Peach of an early date
(She was slender and looks taller ^^;)

Part 1
"It came to so sudden!"
The beginning was totally out of the blue. I got a call from my editor of "Chao"* one day. She asked me to come to the editorial office. In that time, I had no series on the magazine (I had just finished 17 pages short series: 3 episodes), and she said nothing the reason why she needed me. So - I had no idea when I knocked on the door of the office at the day. I was lead to a meeting room with the chief editor and others. Guess how I felt! "What happens? What's going on? Did I do something wrong???" You know!

Then - the chief editor showed me a bundle of document and said "I want you to join this team."

It was the brief planning paper of Wedding Peach made by Tomcat Sukehiro and TENYU (a planning company - Tomita Sukehiro and the president were friends)

If you read Japanese, I recommend reading Wedding Peach article in Japanese Wikipedia It tells you a lot. Anyway - in short, Wedding Peach project was brought from outside, and their (Tomita and TENYU) goal was not making manga but anime. Manga was a kind of a presentation to get sponsors (mainly a Toy company) for the animation.


At that time, the editor I worked with had just started her carrier as an editor and they thought the job was too much for her. Having a manga artist who drew Wedding Peach on Chao meant being a person responsible of Wedding Peach team who had to deal with outer companies and productions, so he or she was required experiences. Then I was introduced an editor - M. (it turned up later, he was a son of a bookstore in my home town and I bought some books at. I could have seen him. What a small world...) Then, the "M" told me "Had you had any idea what it was?" Nobody told me, how could I guess? Fun at me, I'm sure it! *laugh*

Most rounded and shorted time...? Or I did it for Syogaku Sannensei***? (Magazine for 9-10 years old children) not sure...

Why me?

In those days, my position in "Chao" was not so high - on the contrary, quite low! I had just moved from "PnonPyon"**, and done very little work for "Chao" yet. In short, I'm quite new there. And what I did in "Pyon Pyon" was hardly called "Shojyo manga", more like "Jido manga"(manga for children/very young girls, not focused on love romances very much). Father more, my origin was "Korokoro Comic", Shonen manga—I wanted to become a Shonen-mangaka, not Shojyo, and I had hardly read Shojyo manga since my childhood. Yes, I was totally unfamiliar with Shojyo manga both as a reader and an artist! You can see that, especially early part of vol.1 —the art was horrible! My drawing style was not for Shojyo manga, and I really hated (still don't like, actually!) drawing flowers and frills. Since my assistant days, I avoided as much as possible to draw flowers, frills, shiny black hairs, romantic background—all "Romantic effect" things. (So there was a fat chance blushing up the skills)  Well...why me??

*Chao: A monthly manga magazine for young girls. Wedding Peach was appeared on this magazine.
** Pyon Pyon: A monthly manga magazine for little girls (~around 10 years old). It was M&A by "Chao" shortly before that time.  It was a second main magazine. Before that, I worked for after "KoroKoro-Comic"(I debuted on this)

*** Shogaku San-nensei:A monthly magazine for 9-10 year old children.

I couldn't draw "beautiful guys"!!!! OMG!!!
Well, I won't say I like draw Bisyonen, even now. (Drawings for character introduction, just after the manga had started.)

I hard it later, the reason I was chosen was that I could draw action scenes. Well...yes, I could, I was better than Shojyo manga artists' average - at least  in those days, perhaps. I was from Shonen manga filed, after all. BUT...

The project paper said; "(focused on) flowers, frills and wedding (dresses) to attract girls' interests" ...WHY ME??  Still, some of them who asked me had known me very well, (they had worked with me when I had worked for Pyon Pyon) so – who cares? It was nice I got a work, in all senses, no objection from me! There was no reason saying I couldn't take it. Well, this point might be similar a bit -- it was much later though - I got a offer from German Publisher (EMA) a invitation of a anime-manga convention. When they asked me, I didn't say "I don't speak English - is it no problem?" I was the person who was asked, so I didn't need to be worried if it was going to be a disaster, did I?


