Japanese Democracy collapsed in July 2014.  Abe Cabinet took outrageous action to make the Constitution of Japan useless.

  The Japanese government commited a crime in Iraqi case that the government ordered the Japanese SDF to give a helping-hand of transporting the coalition soldiers within the battle area who were heading for killing soldiers and which was prohibited by the then Japanese law. When the fact of the crime was revealed, and then, the government began to revise the various law in concerning with military action intending not to be accused for the crime case, so Japan is not a constitutional state anymore.

  How Japanese Democracy was broken down by the Japanese government.

  • After Japan was defeated in World War II, the Allied Powers occupied and got to disarmanent of Japan completely and to reforming the former monarchical system into democratic form of society and ordered to establish the new Constitution of Japan.
  • The instrument of surrender between Japan and the Allies and the Potsdam Declaration reads like this: After Japan establishes the democratic government which the Japanese nationals choose in a proper procedure, all occupation forces of the Allied Powers shall be withdrawn from Japan as soon as possible.
  • The Allies ditermine to conclude the Peace Treaty of Japan with the each countries of the Allies. This means that the state of war is terminated and the Allied Powers recognize the full sovereignty of the Japanese people over Japan and its territorial waters. Which will cause all occupation forces of the Allied Powers shall be withdrawn from Japan as soon as possible after the coming into force of the Peace Treaty.
  • But the U.S. wanted to be able to do the military activity freely and to get a complete extraterritorial rights for the U.S. soldiers and their relatives and to have the special air zone over Japan only for U.S. aircrafts can take or a special priority in air-control for U.S. aircrafts in Japan and also money support for the U.S. garrison in Japan and so on. So supposing that the U.S. and Emperor Hirohito reached the idea of making the U.S's demand possible, because whether future Emperor and Emperor system could last or not was left the U.S.-government's decision then. So Emperor seemed that he couldn't do anything but to receive the U.S.'s demands for his life.
  • The issue : Emperor Hirohito offered the U.S. Forces to establish bases and stay entire areas of Japan freely and for an infinitive time.
  • The U.S. military garrison in post-war Japan was schemed between the U.S. and Japan. They wrote on the Peace Treaty that nothing should prevent the stationing or retention of foreign armed forces in Japanese territory under or in consequence of any bilateral or multilateral agreements which had been or might be made between one or more of the Allied Powers, on the one hand, and Japan on the other. So Japan concluded with the U.S. the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, and there provides that an administrative agreement between Japan and the U.S. shall provide for the conditions of the U.S. garrisons in Japan.
    But this agreement is greatly absurd and disadvantageous to Japan. The Constitutional human rights of Japnese are violated by the U.S. soldiers' military activities or criminal acts. The detailes of record of the proceedings concerning the security treaty has been kept secret by the Japanese Government.
  • Japan has been strongly influenced by the U.S. government policy and Japanese government have often plotted and made secret and explained untruthful explanation to the Japanese, however, we Japanese believe that Japan is the parliamentary democratic, constitutional country.

  • The case : The then Prime Minister of Japan and the then Minister of Defense ordered to dispatch and take the Air Self-Defense Force a operation at that time (Dec.,2003-Dec.,2008 & evacuating task till Feb.,2009 by the government souce, however, secret information never disclosed) in BaghDad against Iraq special mesures law, against the Constitution of Japan and the criminal law, regarding the military operation of conveying the coalition armed military soldiers and equipment who were then to go and fight with Iraqi soldiers, whose action the Higher court judged just as a united togeter with the active battle. That was a prohibited action by the law. That was a criminal.
  • The issue : The government of Japan made the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets.
  • In July 2014 the Prime Minister Abe and the Cabinet of Japan decided among the Cabinet members that Japan could take an military action of the collevtive self-defense forces for the allied country without amending of the Constitution which prohibits to take an action of the collevtive self-defense force and provides that the aim of this Constituion is for not to let the government of Japan to start war again, and Abe Cabinet without taking the procedure to get an approval of the whole Japanese national.
  • The issue : The Japan are heading for the dictatorship ruled by the L.D.P. majority.
  • The issue : Abe Cabinet 2015 would force to make many laws of the Japanese Forces fighting with soldiers outside of Japan, who are judged enemies against the U.S. and U.S.-coalition party, under the name of the collevtive self-defense forces the Government of Japan takes it granted that the soldiers also enemy to Japan. But the laws are unconstitutional obviously. There is a problem of Japanese judicial system, needs amending.

