The Installations' name of the United States Forces Japan

  The United States Forces' Installations in Japan

The United States Forces' Installations in Japan, 1 January 2010.

(Total area of the U.S. Forces' facilities in Japan ; 1,028.214 km2, that of in Okinawa 232.932 km2 1 January 2010)

(   (cf.)   Total area of the U.S. Forces' facilities in Japan, 31 March 2012. (Throughout Japan ; 1,027.097 km2, Okinawa prefecture ; 231.763 km2)   )

Japan is still under the control of the U.S., even more than 60 years after the end of World War II. As you see on the table below, the many U.S. Forces' facilities occupy throughout Japan.
There are some joint-use facilities between Japan and the U.S., but the U.S. never renouce the right of making the most use of such Facilities for her interest, as anytime she should take advantage of it, if needed. So she continues to conclude the treaty with Japan to meat her requirements.

    table-1    The United States Forces' Installations in Japan, 1 January 2010
PrefectureFacility NameArea
HokkaidoCamp Chitose, (Highashi Chitose Garrison), (Hokkaido Chitose Maneuver Area),
(Chitose Air Base), (Bekkaiyausubetsu Large Maneuver), (Kushiro Garrison),
(Shikaoi Garrison), (Kamifurano Medium Maneuver Area), (Sapporo Garrison),
(Shikaoi Shikaribetsu Medium Maneuver Area ), (Obihiro Garison),
(Asahikawa Chikabumidai Maneuver Area), (Okadama Garrison), (Nayoro Maneuver Area),
(Takikawa Maneuver Area), (Bihoro Training Area), (Kutchan Takamine Maneuver Area),
(Engaru Maneuver Area),
AomoriMisawa Air Base, Hachinohe Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot,
Misawa Air-to-Ground Firing Practice Range, (Hachinohe Garrison),
(Aomori Kotani Maneuver Area), (Hirosaki Maneuver Area), Shariki Communication Site
Iwate(Iwate Iwatesan Medium Maneuver Area) 23,264
Miyagi(Sendai Garrison), (Taiwa Ojojihara Large Maneuver Area), (Kasuminome Air Field) 45,698
Yamagata(Jinmachi Otakane Maneuver Area) 1,308
Fukushima(Hyakuri Air Base)1,078
Chiba(Hyakuri Air Base)
Ibaragi(Hyakuri Air Base)
Gunma(Soumagahara Maneuver Area)5,796
ChibaKisarazu Air Field, 2,102
SaitamaYokota Air Base, Camp Asaka, Tokorozawa Communications Station,
Owada Communication Site, (Asaka Garrison)
TokyoAkasaka Press Center, Yokota Air Base, Fuchu Communications Station,
Tama Service Annex, Owada Communication Site, Yugi Communication Site,
Iō Jima Communication Site, New Sanno U.S. Forces Center
KanagawaNegishi Housing Area, Yokohama North Dock, Camp Zama,
Atsugi Naval Air Field, Sagami General Depot, Ikego Housing Area and Navy Annex,
Azuma Storage Area, Kamiseya Communications Station, Fukaya Communication Site,
Yokosuka Naval Facilities, Sagamihara Housing Area, (Nagasaka Rifle shooting Range),
Uragowa Ammunition Depot, Tsurumi Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot
Niigata(Takada Sekiyama Maneuver Area)14,080
Yamanashi(Kita Fuji Maneuver Area)45,968
ShizuokaCamp Fuji, Numazu Training Area, (Higashi Fuji Maneuver Area),
(Takigahara Garrison),
Gifu(Gifu Air Base) 1,626
Ishikawa(Komatsu Air Base) 1,606
Kyoto(Komatsu Air Base)
Shiga(Imazu Aibano Medium Maneuver) 24,090
Hyogo(Itami Garrison) 20
Tottori(Miho Airfield)778
Okayama(Nihonbara Medium Maneuver Area) 18,822
HiroshimaAkizuki Ammunition Depot, Kawakami Ammunition Depot, Hiro Ammunition Depot,
Iwakuni Air Base, Kure Pier No.6, (1st Technical School ),
(Haramura Maneuver Area ), Haigamine Communication Station
YamaguchiIwakuni Air Base, Soh Site, (Tsuiki Air Base)
FukuokaItazuke Air Field, Sefurisan Communications Station, (Tsuiki Air Base)
Saga(Tsuiki Air Base), Sefurisan Communications Station
NagasakiSaseboNarval Facilities , Sasebo Dry Dock Area,
Akasaki Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot,Sasebo Ammunition Supply depot,
Iorizaki Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot, Yokose Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot,
Harioshima Ammunition Storage Area,Tategami Basin Port Area,
Tsushima Communication Site, (Sakibe Rifle shooting Range), Sakibe Navy Annex,
Hario Housing Area, (Omura Air Base)
Oita(Hijudai Maneuver Area), (Jumonjibaru Maneuver Area)56,319
Kumamoto(Oyanohara-Kirishima Maneuver Area), (Kita Kumamoto Garrison), (Kengun Garrison)28,826
Miyazaki(Oyanohara-Kirishima Maneuver Area ), (Nyutabaru Air Base)
Kagoshima(Oyanohara-Kirishima Maneuver Area)
OkinawaNorthern Training Area, Okuma Rest Center, Ie Jima Airfield,
Yaedake Communication Site, Gesaji Communication Site, Camp Schwab,
Henoko Ammunition Depot, Camp Hansen, Ginbaru Training Area,
Kin Red Beach Training Area, Kin Blue Beach Training Area,
Kadena Ammunition Storage Area,Tengan Pier, Camp Courtney, Camp McTureous,
Camp Shields, Torii Communications Station, Kadena Air Base,
Camp Kuwae, Camp Zukeran, Awase Communications Station,
White Beach Area,Air Base, Futenma Air Station, Makiminato Service Area,
Naha Port Facilities, Army Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Depot,
Tori Shima Firing Practice Range, Idesuna Jima Firing Practice Range,
Kume Jima Firing Practice Range, Tsuken Jima Training Area,
Kobi Sho Firing Practice Range, Sekibi Sho Firing Practice Range,
Okidaito Jima Firing Practice Range, (Ukibaru Jima Training Area)
The facility's name may differ the U.S. official one. The name on the chart above : Just personally translate the Japanese list name of The Instllations of the United States Forces in Japan into English. Original list source written in Japanese is from Ministry of Defense Japan.

Prefectural total area value is personaly calculated using with the value of uncertain processing under ten thousands value.
(Facility Name in parenthesis) : Facility of Joint Use of Japan and U.S. Forces in Japan and U.S. Forces' temporary Use.
Facility Name without parenthesis : U.S. Forces use only.
Red Facility Name : Main use is for Training or Maneuver Area
'Ginbaru Training Area, Okinawa ': Disappeared from the list of Ministry of Defence, 1 Jan 2012

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