But, I tell you, after I accepted the invitation, I leant English conversation seriously! (not a totally irresponsible idiot, right? I have conscience - a little. And of course I tried and learned to draw flowers and frills and romantic situations - you've known the results, so I don't say what my achievements are like. Ha,ha... ^^;)

I look back now and think, it was "Anime-project", "Media-Mix", and the famous persons involved; Tomita Sukehiro and Tadano Kazuko (Tomita had been a chief scenario writer of Anime Sailor moon's early series' and composer of it. Tadano Kazuko was also involved the work as a character designer and anime drawer.: They had been out from the work at that time, of course), which seemed big plan but - the magazine's expecting was not really high. So "let Yazawa do it". If there were a luck, it was going to be success -- like that. Mitai-na?  In the first place, they let draw someone who had a big weakness for drawing flowers and frills(in addition to that, I really hated to draw Bisyonen/beautiful looking guy). Sorry for Tomita, but it was not my fault at all! *lol*

More or less, in such kind of Manga, "action scenes" are just "side shows", right? It's not Shonen manga or battle manga. Shouldn't have focused on actions...

Part 2
The fighting Brides
Of course I was surprised - surprised very, very much with the concept "Fighting brides". What a brain can imagine such idea? But bringing the idea to me was much more, like jaw hits the floor ("so surprised and my eyes popped out", Japanese says), so...Anyway, this idea, "girls love and long for Wedding", you can call it out-of-dateness, but it's true. They were right, girls(readers) loved Wedding Dresses very much, and when the magazine had a "Wedding dress design competition" we got many applicants. Once, I has asked about how did I feel drawing the manga which described wedding was girls one of biggest dream. Yes, it might be not suite with nowadays, and I myself don't think it was the only dream of girls, but still - maybe - one of them. (Anyway, I focused on the story so didn't care about it at that time, I thought it was just a bite to get sponsors for anime) Look, whatever you say, still girls love wedding and frills and - so on. Well, EVEN ME, I don't think myself feminine in all senses – still I loved dress and dreamed wedding in early - very early - childhood. (Yack! I can't believe it!! *lol*)

Wedding Peach: Secret File/ front cover

So...the book "Wedding Peach: Secret File", it has a blue print of Wedding Peach in quite early time. (Very different from the final plot) Obviously, the targets of the book were very deep fans (Otaku/*Okkii Otomodachi). The impression of peach on front cover already is "deep" (very troubled, sad, and thorny – not happy smile!)

The book says, "The project of Wedding Peach had started before about one and a half year before it was broadcasted. Think about average time of project's preparation was a half-year; it's quite long time. That meant the stuff took long time for developing it and woven very detailed preparations. So on..."  Hummmmm~~~ Not true, in precisely...accurately. Actually we wanted to start earlier - at least a half year earlier. And everything had been settled in time, included KSS(Anime production) - except for one thing; we hadn't got a major sponsor (a toy company) yet. Getting toy company as a main sponsor was essential, especially "magical fighting girls anime".  Then, when one year past after the project had started we had almost given it up - at that time, a sponsor (Tommy) turned up. And the stone had started to been rolling. At least I heard so. Anyway, why the period manga was running was counted as "The Preparation"??? I don't understand.

*Okkii Otomodachi: Grown-up fans. We call them like that. Wedding Peach's main target was definitely young girls who wanted to have toys. But as a business point of view, we can't ignore such grown-up funs. Especially for Anime! They have money and buy many goods or DVDs, you know!


Then, the early plan in the book "secret file". It was the same one they (Chao) showed me for the first time. A plot Tomita and TENYU wrote with main characters' design illustrations by Tadano Kazuko. If you have the book - it's very rare I think because I've never herd it gone overseas - you see, in the first idea, the people in human world was Chibi (three-head figure). When they transformed, they became eight-head figure and fought. (Sorry, they are not my work so I couldn't show you here)

...So, when I read the paper, my first utterance was "Then, after they transformed how they deal with humans? There will be no scene with Angels/Demons and humans?" can't put them on same dimension if one is eight figure and other is three, quite would be odd if you did. Of course once you took this plot, there were some ways, but the rack of relationship with a human, it made the story and drama be limited. And the reply was..."Oh, yes, you are right."  HEY? The one word from who had just become a member of the project was accepted without any discussion??? Father more, nobody thought about that before??? Yes, like this, from the beginning, "The legend of Love Angel Wedding Peach" was - how can I say? - half hearted? Haphazard? Oh yes, the word, "flexible"- that's it! *lol* Actually it was soooo flexible and I got many troubles(and salvations) from THAT, later.

How would have been if eight figure Peach protect 3 figure Yosuke? It would have been easy having him under her arm and escape.*giggle*  Anyway, surly he couldn't protect Peach - she's too tall.)

See why Momoko's shorthair version came

"Heroine and Hero's hair should be..."

Then, (oh, then, then, then ^^;) the crucial words from the chief editor "T".