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No!! Construction U.S. Air base at Henoko, Okinawa. A beautiful coral reef sea of Henoko with the variety of oceanic living life. But the construction plan is the reclaiming the coral sea, Japanese citizen have been strongly opposing against the construction of the new U.S. air base.
U.S. garrison having violated the Japanese human rights since the Peace Treaty at San Francisco in 1951, so we, Japanese never grant the U.S. garrison as an ally, but we take as an invading hostile army. The U.S. garrison, get out of Japan!
I dare say, Prime Minister Abe might be called a dictator, having made several unconstitutional laws by force of numbers of L.D.P. members and by means of steamrollering voting measures for aiming Japan would begin to battle or go into a war against the country which the U.S. consider as an enemy and in case of attacking to.
Although the Constitution of Japan now declaires renouncing war and the right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized, Prime Minister Abe made it useless of the conditions without amendmenting it.
When Japanese nationals think that we should have the military, naval, air forces in Japan, then the Constitutions must be amended first acording to the rules of the Constitutional article. If Japanese Government doesn't keep the Constitution, it means Japan is not called law-abiding state anymore.  

  Commonly called Peace Constitution of Japan

Japan made the Constitution after World War II. The Constitution of Japan renounces action of force to settle international desputes. And Japan have declaired this fact openly and Japan have maintained peace since then.

The Constitution of Japan:
  Chapter II: Renunciation of War
  Article 9.

Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

Although the U.S. knows the Japanese Constitution well and the U.S. knows Japanese military never joins and fights together with the U.S. military at war-field outside Japan, the U.S. have demanded to Japanese government to join the U.S.-led fighting outside Japan, becase the U.S. and Japan are ally and we have the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.
This Security Treaty shows the general idea of the U.N. Charter and refers to how to act mutual defence, however, refers to have a obligation to obey each country's Constitution and law.
Japan cannot act a collective defense force even for the allied U.S. and the member countries of the U.N. according to the Constitution of Japan.

In World War II, Japan did an aggressive war and was defeated by the Allied Powers. After being defeated, the Japanese made the Constitution and its main concept was that we Japanese nationals strongly determined never let the government start war again and the article 9 - renunciation war : we will never maintain any military forces and will never taking military action to settle international desputes.

From point of the state of having a principle of maitaining peace and the state destroyed by two atmic bombing, we have been urging to ban nuclear weapons at the United Nations General Assembly since then.

MacArtur and Emperor Hirohito of Showa Era (Showa Ten-noh in Japanese) and the road to rearm of Japan

Emperor Hirohito offered the U.S. Forces to establish bases and stay entire areas of Japan freely and for an infinitive time, because the U.S. Agency grasped the weak point of Emperor himself

Japan was defeated by the Allied Powers. Soon after Japan accepted the Potsdam Declaration on 14th Aug. 1945 to cease war, the General Headquater for the Allied Powers were established on 28 Aug. 1945 and the U.S.A's Douglas MacArther was the supreme commander of the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers.

Six months later the Far East Comitee was established and became to govern Japan. This means that the Soviet Union, China, the U.K., Austraria and some other countries, which were member countries out of total 11 countries of the Far Eeast Comitee, demanded to hold the court for punishing the Emperor of Japan and also to abolish Emperor monachy.

MacArther urged the court members to exempt from prosecuting and summoning Emperor in appearance in court, in saying that there was no evidence of Emperor's war crime in the fact-finding result.

MacArther ordered Japan to make the new Constitution of Japan that :

MacArther intended that Japan should be independent from the multi-countries-governed system by the Allied Powers as soon as possible and for the U.S.'s benefit the treaty must be concluded between the U.S. and Japan when Japan was approved to be independent, and the treaty provided general formula that the U.S. should have the strong influencs to Japan and the entire area of Japan must be regarded as a potential base for defensive maneuver with unresticted freedom reserved to the U.S. and to the U.S. military semi-permanently under the the name of the allies.

There were several talks between Emperor and MacArthur. The new Constitution of Japan was established between talks and the former Imperial Constitution became invalid. The new Constitution of Japan, which writes the Emperor is just a symbol of Japan, not-having powerful authority politically and militaryly, enforced 3rd May 1947, however, the talks between Emperor and MacArthur continued several times and what was talked have been remaind secret. We seem that probably, they decided most essential principal between two countries relations of our future.

