Japanese Democracy collapsed in July 2014.
  Abe Cabinet submited unconstitutional so-called 'The Bills for Aggressive Security Japan' and enacted by the L.D.P. and Komei P. majority in 2015.  

  We see Japanese Government-Diet-Justice system is abnormal: The government enacted the seemed unconstitutional Bills in the measures of against the rule of the regulations and law, in the measures of neglecting more than half of citizen's dissent opinions.

  We see Japanese L.D.P.members and many political supporters for L.D.P. give priority to their profits, even ignoring a constitunal justice.
  Soon or later Japanese citizen might turn a blind eyes to the outrageous policy of this L.D.P. Cabinet.

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No!! Construction U.S. Air base at Henoko, Okinawa. A beautiful coral reef sea of Henoko with the variety of oceanic living life. But the construction plan is the reclaiming the coral sea, Japanese citizen have been strongly opposing against the construction of the new U.S. air base.
U.S. garrison having violated the Japanese human rights since the Peace Treaty at San Francisco in 1951, so we, Japanese never grant the U.S. garrison as an ally, but we take as an invading hostile army. The U.S. garrison, get out of Japan!
I dare say, Prime Minister Abe might be called a dictator, having made several unconstitutional laws by force of numbers of L.D.P. members and by means of steamrollering voting measures for aiming Japan would begin to battle or go into a war against the country which the U.S. consider as an enemy and in case of attacking to.
Although the Constitution of Japan now declaires renouncing war and the right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized, Prime Minister Abe made it useless of the conditions without amendmenting it.
When Japanese nationals think that we should have the military, naval, air forces in Japan, then the Constitutions must be amended first acording to the rules of the Constitutional article. If Japanese Government doesn't keep the Constitution, it means Japan is not called law-abiding state anymore.  

  Commonly called the Constitution of Peace of Japan

Japan made the Constitution after World War II. The Constitution of Japan renounces action of force to settle international desputes. And Japan have declaired this fact openly and Japan have maintained peace since then.

  The Constitution of Japan:
  Chapter II: Renunciation of War
  Article 9.

Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling internationa disputes. In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

  Japan has been under the U.S. Garrrison Forces occupation continuously since Japan was approved to conclude the Peace Treaty in San Francisco after World War II and independent from the Alied Powers' occupation.
    Emperor Hirohito offered the U.S. Forces to establish bases and station in Okinawa for an infinitive time for his private reason.

After Japan defeated in World War II, the military of the allied powers occupied Japan and the allied powers enforced the the Emperor declaire of a human being, who had been worshiped as God in Japan. The allied powers also did the trial of the war criminals, and for establishing democratic social system various reform was made such as depriving the Emperor's power in politics and in military affairs, establishing new constitution and made known to the public in 1946, which wrote the sovereignty of the people and the fundamental human rights of the people and Diet system, the judicial system and the renunciation of war--in order to accomplish this aim Japan will not have land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential.
The feudal land owner system was reformed and militaristic education system so far was also reformed and teaching militarism and its thought also, the Red thought was banned.

The United States studied postwar processing of Japan in the wartime. The Emperor was worshiped as God in Japan at that time and he was the head of the military authorities and politics and he was a final decision-making person but no responsibility in law. The United States had studied how to handle and make a best use of the Emperor on ruling occupation of Japan.

The Alied Power's court trial of Japanese war criminals was held at Tokyo from May 1946. The U.S. decided not to prosecute Emperor for a war crime already.

The accused then Prime Minister Tojyo was questioned by his counselor at the trial and he answered that nobody including government high official never took action against Emperoer's will. To hear this statement that the head judge was very surprised and had to postpone the trial, because the U.S. and the judge settled the conclusion that the war crime was unchargable on Emperor. So the prosecutor invited some Japanese in his home and suggested them to persuade Tojyo changing his answer and must take responsible himself for all the war crime.
In next trial Tojyo took back what he answered and he said even Emperor wouldn't approve to begin the fight with the U.S. at an Imperial Council, and that he decided already he would intend to attack the U.S..
Next year the court sentenced him to death and hanged.

There were eleven or twelve talks for five years and eight months between Emperor and MacAurther, the Head of the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers, and after a few talks Emperor wasn't approved as the head of state and he was not qialified to commit Japanese administration in new Constitution, however, the talks between two were going on several times.

After MacArther left Japan In 1951, Prime Minister Yoshida was known the Peace Treaty Draft of U.K. and another by a U.S. high official and saw they made a severe demand on the matter of Emperor that was generally said. It has been concealed what was said between two and the contents of the Peace Treaty Draft by U.K. and other countries, or rather the government said there's no record of them. So Japanese can't access this historical truth.

