A Man, Japanese, Blood type B, Age 76, Zondiac: Aries, Tokyoite
Born in Tokyo, but not in Edo area, that is, old city area since the Shogun Government era. Moved to Niigata and Nagano prefecture during World War II, graduated high school in Nagano prefecture. Come back to Tokyo in 1953 to enter an university.
Has been a rail-fan since my childhood, learned difficult chinese characters from station nemes of a train running near my house at that time.
I believe Railway system (Shinkansen or Maglev) may continue forever. The day that airplane cannot fly anymore will come as all of the petrol will completely consumed. The people will travel to Europe by Maglev train through Siberia. I can not imagine how people travelto the separate continents. Aloso air raids will be impossible, even if ICBM will be shooted with hydrogen energy etc., as far as mankind has been survived until then.
At present, I am still working as a doctor, but already retired from active neurological surgery.
One day when I got up in the morning, I was caught by an ataxia or not to walk wituout assistance. I had suspected an cerebellar hemorrhage or something like that. Magnetic resonance diffuse imaging revealed the lateral medullary infarction, that is, obliteration of a small vessel in the brain stem. I have experienced a three-week admission. After several weeks after that, I have felt queer pain phenomenon. I have described in a medical journal about it. Its summary is as shown below:

PAIN 104(2003) 49-53.

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My Rail Travel History
Cities where
I have visited
1970: Paris Metro & Berlin U-Bahn, S-Bahn
Linz - Bonn, London Underground
Salzburg - Wien West
, Wien S-Bahn
Paris, Hamburg, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Bonn, München(Munich), Innsbruck, Wien(Vienna)
1978: : Saõ Paulo Roosevelt/Luz - Mogi das Cruzes (many times)
Saõ Paulo Metro
Interlaken Ost - Jungfrau Joch (a round Trip)
Interlaken Ost - Geneve
Frankfurt Hbf - Mainz

Koblenz - Frankfurt Hbf
Honolulu, Los Angels,
Saõ Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Venezia(Venice), Interlaken, Geneve, London, Paris
1980: San Francisco cable-cars
Boston Metro
Baltimore - New York Grand Central
San Francisco, Mont Real, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore
1981 San Francisco cable-cars Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, San Francisco
1986 Bangkok
1987 Perth-Fremantle (a round trip) Singapole, Perth, Sydney
1989 Noumea
1990: Amsterdam Centraal - Zaanse schans(a round trip)
Amsterdam Centraal - Bruxelles Nord
Bruxelles Metro & Premetro, Amsterdam Tram
Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruxelles
1991 Cairns
1994: Nice - Monte Carlo (a round trip)
Avignon - Paris Lyon (TVG)
Paris Montparnasse - Rennes (TVG) (a round trip
Paris Metro
Nice, Monaco, Avignon, Paris
1996: Madrid Atocha - Sevilla (AVE)
Barcelona Metro
Madrid, Sevilla, Cordova, Granada, Barcelona
1997: Lisboã Rossio - Sintra
Cascais - Lisbo
ã Cais do Sodre
Lisboa Elétrico(Street Car)
Wien Straßenbahn & U-Bahn

Roma Termini - Firenze S. Maria Novella
Firenze S. Maria Novella - Pisa
(a round trip)
Lisboã(Lisbon), Wien,
Roma, Firenze(Florence)
1998: Amsterdam Schipol - Bruxelles Midi
Mruxelles Midi - Brugge
(a round trip)
Mruxelles Midi - Antwerpen Centraal (a round trip)
Bruxelles Midi - Amsterdam Schipol (Thalys)

Amsterdam Schipol -
Amsterdam Centraal (a round trip)

Bruxelles Metro & Premetro, Amsterdam Tram
Athens, Bruxelles, Brugge, Amsterdam
La Jolla(San Diego), Las Vegas
1999: Washinton D.C. Subway
New Orleans Street Car (Desire & Riverside lines)
Praha hl.n. - Dresden Hbf (DB & CG),
Praha Metro, Praha and Dresden .Straßenbahn
Dresden Hbf. - Berlin Ost

Berlin Friedlich Straße - Potsdam
- Westend
Berlin U-Bahn, S-Bahn

Roma Metro
Washington D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco
Praha, Dresden, Berlin
Parelmo, Taormina ,Alberobello, Roma
2000: Ascot - London Waterloo (Britrail)
London Waterloo - Paris nord (Eurostar)
Paris Montparnasse - Chartres
(SNCFa round trip)
Paris Metro,
Champs de Mars-Boulainvilliers(RER C1/3)
Victoria peak Tramway,
Airport Express (Kowloon-Airport)
Ascot, Bath, Wells, Paris
HongKong, Kawloon
2001 Metro & Tram in Toronto
Niagara Falls, Toronto
2002 New York Subway
New York (Penn-Station) - Boston (South)
MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority)
Frankfurt Flughafen-Frankfurt Hbf
Frankfurt-Heidelberg, Heidelberg(M)(a round trip)
Heidelberg Tram
Frankfurt(M)-Würzburg-Steinach-Rothenberg ob der Tauber(a round trip)
Frankfurt(M) U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram

New York, Boston

Frankfurt-Heidelberg- Rothenberg ob der Tauber-Luxemburg
2003 Bergen (Norway)-Voss, Flåm-Myrdal, Myrdal-Bergen
øbenhavn H (Copenhagen C)
København H (Copenhagen C)-Malmö (a round trip)
Vesterport-(S tog)-Nørreport-(Metro)-Kongens Nytorv

København H-Københavns Flughavn (Airport)
Bergen (Norway)
Lübeck, Lüneberg,
København (Copenhagen), Malmö
2004 Lisboã Metro (Rossio-Areeiro),
Fertagus (Areeiro.Roma - Fogueteiro - Sete Rio )
Lisboã Metro (Jardim Zoologico - Cais do Sodré )
Lisboã Rossio - Sintra, Lisboã Elétrico (Tram)
Lisboã Santa Apolónia - Porto Campanhã
Porto Metro (Trindade - Casa do Musico)

Schafbergbahn(go & return)
Salzburg - Innsbruck - Jenbach - Achenseebahn(go & return) - Jenbach - Innsbruck - Jenbach - Mayrhofen (Zillertalbahn)
- Jenbach - Innsbruck
Zürich - Alpnachstad - Pilatus Kulm - Alpnachstad - Sarnen - Zürich - (ship) - Vitznau - Rigi Kulm - Arth-Goldau - Zürich - Luzern - Zürich
Lisboã(Lisbon), Porto
Salzburg, Innsbruck,
Zürich(Zurich), Luzern
2005 Dresden - Radeburg Ost - Radeburg (a round trip)
Dresden trams
, Dresden Bergschwebebahn,
Dresden - Leipzig - Halle - Wernigerode
Wernigerode - Brocken (a round trip)
Wernigerode - Magdeburg - Berlin Ost
Berlin subways and trams
Berlin Ost - Hannover - Frankfurt

Frankfurt subways and trams

Paris St. Lazare - Vernon - Rouen-Rive-Droite - Paris St. Lazare
Haussman St.Lazare -(RER E)- Magenda・Paris Nord - Amiens - St Deni -(T1)- Noissy-le-Sec -(RER E)- Haussman St.Lazare
Paris Monparnass - Tours (TGV=Round trip)
Paris St.Lazare - Le Havre (Round trip)

Auber -(RER A) La Defence -(T2)- Issy Val de Seine -(RER C)- St.Michel Notre-Dame

Paris Metro
Dresden, Leipzig, Wernigerode,
Magdeburg, Berlin, Hannover,

Paris, Rouen, Amiens, Tours, Le Havre
2006 Göteborg, Göteborg -(X2000)-Stockholm, Stockholm Metro, Berlin RE, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Spårvagn(Tram). Göteborg(Gothenburg), Stockholm, Berlin
2007 Nürnberg - Bamberg(Round trip), Nürnberg - Köln, Köln - Wuppertal(Round trip), Wuppertal Schwebebahn, Köln - Bonn, Linz(Main) - Köln, Köln - Frankfurt Lufthaven
Wien - Budapest, Budapest - Praha, Praha - Wien, Wien - Melk, Krems a.d. Donau - Wien, Wien - Mürzzuschlag(Round trip), Metro & Tram in Budapest, Praha & Wien
Nürnberg(Nuremberg), Bamberg, Köln(Cologne), Wuppertal, Bonn
Budapest, Praha(Prague) & Wien(Vienna)
2008 Paris Est - Provins(Round trip), Paris Metro, Paris T3,
Paris Est - Strasbourg, Strasbourg Tram,
Strasbourg - Lyon Part-Dieu, Lyon Metro & Tram,
Lyon Part-Dieu - Paris Lyon - (RER A-D) -Charles de Gaulle

Zürich Flughafen - Zürich Hbf - Chur - St. Moritz
St. Moritz - Zermatt, Zermatt - Gonergrat(Round),
Zermatt - Visp - Bern, Bern - Brienz
Bern - Zürich Flughafen

Paris, Provins, Strasbourg, Lyon
Zürich, St. Moritz, Zermatt,
2009 Lisboã Metro, Lisboã Sete Rio - Pragal,
Pragal - (Metro Transportes do Sul) - Cecilhas,
Lisboã Tram, Lisboã Rossio - Sintra (Round)
Edinburgh Waverley - Dalmeny - Dundee (Round)
Edinburgh Waverley - Linlithgow (Round)
Bo'ness - Birkhill (Round)
Edinburgh, Dundee

Dresden Hbf - Radebeul Ost - Moritzburg
Dresden Hbf - Meißen (Round), Dresden Straßenbahn,
Dresden Standseilbahn, Dresden bergschwebebahn,