The Emperor accepted MacArtur's proposal willingly for his life - not to be punished with the war criminal and the subordinated relations of Japan to the U.S. have been formed sice then. The tricky system between the U.S. and Japan for Japan having to obey the U.S.'s demand have maintained since then, and that the minutes have been secret to the Japanese national.

When the Cold War between the U.S.A.-side and the U.S.S.R.-side became distinguish, the U.S. government demanded strongly to Japan to amend the Constitution of Japan and to rearm.

As above mentions, the Constitution of Japan, which writes renuciation of real action of forces against the matter of dispute between two countries, and to achieve this aim Japan will not hold any military.

Japanese Government tried to find good excuse to meet the U.S. government demands without amending the Japanese Constitution. Japanese Government stretchs the interpretation of the Constitutional paragraph and formed small size of soldier party named police troop. The government insisted it was different from military forces.

As the U.S. government always had given pressure to Japan, Japan had gained more military badget and made bigger military size and equipment and changed its name from police into Self-Defense Forces.

The U.S. government asked Japan to send and operate Self-Defense Forces into battle area for helping hands for the U.S.-led battle, although we restricted Japanese Self-Defense Forces not to go out from the territorial water of Japan and not to take active action outsided of Japan as usual.

Iraq War

Iraqi military attacked and occupied Kuwait in Aug.1990. Kuwait is a famous oil producing country. It was seemed that Iraq wanted to hold the oil marcket and make it use most for his state benifit.

The U.S. insisted that Iraqi military should withdraw from Kuwait immediately. Approved by the Security Council, the U.S.-led multinational forces attcked Iraq military and beat back them.

The U.S. spent vast amount of expenditure in this war, so the U.S. demanded Japan to contribute to spend large money of total 13 billion dollars : as financial support for the coutries around, as financial support for the coalition army and as the payment for the U.S.'s demmand - more than two third of total contribution of Japan.

After this incident Japanese government plotted to make duration-limited-special law of dispatching the Self-Defense Forces out of Japan. In doing so, the Japanese government forced to send the Japanese Self-Defense Forces outside Japan and forced the operation of sweeping mines in the Persian Gulf (the Arabian Gulf), though the Japanese nationals against sending Self-Defense Forces ouside Japan.

After the Gulf War(Jan.,1991 -Feb.,1991 ), the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) was established and UNMOVIC was given the special authority to inspect Iraq's biological, chemical weapons, all components relating the ballistic missiles and to make them harmless and to monitor and verify Iraq's compliance and assisted the IAEA, too.

The United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) was established 17 December 1999. UNMOVIC replaced the former UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) and continued to verify Iraq's compliance with its obligation to be rid of the mass destruction weapons.

Iraq was not seemed to carry out the compliance with the former resolution of the Security Council. The activity of inspection or monitoring was not conducted by UNMOVIC, because of Iraqi reason. So the Security Council decided to warn Iraq to accept a final opptunity to comply with the disarmament obligations, and not to interfere with the UNMOVIC's and IAEA's activity of immediate, unimpeded, unconditional and unrestricted access to any sites and let them to remove or destroy the harmful wepons.

UNMOVIC resumed the inspections.

The matter of the U.S. being attacked and the matter of mass destruction wepons in Iraq

The U.S. was terrorist-attacked by hijacked four jetplane on 11th Sep. 2001.

The U.S. President Bush spoke ill of Iraq, Iran, North Korea as the axis of devil.

As for whether Iraq have the mass destruction weapons or not, the inspection was continued in Iraq. Iraq was sometimes slow to response to the inspect team's request and sometimes interfered inspection.

The U.S.-led coalition military attcked Iraq, withdrawal the bill for urging a strike at Iraq at the U.N. Security Council meeting.

The U.S. indicated suspections on the list Iraq made. So the U.S. demanded for admition to act forces to Iraq on the Security Council meeting, but the U.S.'s demannd was rejected at the meeting. After that, the Security Coucil meeting was held and discussed on the issue of Inspection of Iraq a few times, but the Coucil resolved to maintain the inspections. The U.S. and some coalition countries submited the bill for urging a strike at Iraq once again, but soon withdrew the bill.