Prime Minister Yoshida refused to go to San Francisco to sign the Treaty and several Agreements with the U.S.. He wished to send his deputy to San Francisco. But finally he came to San Francisco to sign Agreements with the U.S. as a Prime Minister with a warrant of having full power and authority in place of Emperor.

I suppose the U.S. made the Emperor most contribution to the U.S.. That is, when Japan concluded the Peace Treaty with the countries of the Allied Powers at San Francisco and Japan was independent from occupation by the Allied Powers, on the same day members of two countries move to other place, and there Japan concluded the Security Treaty and some Agreements between two countries. This Treaty and various Agreements signed approved to garrison the U.S. Forces anywhere in Japan as long as the U.S. wants and with various extraterritorial privilege for the U.S. Forces activity and soldiers and family. Today many of U.S. Forces airports and maneuvering grounds are named in Japanese and also many are joint use of Japan and U.S. Forces.
I guess it on purpose of not giving a feeling to the Japanese of occupied. Various signed agreements have been secret to the Japanese since then.

We found the fact that Emperor Hirohito expressed his proposal to General MacArthur in Washington on future Okinawa in 1947 Sep., he hoped the U.S. military occupation and military base in Okinawa long term without limitation, and we found that MacArthur was thinking that entire area must be as a potential base and it's neccesary U.S. free activity was secured that wrote on his Memorandum on Concept Governing Security in POST-WAR JAPAN, -- these facts was based by the document of which the access-permitted files expired the terms of secret of the classified secret document relating with Japan in the U.S. National Archives.

It is hard to say that Japan is independent actually in the meaning of the human right, whose right is written on the Constitution of Japan, becausu if the usual U.S. Forces' activities violate human right in the U.S., then the legal system judge people's right first and made to stop violation by the U.S. Forces. But in Japan the legal system never secure the Japanese people's right offended by the U.S.Forces' training and even the case of soldiers criminal to the Japanese.
Today Japan seemed to be forced to pay the cost for the U.S. Garrison in Japan by the U.S. political power and various secret arrangement between two countries.

Japan cannot maintain the armed forces, therefor I guess Emperor asked General MacArthur station the U.S. Forces in Japan for protecting him and his position from dangerous people and country which were threatening the Emperor system in the future. My guess is based on the books referes contents of the talks between MacArthur and Emperor to some extent. The details are less opened by the government. It seems the government conceiled it as top secret.
The original treaty above mentioned wrote that the U.S. Forces could take an action against Japanese public disturbance or riot, however, the real meaning was that the U.S. Garrison could take an action aiming for security in the Far East.
This treaty writes clearly that in case of Japan attacked from outside, both country should have to fight together against enemy according to each consutitution and law. This leads to the U.S.'s obligation of protect Japan inevitably.

The U.S. seems always thinks own national interest first. The U.S. takes advantage of Okinawa base in order to maitain the U.S. commitment around South East Asia and Middle East and their relations brings bigest interest to the U.S.. The U.S.Garison Okinawa base is not for protecting Japan but for fly off to the South West area. Japan had expended the U.S. Garrison cost in Japan. In the case of the Gulf War Japan paid more than 13 billion US$ to the U.S. for the war cost.
In Iraq War 2003 between Iraq and U.S.-led Coalition Forces, after Bagdad was defeated, there was a fighting still here and ther. At that time Japan was not a member of coalition countries, however, Japan's Air-Defence Forces was transporting colalition forces' soldiers and munitions to the battle area.
In Afgan war Japan provided the U.S. aircraft carrier ship and Pakistan battle ship with fuel.

I think the U.S. will demand future Japan more contribution on the battlefield. I think the U.S. will made Japan play a role of replacement of the U.S. gradually for redusing U.S. expenditure and death of her soldiers in the war of the U.S..

The U.S. Garison has extraterritorial rights guaranteed by U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and relating agreements.
When a stationing U.S. soldiers in Japan comit a crime, usually the U.S. has the right of a primary criminal investigation, but in a few case Japan has primary criminal investigation and even when Japan has primary criminal investigation case, U.S. compeled Japan to sentense the soldier favorable penalty by the agreement between two countries. When a Japanese is a victim of a U.S. soldier, that means Japanese human right is violated, but so far Japanese human right has been ignored.
When the activities of U.S. Forces offends law, then, the U.S. doesn't change the activities as it follows the law but Japan has to change the clause of the law, not as preventing the U.S. transporting operations and others.