Dresden Hbf - Berlin Hbf - Berlin Ostbf, Potsdamer Platz - Berlin Hbf - (U55) - Bundestag, Berlin Friedlichstraße - Berlin Nordbf, Berlin Nordbf - Friedlichstraße - Ostbf,
Ostbf - Berlin Hbf - Rostock Hbf - Bad Doberan - (Molli) - Ostseebad Kühlungsborn West - Bad Doberan

Göthestraße, Bad Doberan Stadtmitte - Rostock Hbf - Berlin Hbf - Ostbf, Ostbf - Berlin Hbf - (U55) Brandenburger Tor - Friedlicestraße - Ostbf(TGV)

Paris Gare de Lyon - Nimes,

Nimes - Aigues-Mortes (Rebound), Nimes - Montpellier


Bad Doberan

Paris, Nimes,


2012 Bordeaux St.Jean - Hendaye (TGV往復)
Bordeaux Tram
* U-Bahn(D)=Underground(GB)=Subway(USA)=Metro(F etc.),
S-Bahn(D)=S tog(DK)=RER(Reseau Express Regional, F)=Urban Trains,
Schwebebahn = Suspending Monorail

Memory of the war
We do not forget the suffering of air raids upon
Tokyo, atomic bombing upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki and other miserable states of the defeated country. These are either the same for people of China and the Korean peninsula who are insulted by the Japanese military. They cannot forget the facts. We have to know the background of war and invasion during imperialism era. It is necessary to do sufficient historical consideration about imperialism to Asia. The successively occured opium war between 1839 and 1860, The First Opium War & the Second Opium War ,
the Treaty of Aigun on 1858 and Convention of Peking on 1860 , these facts explains of the background pressures of the America, France, Britain and Russia to to China. Qing dynasty, originally northern barbarian to China, became weak and difficult to keep their home territory Manchuria. After Japan had returned Dalien and neighboring area to Qing in 1895 with intervention by Russia, France and Germany, Russia leased the territory in 1898. Therefore, we had to increase powers to defend our country from Russian invasion. Japan-Russia war was defensive war itself without suspicion, because China was invaded by Russian Empire. After unexpected victory of Japan-Russiaa War, puffed-up japanese military authorities have had evil designes in 1930s and finally rushed to defeated end of the war on 1945. Except for occupation by US Army for several years after the war, our country have kept independence without receiving the invasion of the powers. About devastating insult to the neighboring countries from evil designes of our country, we must apologize truely. At the day of 100 years aniversary of Japan-Russia war, I feel especially the deep emotion. (noted on May 28.2005)
I remember the many fact to convince the defeated state for several years after1945, as the US military attached to the street corner selfishly named street sign board without concerning original name of the streets. Ginza Matsuya department store became the TOKYO PX. At the Ginza 4 Chome (at that time Owaricho, the center of downtown Tokyo) the MPs stood to intersection and did traffic control. Tokyo Takarazuka theater was named the Earny Pile theater and the Jingu Stadium was called the Nile Kinick Studium. The university which I took an entrance examination on 1953 was consist of the barracks of US Army and these are used as classrooms. At that time, I met a western style toilet there which I had first experienced, I did not know how I can use. At the time when I have graduated one of my friends went to United States to receive medical training by the ship from Yokohama. $1.00 was JPY360 at that time. Even in difficult state after defeated war, we have to appriciate the efforts of Mr. Ibuka and Mr. Morita in Sony, Mr. Matsushita in Panasonic, Mr. Toyota, the car maker, and other leading compnies producing exportable goods. Their efforts have made us to be able to travel foreign countries relatively easily and eventually it is possible to make these kinds of home-pages of travel records.
About an air raid orphan Kayoko Ebina
As the results of puffed-up Japanese military, Tokyo burnt to ashes especially by the large air raid on March 10th early dawn, a hundred thousands or more people were killed. At the Ueno park in Tokyo the statue of mother and child as the image of peace, named "The tower of the unforgettable time" and in the precinct of the Ueno Kan-eiji temple the memorial stone monument "A sorrowful Tokyo large air raid" were erected on March 2005, aniversary of 60th year, by the effort of the raid disaster orphan Mrs. Kayoko Ebina, widow of the late comic story teller Hayashiya Sampei. A long piece animation movie "I expect good spirit in Tomorrow" was made based on Mrs.Kayoko Ebina's original story.

The Tower of the Unforgettable Time A Sorrowful Tokyo Large Air Raid Explanation besides the stone monument
Tokyo air raid victim roster
There is a monument in the Yokoamicho park Sumida-ku Tokyo,which mourns Tokyo air raid victims and pursues peace for ever. The "Tokyo air raid victim roster", a record of the name of the people who died with air raid in Tokyo beginning from April 18th of 1942 to August 15.1945, including the name of my grandmother and so on, is kept in this monument. This monument was named "The place of memory " by the Author & Sculptor: Kimio Tsuchiya. The flowers which cover the slope of this monument are symbolizing lives.

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