So President Bush made a coalition military with the U.K., Austraria, etc. and decided to attack on Iraq without the agreement of the U.N. Securities Council.

The attack broke out in March, 2003 and soon Iraqi government and Iraqi forces were beaten down and the U.S. President G.W.Bush decleared the end of fight in May 2003, but actually the fight between the coalition army soldiers and Iraqi resistant soldiers, and also the armed conflict between internal different party of Islam intensified here and there. Iraq war continued until President Obama declaired the end of war Dec. 2011.

  The road to Japanese Democracy collapses

The then Prime Minister of Japan and the then Minister of Defense, easily accepted the U.S.'s strong demand, ordered to dispatch and take the Air Self-Defense Force at that time in Iraq operation against the criminal law regarding the military operation of conveying the coalition armed military soldiers and equipment who were then to go and fight with Iraqi soldiers, whose action the Higher court judged just as a united togeter with the active battle.

The former Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan immediately declared himself for aproving of the U.S.'s attack to Iraq right through TV, althogh Japan is a country in favor of settling nations' matters peacefully and the Japanese Constitution renounces war, and more over at that time under the conditions that the U.N. rejected against the issu of appoving of attacking to Iraq right away and that the U.N. will continue to handle on the issue of Iraq.

Later, after the war it became clear that there was no evidence of Iraqi having the mass destruction weapons and also that the informations based on which the attack was right, which was offered by the coalition countries, was just fabrication.

The U.S. pressured Japan very strongly to send the Japanese army to Iraq in this war.

So, after Bush's declaration of end of fight, the political party of L.D.P in power schemed to make a special law for dispatching the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to Iraq, and to achieve the aim by strictly ristricting the law that provides the Self-Defense Forces operate only humanity support and logistics support within non-battle zone, and there was no provision in the law for admitting Japanese Self-Defense soldiers to enter active battle-zone and to support battle itself or to convey active battle equipment and soldiers of real fighting to go now to the active battle areas.

Japan made a special mesures law valid for limited peoriod, commonly called "Iraq special mesures law", and the law fixed that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were allowed to operate strictly only in the non-battle zone where fighting ceased and prohibited any military support can be judged as a whole fightting together with the armed multinational military soldiers within battle-zone in Iraq.

The Japanese government forced to send the Ground-Self-Defense Force (Dec.2003-July 2006) and the Air-Self-Defense Forse (Dec., 2003-Dec., 2008 & evacuating task till FEB., 2009 by a government source). But practically, the Air-Self-Defense Forse took a conveying operation of active-battling coalition soldiers and war-related equiptmens at battle-zone in Iraq, not in Japan.

Japanese government tried to conceil this fact of what the Air-Self-Defense Forse was actually transporting on the mission from Japanese nationals.

The appellant appeal in a civil lawcoat for suspension of dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in Iraq and for others

A groupe of civilians filed in a civil lawcoat for suspension of dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in Iraq including other issue also. The lower court dissmised all issues. A groupe of people against this dicision and appealed to higher court, but the judgement of Nagoya Higher Court was made on 2nd of May, 2008 and the suit was also agaist appellant as the lower court did.

The court rejected the suit issue agaist the appellant appealing for the infringement for the right to a peaceful existence of them and the suit issue against the appellant appealing for suspension of the dispatch of the Self-Defense Force to Iraq and the suit issue against the claiming for reparation by the state because of being suffed from the infringement for the right to a peaceful existence which the Constitution secures and guarantees.

But most important thing was that the Higher Court admitted the truth that:
(The judicial judgement of the Higher Court)
Such air transportating activities in Baghdad as the Air-Self-Defense Force of Japan were considered to take the unified action with the armed multinational soldiers who were fighting at battle-zone of Baghdad in Iraq.
And The Higher Court judged that the Air-Self-Defense Force of Japan violated the Iraq special mesures law Article 2 Clause 2 and Article 2 Clause 3 and also violated the Constitution of Japan Article 9 Clause 1.

(Writer's opinion)
Because it is not approved, or rather it is prohibited that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces give any military support relating with actual fighting person or soldiers to go killing enemy or actual fighting arms and ammunition in regard within the combat-zone, where fighting battle was ongoing far away from Japan, it might be called as a crime. However, the suit was a civil suit and not a criminal suit.