Japan is the world worst debt-holding country. It cannot be hoped that the annual revunue increase, so the government issues new national bond every year and also issues bond again for the replacement of the expired term of refund. This enlarges the national debt much more and worse. Although Japan's economical conditions are getting worse, under the name of the same allies, it seems that the U.S. will demand to contribute financialy on the expense of the U.S. military activities from Japan and that Japan would not possibly refuse its demand. It seems that the Japanese economic conditions will be depressed and social restless conditions will be caused by the Japanese government's ditatorial way such as neglecting the Constitution and the rule of law.

  Japanese citizen saw through Sunagawa Court case U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and relating agreements the devil.

After Peace Treaty of San Francisco in Sep. 1951, there was an important criminal court case commonly called 'Sunagawa Case' in 1957 and its judge in 1959, which made the Japanese realize and impress deeply and strongly the rule of the U.S. Forces on Japan and also on Japanese democracy and on judical powers of Japan. So to speak, that was as if the U.S. Forces drove a unbearable wedge to the the dignity of the democratic right of the Japanese citizen.

  Sunagawa Case is this:

There was Tachikawa air base in old town of Sunagawa in Tokyo, which had been under the controle of the Allied Powers occupating, and after the independent of Japan the U.S. Forces had still occupated the airport. The U.S. wanted enlargement it, so the U.S. ordered the agency of Japan to get the land for it. The landowners around rejected the conpulsory execution and surveyment. There was a seriries of sit-in resistance of landowners and their supporters, but at last police squad forced to remove them from there. In the struggling action seven persons of the resistant group and its supporters walked into inside the fence of the U.S. Base area and some days later the police found out the persons walked inside the base and procecute them on the criminal against the Special Criminal Act relating the U.S. Garrison in Japan. Tokyo District Court was held and the judge sentenced them not guilty. Then the judge explained the reason why they were not guilty, the reason was that the Constitution desn't approve of any Forces in Japan, and therefor the Forces of the U.S. Garrison itself was unconstitutional, so the Special Climinal Act concerning the Garrison was invalid.

I guess that this judgement must made the United States and Japanese Government hold a sense of political crisis, and they must have the idea that this situation must be changed and that they must reverce this sentence and made it invalid soon, becase in 1960 U.S.-Japan Security Treaty was to expired the terms and was planned to sign again to continue, and because if the U.S station was concluded clearly unconstitutional, then U.S.-Japan Security Treaty wouldn't possibly sign again.
The U.S. Embacy officials contacted with the then Supreme Court judge and heard on how the trial proceeded and on the content of other judges' view and so on from him.
Later this fact was found in 2011 by a journalist as the access-permitted files expired the terms of secret of the classified secret document relating with Japan in the U.S. National Archives.

Supreme Court reversed Tokyo District sentence and called all accused person guilty. Supreme Court explained the reason of the judicial decision that we were forbiden of maintaining the forces by the Constitution and this forces meant our own forces, and that under such conditions we had no defence-powers and we were lack of defence-power, so for guarding our country we took an advantage of other country's guard and it was not neccesary to ask it only to what the United Nations Security Council decided, it was acceptable to ask it to any country, even the U.S. Powers and that U.S.-Japan Security Treaty and U.S.Forces' garrison was constitutionally approved, and that consequently Special Criminal Act was approved valid.

In this Supreme Court the judge clearly showed the judgement of unconstitutional that Japan had any forces, but the judge wouldn't refer to whether the Self-Defense Forces of Japan then was unconstitutional or not.

The Japan doesn't have a special court for dealing with the constitutional matter. We don't have the procedure of filing a lawsuit on the bill seemed unconstitutional, which the gavernment submit. Even an unconstitutional bill can be passed by the majority party members in the Diet in Japan, whose members ignor unconstitutional fact intentionally and in dictatorial manners. After the act becomes effective, when the incident happens that a citizen was violated his human right by relating with this act, then the citizen is to file the lawsuit to the court.

This is the Japanese judicial actual situation, and after on the Sunagawa Court Case, the judiciary cannot decide the justice rightly on the case of U.S. Forces and U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.

  Japanese government commited a criminal law in the case that the Air-Defence-Forces was sent to Iraq and operated transportation of coalition countries' soldiers and munitions from 2003 till 2009.

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  After 2015, the U.S. shall let the Self-Defence Forces of Japan play a role of helping the U.S. war or take the place of U.S. military's support to Asian countries.