"The hair of heroine and hero should be Beta (black – you know, manga is drawn black and white)"

WHAT??? But Momoko/Peach's hair is PINK! Beside that, it's long and big volume! Black???

One more bombshell arrived.

"The school uniform's pattern should be check, that's people loves now."

IS IT? But in the character design I got it was simply blue!

Drawing check pattern every uniform was out of question (too bother!!!), and in those days there were not so good check pattern of zip-a-tone. So... as the result, all the pages became BLACK. The black parts were too much.(Especially overseas version. Because of the printing system, the line thicker than original – see German and English version. Ha,ha...(-_-;)

Even if it would have not been "black", still it hardly looks like Shojyo-manga...and now... Looking back, if I said "NO" and would have took white hair and gray school uniform T might have not cared and insisted. Just said, like that without deep thinking.... but I'd never thought to be against a chief editor. *laughter*

Some of the character drawing I made to show to staffs. See? I really wanted to avoid "Shinny hair! " *lol*
Different dress patterns?? I don't@remember very well...! ^^;;

Character deesigns

Although I obeyed the chief editor with no objection (he was in front of me!), said something about the designs which were made by THE Tadano Kazuko. They were not big changes, just minor though. The garter belt was not suitable for girl's manga: because they are team, we'd better to give them common items (a metallic ring, each neck, arm, thigh. Later, everyone had it with a thigh in anime): something like that. After such meetings, I draw some patterns for manga and got agreement with editors.

THEN, finally, I met Tomita. And we; Tomita, N(editor form Chao) and I discussed about the rough whole story line of manga. Very vague one and different from the fist plot what we had leached and - GO! (Why I didn't meet him in earlier point? Don't ask me, I don't know!)

the front cover of Tachibana Mami's Wedding Peach

You can see very accurate Love angels' costume(old one) at "Aitenshi densetsu Wedding Peach"* by Tachibana Mami. It shows you quite decent what Wedding Peach supposed to be, from costume of love angels to school uniforms and characters' personality, along the line of the-first-final-concept - not far from, at least, neverthless the story itself was totally original) Wedding Peach project was leaded by Chao, supposed to be at least, but the editor "W" who took her (Tachibana Mami) had a considerable knowledge of Wedding Peach in those days, maybe the best in the editors, I think. Might have been too fussy, sometimes, ^^;(He himself was a "otaku" a bit! *lol* A big anime fan) And, Tachibana Mami herself also the best manga artist who knew Wedding Peach's world as well. I phoned to consult with her sometimes. ^_^;

*"Aitenshi densetsu Wedding Peach" by Tachibana Mami. It was a manga run on Shogaku-yonensei (elementary school 4th grade/10-11 years) one year. ISBN4-09-149221-5  Tentomushi-comics from Shogakukan. W was an editor worked for Shogaku Yonensei in those days.The illustration of front cover was "new costume", but you can see old(first) costumes inside.

Character drawings of boys. What this Limone is...>_< Ha ha...
The guy next Yosuke was based on original design of Viento.
And you know the demon who possessed Takuro (his identity like Viento, in the first plan) would have been Pluie? And he had been the water demon(See from his name), the reason he turned up as one of a wind demon?...I don't know! There were many mysteries in Wedding Peach... )

So, now we are going to start at last...??

"All Gakunen-shi* backup this project!" was one of biggest sales point of this project. But actually there were various Wedding Peach's manga appeared on these magazines, not unified. All the editors from each magazine who charged Wedding Peach made a group so-called "Peach team" (or something like that) and had many meetings. But the result was...very thick "Wedding Peach's plot" (so in detail, but some holes in it *laugh*). Yes, they worked and some ideas came from it. Limone came down from staircase (in Anime), for instance. One of the ideas was on a white hose – because he was "a prince on a white hose"! 

I took was Shogaku Sannensei(3rd grade, 9-10years) along with Chao, but the characters style was along with "Chao" because there was a plan some of them would be included in Tanko-bon(paperback, the extra stories of vol.1 and 2). It would have been very strange if their appearances were different from main story, wouldn't it?


The magazines for children from kindergartens to elementary schools (1st- 6th grade). One monthly magazine for each grade. Wedding Peach was appeared till 4th grade. They considered it was too childish for 5th 6th grade. for me, I thought I could run at least one year even the anime project would have failed, and if I was lucky, I could have done a little longer. Very suit me. It was the first time for me making manga based on someone else's story, but Tomita was (is) very kind and gentle, I wasn't worried at all. And...I'd never, ever dreamed that I deviated from the original idea(and scenario) at that time. At least, such far far away like I did later.