We must face this fact and we must deal with it according to the law and never forgive the suspects pretending inocent.

The Japanese nationals seemed rather unconcerned with politics, so news media didn't seem cover what the meaning of this truth connoted at that time.

Killing Iraqi soldiers is not crime to the U.S.-led coalition soldiers but to the Japanese this Iraqi war is not Japanese war, and to the Japanese killing people is a crime, it means murder case and giving hand to coalition soldiers at war-zone is also a crime of kind of murder assistance case to the Japanese. We fix already that even when Japanese people commit a crime in foreign countries, we are supposed to apply the Japanese Criminal law on such case.
Japan is not allowed to act the collevtive self-defense forces against the Constitution, such as giving hand to coalition soldiers who are fighting at the battle-area outside of Japanese territory.

That is, this action of Air-Self-Defense Force and the command of Japanese government to Self-Defense Force to operate it at that time too much to say just committing a crime from our point of view, acording to the Japanese Constitution and Japanese criminal law. This issue should have be handled by Japanese prosecutors, but they neglected their official duties, or rather the police and prosecutor was controled by this criminal Government.

Japanese government, the then Prime Minister of Japan and the then Minister of Defense and then commander of military and then soldiers, and then government official, Japanese Air-Self-Difence Forces were dispatched to Iraq (from Dec.,2003 till Dec.,2008 & evacuating task till Feb.,2009 by a government source, however, secret information never disclosed), were also the suspect of murder aiding and abetting murder aiding. So their crime ought to be punishable by imprisonment. The Japanese prosecution neglects its duties. Now Japanese Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and prosecutors abuse their authorities in Japan.

Today Japanese government seems to controles the judiciary and mass media.

Today Japan seems to become the country that Cabinet of the suspects of L.D.P. Ministers grasp political dicision as they like with supported by the majority L.D.P. and they plot to make and change Japan to be able to take military action outside Japan in the open sea and on the forein lands as a coalition country of the U.S. without any amending the Constitution, as the U.S. wants to fight against supposed her enemy.

We demand to prosecute the suspect and put on trial and punish the supposed criminals : the soldiers of the Air Self-Defense Force dispatched in Iraq, the former Prime Minister Koizumi, the former Prime Minister Abe (2014 present Prime Minister), the former Prime Minister Aso, the former Prime Minister Fukuda, the former Director General of the Defense Agency Ishiba,the former Director General of the Defense Agency Ohno,the former Director General of the Defense Agency Nukaga, the former Minister of Defense Kyuma, the former Minister of Defense Kohmura, the former Minister of Defense Ishiba, the former Minister of Defense Hayashi, the former Minister of Defense Hamada, and all the other persons concerned.

The Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets will be enforced soon.

Japanese government will enforce "the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets" within a year from Dec. 13 2013.

When the period of the specially-designated-secret information maintains secret ends, the Cabinet Agency itself judges whether the information shall be opened or be remained secret in extending duration, and supposing the Cabinet Agency wants to put it secret indefinitely, it will remain secret forever.

The Cabinet Agency itself has the right to erase or to discard it even the case that the fixed security duration doesn't expire that the act writes.

It is commonly said that this act restricts severly those who handle special secret information not to lealk it, such as the government officers, the Imperial Household Agency's workers, persons who hold the information of national security, the private enterprise's workers who engage in relating to military product or technology. But the act reads that it is a punishable offense of not only who leaks designated special secret information but also who gets it from leaked person or by means of other ways.

Japanese citizens conceive that this system may infringe the peopl's right to know and that people might offence the act because no one knows what actual secret is. Because what information government designates secret specially is secret.

Japanese citizens sure that the government's blamable mistake or government's crime must be conceiled.

In July 2014 the Prime Minister Abe and the Cabinet of Japan decided among the Cabinet members that Japan could take an military action of the collevtive self-defense forces as a policy of the Cabinet by means of the stretchs the interpretation of this Constitutional paragraph, however, against the present Constitution, without a reform of the Constitution, and the Cabinet intended to break down the effectiveness of the Constitution, that means the Constitution of Japan is no good any longer.

