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ISHIKAWA KAZUHARU 's new work was born !

in "SODA" in Octorber, 2016.

SODA is the Space of Ddesign and Architecture,

so good newest Modern Art Museum, since 2015,

located on Hwaseong, KOREA.

This place used to be a bathhouse.

The peculiarity gives the artists and the visitors

several interesting situations.

Various works have developed there.

Then, I was invited to the exhibition

titled "HIDE and SEEK".

In this intaerview, I was taiking about the theme.

" I drew my family.

And I planned my work to enjoy this SODA's space.

I made a very private part of an artist full exposure.

A person is different from a person, but probably

a person and the person have some same place.

That's why we enjoy ART, I think.

I hope you seek and find such a same place

hiding inside of our difference. "

I named my work " Private Report from Hiroshima ".

This work is shown for one year.

Whicth season do you like?

Visit SODA

Continue to next time.

More images & texts will come.

just a morment please.

thank you.


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