold
blaming especially
the lingering chill of early spring
Hiroshi Utano

tadpoles wake up
seemingly had enough of
seeing the bed
Juichi Masuda

trying to attend the open-air
tea ceremony
Juichi Masuda

canola flowers
a yellow belt and
light green
Osami Kawasaki

light crimson
as if burning briskly
double cherry blossoms       
Osami Kawasaki

"Happy Mother's Day!"
meeting the 50 cherry seedlings again
each of its own story after planting
Yuzu Sugita

hear the mt. cherry's song!
spotting the mountain with wild wisterias
no sign of war
Yuzu sugita

bread crumbs line the stump
cardinal selects the best
Stephen M. Block (USA)

bright yellow Fiat
bright yellow dandelion
compete for first place
Stephen M. Block (USA)

bowing in defeat
to the noon day summer sun
my wilting flowers
Royal T. Fruehling, Hawai'i (USA)

the deer run away
the rhinoceros stands still
glowering at us
Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

il vento legge
sfogliando vecchi libri
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

the wind reads
leafing old abandoned
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

prime poesie
nel rifiorito giardino
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

first poem
in the blooming spring
Anna Mencarelli (Italy)

May Day
the first red camellia
Leanne Mumford (Australia)

fleeting clouds
meet amethyst sunset
with intensity
Michiko Murai

May, flawless sky--  
stretch and breathe deeply
palms skyward
Michiko Murai

seriously damaged castle
sakura starts blooming
Masako Omaki

reflecting the sunset
Tama River
in May breeze
Masako Omaki

no sound
waiting for his cremation
rain on sakura
Yasuhiko Shirota

passing through
sakura tunnel in a wheelchair
his last night
Yasuhiko Shirota

cherry blossom as ever
people more than ever
Meguro River
Midori Tanaka

the building I once worked in
breeze and birds through trees
Midori Tanaka

a fresh new teacher arrived her smile infectious
Ikken Ikemoto

entering the school
will he be
a Goethe Millet Bach?
Ikken Ikemoto

rehab in the quiet park
doves pecking
the summer
Takeo Hanaoka

local baseball ground
win or lose
summer has come
Takeo Hanaoka

a glorious day
pedometer surpasses
ten thousand
Michi Umeda

two mothers
long departed
Mother’s Day
Michi Umeda

cherry petals on the river
some stay some flow
drawing large hiragana
Hideo Ebihara

cherry flowers over
young couples gone
--only the aged remain
Hideo Ebihara

dark sky due to dust--
for nuclear-free Asia
Kazuo takayanagi

earnestly at prayer
palms together
white magnolia
Takashi Ikari

wishing to play
with each flower of magnolia kobus
Takashi Ikari

only movements the heart
a lizard
looks to the sky
Kazumi Karaki

a shoeshine man’s
worn-out shoes
crawling ants
Kazumi Karaki

leftover on the street
from the full-bloomed cherry trees
-a petal carpet welcome
Kiyoshi Sugita

early summer afternoon
counting the remaining tablets
before visiting the clinic
Kiyoshi Sugita

dots of May rain
running together
becoming lines
Mineko Takahashi

in any beauty
Mineko Takahashi

fiftieth anniversary
appreciation of coin collectors’ interest
foreign mints renewed
Masaaki Oka

populism unsettled?
North Korean tension from the game
of power to dialogue
Masaaki Oka

along the shrine wall
piles of trimmed branches
the smell of green
Crystal Brunelli

Next meeting:

June 10, 13:30 to 17:00 No. 3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )

July 8, 13:30 to 17:00 No. 3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )

August 12, 13:30 to 17:00 No. 3, 7th floor, Meguro Kumin Center ( Meguro citizen's center )

Advance Information: Program of Sakura Haiku Festival which will take place in Tokyo in spring of 2019

1. Period: April 1 (Mon)--April 6 (Sat), 2019

2. Theme: Pilgrimage to Haiku Holy Places (Santoka, Issa, Shiki, Hakyo, and Shuson) in Falling Cherry Petals

3. Program(tentative and subject to change)

April 1 (Mon): (AM&PM): presentations, speeches at the office of Meguro International FriendshipAssociation (MIFA) in Meguro City Office

April 2 (Tue): (AM&PM): visit Dairyuji temple (Shiki Masaoka) and Hongyoji temple (Issa Kobayashi and Santoka Taneda)and Ueno Park famous for cherry blossoms

April 3 (Wed): (AM): presentations and speeches at Meguro Citizens’Center (PM): visit Joshinji temple (Shuson Kato)

April 4 (Thu): (AM&PM): visit Jindaiji temple (Hakyo Ishida) and Jindai Botanical Garden

April 5 (Fri): (AM): presentations and speeches at Meguro Citizens’Center (PM): ginko to river-side promenades along the Meguro River famous for cherry blossoms
and a haiku meeting at the office of Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)in Meguro City Office

April 6 (Sat): (AM): presentations, speeches at Meguro Citizens’Center
         (PM): MIHC Monthly Haiku Workshop at Meguro Citizens’Center

Detailed program will be announced during December 2018 and January 2019
For details, please contact Yasuomi Koganei: yix04102@nifty.com .

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