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... so this site is going to disappear with Geocities.
Sometime soon, This site will move to RBR Info little by little.
Screenshot of RBR
RBR Main Menu (Click to enlarge)
Note: The following files were changed.
  • Cars\Cars.ini
  • SGS\rburns-hd_01.*
I developed a plugin and named "Gauger Plugin"
for RBR : Richard Burns Rally (for PC)
(by SCi / Warthog).
The Gauger Plugin for RBR is something like a dashboard, HUD or telemeter, and it visually displays how much pedaling and steering etc.
It also works in replays with some exceptions.

I would like to introduce the Gauger Plugin to you in this page. There are reverse-engineering data of RBR.

And I hope this plugin will assist your progress of rally driving techniques in some way.

The Gauger Plugin is using a library called "DetourXS".
It is a similar library to "Detours Express 2.1" by M$.
( I could download it from "Collaborative RCE Tool Library" and "UCDownloads". )
The DetourXS is released by Sinner, and includes the following credits.
  • z0mbie's ADE32 (source code of disassembler)
  • LanceVorgin's CDetour (some idea)
By the way, I can't design my programs well.... um.... :(


Screenshot of GaugerPlugin 0.4
Screenshot of GaugerPlugin Ver. 0.4
(Click to enlarge)
Screenshot of GaugerPlugin 0.6
Screenshot of GaugerPlugin Ver. 0.6
(Click to enlarge)

Demonstration Videos are here
Note: The following files (HUD position) were changed.
  • Misc\digidash_*.ini
Gauger Plugin is something like a dashboard, HUD or telemeter, and it can display the following data numerically and/or with analogue gauges.
  • Race Time
  • Car Speed ( km/h / mph )
  • Engine (Crankshaft) Revolutions ( rpm )
  • Gear
  • Steering
  • Throttle ( Accelerator )
  • Brake
  • Hand brake
  • Clutch
Ver. 0.6 can also display the following data.
  • Shift Up Light
  • Lock / Slip Percentage
  • Boost Pressure
  • Water Temperature ( C / F )
  • Travel Distance (Total Trip)
  • Distance from near Start Control
  • Distance to Finishing Line
In addition, you can change the layout, size and colors etc.
However, it includes following problems.
  • When "Animated Replay" in Rally School etc., the Gauger Plugin can NOT get the above data.
  • We can NOT see the driving techniques of Professor Burns.   >:(   boooo   :'(
  • Gauger Plugin indicates different value from the actual speed, if tyres are locked / slipped.
  • Gauger Plugin gets "filtered" values of steering, throttle and brake, so the values are different from the actual operation's.
  • Gauger Plugin is still in the process of development...   :P  
    ( In Mar. 2008, I started the reverse-engineering ... but it seemed too late. )
Just for your information, Gauger Plugin detours a function that call IDirect3DDevice9::EndScene at 0x0040E890 (0x0040BBE0 for NoSSE) on RBR process, and inserts Gauger rendering processing.


Don't get your hopes up too high to my bug fixing etc., please.
Nothing goes as planned anyway.


Terms of use :
  • Use this plugin at your own risk.
  • Do NOT receive any financial benefits ( e.g. money etc. ).
  • Do NOT add, change and remove any copyright, notices and terms.
You may use this plugin only if you keep these 3 terms.

Please do not forget a thankful heart to Sinner, z0mbie, LanceVorgin and Warthog....
And for base texture of boost gauge, thanks to bloom, Racer_S and BLITZ.
Thank you for your bug report, laurent and Tom.
Requirement :
  • (Moderate) Knowledge of self-responsibility and self-sacrifice
  • DirectX 9.0c ( Summer 2004 or later )
  • RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe or RichardBurnsRally_NoSSE.exe playable PC
    ( RBR Official Patch Ver. 1.02 is patched )
Current Version :
Release : 2009 11/08

Boo!nus Version :
Joke boo!st gauge (Turbo meter) was mounted! ;)
Release : 2009 05/05

Old Versions are here.
How to use :
  1. (Plugin Version)
    Please make "Plugins" folder in the RBR folder,
    and copy or move "GaugerPlugin.dll" into "Plugins".
    e.g.) copy or move GaugerPlugin.dll into D:\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\Plugins\
    (Window Version)
    Please launch Gauger.exe (before or after launching RBR).
  2. Please launch RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe (or RichardBurnsRally_NoSSE.exe)
    Note)You can use Kegetys's RBRdll and Racer_S's Analog Gauges at the same time.
  3. Please see it in the replays etc.
  4. Please change the configuration, if you need.
    e.g.) go to Options -> Plugins -> GaugerPlugin, then change and save,
    or edit directly "GaugerPlugin.cfg" ("Gauger.cfg" for window version) create at first time.

Copyright (c) 2008-2009 V317MT