Japan cannot maintain any forces constitutionaly, so U.S.-Japan Security Treaty enacts that when threatening situation concerning national security issue might occure to Japan, then, both nations shall take an action according to each law and constitution. In this case fundamentaly the U.S. have an obligation to guard Japan against an attack from outside.
Instead of this condition, Japan has paid the cost of the U.S. Garrison in Japan, however, schemingly the U.S. demands us having own Forces and guard own country basically. The U.S. found this way of dealing is much profitable to her. For aiming the U.S. demand Japan has been enlarging the Self-Defence and has bought expensive many U.S. Jet-Fighter and Destroyer with anti-ballistic missile system and becomes a country of spending much in defence badget in the world, excluding three biggest countries of the U.S., China, Russia.

The government of Japan so far 2012 has announced that Japan couldn't take an action of the collevtive self-defense force because the Constitution desen't approve it.

The Lower House members election was held in Dec. 2012 and many L.D.P. members were elected and their numbers became more than half of all members in the Lower House.
Abe Cabinet suddenly announced in july 2014 that Abe Cabinet judged to be approvable of the action of the collevtive self-defense force without ammending the Constitution, because the United Nations Charter read an article for the colective fighting action.

In 2015, Abe Cabinet introduced series of bills--the Security Bills for aggressive pacifism-- to the lower and the upper House, but persons who believe the bills unconstitutional generally call them 'The Bills of War'. Many layers, scholars, former judges of Supreme Court, and general citizens who had read the Constitution already pointed out its unconstitutionality. The majority members of joint party of Liberal Democratic Party and Komei Party in the Diet enacted the Bills in dictatorial manner.
Minister of Defence of Abe Cabinet explained that if the U.S. was attacked, although Japan was not attacked, and if the government of Japan decides what the U.S. been attacked itself also meant cricis of theatening an existence of Japan, then, according to the case, Self-Defence Forces could take an assist-fighting action jointly to the attacker everywhere by using the right of collective self-defence force. He explained in such a crisis case Japan had a possibility to attack a supposed enemy of the U.S., without considering of the enemy who had no intention of attacking on Japan.
Minister of Defence explained that the series of Acts approved to make the Self-Defence Forces transport any kind of U.S. munitions and equiptments, no exception of nuclear wepon, depleted uranium munitions, cluster munitions and any kind of munitions anywhere in the world, with agreeing if the U.S. possibly request it, although Japan already latified the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and that Japan could also fuel to coalition countries' jet fighters or bomber aircrafts or battle ships of just leaving for attacking.

But strongly I insist that we, Japanese have not changed validity of constitutional renunciation of war and constitutional forbidding of maintenance of the military power, yet.

  Japan held the doctorine of not exporting weapon relating all products so far 1983, from 1983 till 2011 set a exception of the U.S. relating, and Abe Cabinet in 2015 eased regulations of exporting weapon relating products and expressed a policy of promoting weapon relating sales.

Japan had a doctorine of not exporting the weapon equipments so far 1983. But the government approved the only one exception of the U.S. from 1983, because the U.S. demand a joint research of weapon relating technology and the U.S. wanted to export such weapon, so exception was required inevitably.
But the L.D.P. government had received lots of contribution from the companey of producing weapon relating products and Abe L.D.P. government changed such doctorine and approved exporting them for money-making industries.

The United States got a vast amount of profit from exporting war relating products World War I, Europe was at war.
Japan defeated in World War II, however, soon the war in the Korean Peninsula broke out and U.S. Military needed war relating products, so the industry in Japan supplyed equipments or other. By this emergency demand at that time we made money and we could revive accelerately from a loss by World War II and could proceed modernization.
But we have experienced sudden rise of oil-price caused by the Middle-East war from 1973, the collapse of a bubble economy in Japan in 1991, a biggest influence to the world-wide economy brought from the bankrupt of major stock companies in the U.S. and nowadays world economy is dull and depressed and many developing countries appears, and we see a little downswing of Chinese market in 2015, influenced by such conditions Japan's economy is less rising.

Abe Cabinet is trying to break the peaceful spirit of Japanese and aiming to aggressive state power supported by majority L.D.P. members who receive lots of political contributions, and this government is intending to export war relating products, and the nuclear power plant regardless of which is not seemed to secure complete safety at all.

Abe Cabinet takes measures to enrich and strengthen a country in such way above mentioned and to lower the tax-rate for a company.
For making up the decrease of company tax in income Abe Cabinet takes measures to reduce research field in science, education budget and social security budget, and although it's a must to reduce a vast sum of the world worst debt of Japan, on the other hand the budget for Diet member and the bureaucratic wage is never cut down.
This leads to rise a dissatisfaction of citizen to the government and citizens' watch on political information.
Therefor the government has established various acts of restricting citizens' right of democratic freedom so far today and has prepared for not let reveal what the government conceiled, even the informations is agaist democracy and the Constitution and the criminal law. This seems the same way just as Japan ever passed through.

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