This is the private website of ISHIKAWA KAZUHARU, "WE'RE ALIVE !!"

Now, I have 3 news.

I'll make my new works in the presence of an audience at the so good space called "SODA" located on Hwaseong,KOREA.

I'll stay & create there from October 12 to 17th.

The works are shown for one year.

Please look forward to what kind of works you'll experience!

for the person first visiting this site,

I have to introduce Naoshimap! -the map of my works in Naoshima.

The works are the original project by ISHIKAWA KAZUHARU and the people of Naoshima.

You may find my works accidentally, or you can seek with this map.

I hope you enjoy it.

"SAKURA TO SHINRYOKU NO KORO NI -with the spring breeze-"

exhibition of Kazuharu & Yui was finished.

The report will come up soon. Please wait and

watch this till then.

thank you.


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This is the private website of ISHIKAWA KAZUHARU
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