The Prime Minister Abe established the advisory committee, which consists of almost all the members of pro for Japan's taking an military action of the collective self-defense forces, for intending to take it as a policy of the Cabinet by means of the stretchs the interpretation of this Constitutional paragraph. Many scholars in the field of constitution and law judge this interpretation and the procedure itself unconstitutional, but July 1, 2014 Abe Cabinet approved among the Cabinet members that Japan had the right of action of the collevtive self-defense forces in taking this suggesting report from the committee. While many Japanese think it unconstitutional, because basically the content of the Constitution is that Japan will never be maintained land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential and that the right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized, and even people approve of the government's explanation in Self-Defence-Forces' existance and of using forces only for self-defence, but never approve of the militaly fiting action of the collective self-defense forces outside our territories.
After World War II, the Korean was separated under the reign of the U.S. and U.S.S.R.. In 1950 the war between the north and the south of Korea broke out. At that time G.H.Q insisted upon Japan amending the Constitution and forming military, however, Japan couldn't have any military forces because we chose the way of not to amend the Constitution. So Japan decided to form a police party insted of forces in 1950. After four years, Japan changed the police party into military forces without amending the Constitution and have grown its scale bigger and more equipments and weapons since then, as the U.S. has strongly pressed annually such a political demands as Japanese buying expensive U.S.'s military equipment and also cooperating with U.S. policy upon Japan.
The Japanese government made a excuse for us Japanese that Japan doesn't have a military, only has the Self-Defence-Forces, and the Self-Defence-Forces are different from a military, the government said that the activities are limited only inside Japan, Japan desn't have enough ballistic missiles or aircraft carrier to attack, and this means just a minimum power only for protecting from a attack. Japanese national is to taken in the government story easily and many wouldn't say to the government that it is wrong. But I don't approve it, and I insist that the Self-Defence-Forces is unconstitutional.
That is the reason why Japan has unconstitutional Forces now. In this way I think Japan will take a military action joining in U.S.-led coalition forces soon and easily, just as the U.S.-attack on Iraq.
In the present government-diet system it might occur easily that Japan will fight with the seemed enemy of the U.S. for the sake of the U.S. or the coalition party outside Japan only by the government decision, though it's unconstitutional and also more than 60-70 per cent of the nationals opposing it. Because joint L.D. party and Komei party members consist more than half members in the Diet and they are pro-peace-seeking-by-force doctrine, with disregarding the justice of the Constitution.

In 2015 Abe Cabinet of Japan submited verious security bills to the Diet, which seemed unconstitutional, without a reform of the Constitution, and the Cabinet intended to break down the effectiveness of the Constitution, that means the Constitution of Japan is no good any longer.

In 2015, Abe Cabinet introduced series of bills what is generally called 'War Bills' to the lower and the upper Diet, although which was said acctually unconstitutional from the point of many jurists, layers, scholars, former judge of Supreme Court, and citizen who had read the Constitution already, the majority members of joint party of Liberal Democratic Party and Komei Party in the Diet enacted the Acts in dictatorial manner.
Minister of Defence of Abe Cabinet explained that if the U.S. was attacked, even if Japan was not attacked, and if the government of Japan decides what the U.S. been attacked was also cricis of theatening an existence of Japan, then Self-Defence Forces could take an fighting action to the attacker by using the right of collective self-defence force. He explained in such a crisis case Japan can possibly attack a supposed enemy of the U.S., not considering of the enemy who had no intention of attacking on Japan.
Minister of Defence of Abe Cabinet explained that a series of these Acts can make the Self-Defence Force transport any kind of U.S. munitions and equiptments including nuclear wepon, depleted uranium munitions, cluster munitions and any kind of munitions anywhere in the world with agreeing the U.S. request, although Japan latified the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and that Japan can also fuel to coalition countries' jet fighters or bomber aircrafts or battle ships of just leaving for attacking.
He explained it was possible Japanese such a military support, joint struggle for the U.S. everywhere.

I insist strongly that we Japanese have not changed yet of constitutional renunciation of war and constitutional forbidding of maintenance of the military power.

Article 96
amendment of the Constitution of Japan

Amendments to this Constitution shall be initiated by the Diet, through a concurring vote of two-thirds or more of all the members of each House and shall thereupon be submitted to the people for ratification, which shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all votes cast thereon, at a special referendum or at such election as the Diet shall specify.
Amendments when so ratified shall immediately be promulgated by the Emperor in the name of the people, as an integral part of this Constitution.

    (quoted from the web of the Cabinet of Japan)

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