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7 Feb 2005

 On January 26, 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and became its first Governor. January 26 is the Australian Day. Many events are held at that day to celebrate it all over the Australia.
 The left picture shows a sight of a concert, Celebrate! Australia Live, on Australia Day's Eve in the law of Parliament house. It's too small to describe that in this picture, but at that stage Anthony Callea (Click here to listen his song) who was finally beaten by Casey Donovan (Click here to listen her song) in 2004 Australian Idol Contest was singing!! Taking a close listening, his voice were more great than I've hear on TV before. The concert was so a big event, it was playing on TV, but the entrance fee was free.
 The right picture show from the sight of the flyball in the commonwealth park in the morning of Australia Day. Flyball is a relay race between two teams of four dogs. Racing side by side, one dog from each team must go over four hurdles, pick up a ball from a Flyball box, and then return over all four hurdles to the start again. They are so clever! The dogs except one run over these herdles.
 And the other side of the park, bread with sausage, fresh fruit, tea and coffee are hand out free to everyone.
 At night I watched the movie, "Finding Nemo" in the park near civic centre under the stats. It was amazing, the screan is a kind of baloon with screan. Also it's free.
 As just described, there are so many free events in Canberra, because Canberra is small city, but it's the Capital. The following events aren't big, but they are also free events. If you have spare time, I recommend going there.

 左の写真は、建国記念日のイブに、国会議事堂の脇の芝生の広場で開かれた「Celebrate! Australia Live」というコンサートです。小さすぎて写真では分かりませんが、ステージでは、2004年のオーストラリアン・アイドル(コンテスト)でCasey Donovan (Caseyの歌を聴くにはここをクリック) に最後に敗れてしまった Anthony Callea (Anthonyの歌を聴くには、ここをクリック) が歌っています。生で聴くと、テレビで聴くよりも、また一段とよかったです。このコンサートはとても大きなイベントで、テレビ中継されていましたが、無料でした。
 右の写真は、オーストラリア建国記念日にCommonwealth parkで開かれた「flyball」の様子です。flyballは、4匹ずつの犬、2チームで競うリレーです。各々のチームの犬は、それぞれ4つのハードルのあるレーンを走って、その先にあるflyball box からボールをとって、それを持ってまた4つのハードルを飛んで戻ってくるというリレーです。参加している犬はとてもお利口で、ある1匹を除いては、みんなちゃんとハードルを越えて指示通りに走っていました。この公園の脇では、ソーセージをのせたパン、フルーツ、お茶やコーヒーが無料で配られていました。
 夜には星の下、Civic Centreの近くの公園で、映画「Finding Nemo」を見ました。スクリーンの付いた一種の大きな風船を使って上映されて、おもしろかったです。これもまた無料でした。

Round town events (Canberra Urban Parks and Places)

24 Feb 2005

"Siso", labiates is a kind of Japanese wild herb. It's a fundamental condiment in Japanese cuisine. To my knowledge you can buy labiates at the Asian Gourmet Supplies in Civic, at the Thanh Phat Asian Groceries in Tuggeranong, Angkor What Asian Groceries in Belconnen, and sometimes Kim's Groceries and Asian Flavours in Civic.
Don't you want to have it in your garden?
I've heard you can get the seeds of it, even though without seeds you can make seedlings. Labiates in stores include not only leaves, but also stems with small leaves. When you put them in a vase, change water every day, and they take roots. And you can replant in the ground.
At first it took about 1 month until taking roots. But the plan in the picture took about only 1 week. I think it's because I took off the epidermises by coincidence.
Usually they take roots from the edge of the stem, but it's took roots at follow parts in uneven stems. So I guess it's better to take off the skin at follow parts.
When they don't look well, I recommend cutting the end of stems crosswise, and putting 1/2 teaspoon caster sugar in water in a vase. Some flowers need sugar to come out, but it's not flower, so probably the penetration helps them to absorb water. And putting them into strews to keep them straight help them as well.
But unfortunately even though taking care of them they are going to die. But if the strew looks strong and it has a joint, it might take roots and new leaves from a joint, so you should bring them up with care.
You can keep the labiates leaves in fridge over 1 week arranging the stalks and putting a piece of paper towel with water, covering them by a paper towel and putting them into a plastic bag. Someone says it's better to keep wrap leaves separately, and also you can keep them to cut into strip in a freezer.

紫蘇は、日本原生のハーブのひとつです。日本料理では薬味として紫蘇が欠かせません。知る限りでは、キャンベラでは、CivicのAsian Gourmet Supplies、TuggeranongのThanh Phat Asian Groceries、BelconnenのAngkor What Asian Groceries、また時々Civicの、Kim's GroceriesとAsian Flavoursで買うことができます。

(written 24 Feb 2005, revised 28 Feb 2005)

25 Mar 2005


The founding of Canberra followed the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. The federation of the six Australian colonies meant that the new nation needed a National Capital to represent its aspirations and to become the Seat of Government. The competitive spirit between the two most influential colonies, New South Wales and Victoria, meant that the Federal Government would not be located in either Sydney or Melbourne. Therefore, one of the first tasks of the new Commonwealth Parliament, sitting temporarily in Melbourne, was to decide on a site. After investigating a number of alternatives in 1908, a parliamentary committee chose the site of modern-day Canberra. It was officially named on 12 March 1913 - now celebrated as Canberra Day.
The first national convented in Canberra. in 1927.So Canberra is just 92 years by counting from 1913, and only 78 years by counting from 1927.

During my first attempts, they shows the balloon festival in the Celebrate Canberra Events. The events was held from 12th March to 21st March. During the term , every morning you can see many balloons in front of Old Pariament House. You can have great time to see many balloons going up to sky next to next. By the way it's interesting for me that you have the holiday od Canberra Day is not 12th March, the 3rd Monday in March to make a long holiday.

Cf. About ACT http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/understanding/capital_facts/canb_seat_of_gov.htm (Australian Government)

キャンベラ設立の歴史は、まず1901年にオーストラリアの連邦政府ができたところから始まります。オーストラリアの6つの州の連邦は、国家機能建設の首都が必要になりました。しかし、2つの大きな州である、New South Wales と Victoriaが対立し、メルボルン、シドニーに首都を設立することが難しかったため、新しい連邦政府機能を一旦、メルボルンに決めました。その後多くの検討の上、1908年、代案の1つとして、連邦議会で今日のキャンベラの姿が上がりました。1913年3月12日に、正式にキャンベラとして命名され、今、キャンベラ・デイとしてお祝いされています。

上記添付写真では、Celebrate Canberraのイベントの1つです。イベントは3月12日から21日まで開催されていました。その開催期間、毎朝たくさんのバルーンを、 Old Pariament Houseの前で見ることができます。次々に空にあがっていくバルーンを見るのはとても楽しいですよ。そうそう、おもしろいと思ったのは、Canberra Dayの祝日は3月12日ではなくて、連休にするため、3月の第3週の月曜です。