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We are Japanese attorneys at law and lawyers , especially about Visa , Immigration Control Act , and so on in Japan.
Status of Residence , Alien Registration , Housing , Schools , Employment , Marriage , Legal Issues , Foreign Nationals.
You do not need to go to the Immigration Bureau in principle from now on, if you ask us!
Table of contents
The strong points of this office
Permanent Residence
Guide of permanent residence
The methods of works of this office, how to pay a charge, etc.
The matter updated recently.
Main government , municipal offices and other useful links etc.
The fundamental examples of Consultation are explained. The following is a part of the title. Please utilize as a legal adviser.

Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted
For example, it is related when a pastor is going to teach a foreign language in a linguistic school.

Certificate of Eligibility For a Status of Residence
If a foreigner has this certificate before entrance into Japan beforehand, the period of issuance of a visa can be shortened.
Permission to Change Status of Residence
It is related when a foreigner desires to cease his present activity and is going to concentrate on an altogether new activity which falls outside those permitted by his Status of Residence.
Permission to Extend Period of Stay
If a foreign national desires to remain in Japan under the same status of residence beyond his authorized period of stay,it is necessary to apply for and obtain an extension of period of stay.

Permission for Permanent Residence
Permanent residence is permitted only when a foreign national has established a permanent base of livelihood and when it is deemed that his permanent residence will be in accord with the interests of Japan.

Permission to Acquire Status of Residence
This is related to a foreign national who is to stay in Japan without getting through the procedures for landing (e.g.,in case of birth in Japan, renouncement or loss of Japanese nationality).

Re-entry Permission
If you leave Japan without obtaining a re-entry permission beforehand, it is necessary to obtain a visa newly. Therefore it takes more time. Then, this is permission for re-entering quickly.
Alien Registration
All foreign nationals residing in Japan are required to register at the municipal office of the city, ward, town or village, in which they are living. This must be done within a certain amount of time from the day of their arrival in Japan
The above are some examples. Another procedure, for example, is "Certificate of authorized employment." If required for potential employment opportunities, a foreign national authorized to work in Japan may apply for issuance of certificate showing the types of activities,authorized to him, at the Regional Immigration Bureau, etc.
Moreover, please look at many "examples of counseling" including cases, such as an mixed(international) marriage.

1-1 Procedure before entry into Japan
1-3 Status of Residence 1-4 Deportation
1-6 Special Residence Permission
1-12 Naturalization 2-1 Alien Registration
3-1Renting House
4-1Entrance into Public Schools
5-1 Employment and Qualifications
6-1 Registration when Birth,Marriage and Change of Address 6-3 Police 6-4 What's "Inkan"?
6-5 Resolutions for Conflicts
7 Mixed Marriage,Children and Divorce
8-1 Defective Products
8-2 Cancellation of Contract
8-3 Guarantor of Finance
8-10 Problems with a neighbor
8-12 Method of Wills
9 Criminal Offenses and its effect on Status of Residence
,and so on.

1-1 1-2
The way a foreigner enters Japan
Procedure when entering Japan
1-3 1-4
How to reside
1-5 1-6
How to change Status of Residence

Special Permission for Residence
1-7 1-8
Period of stay for
Special-Residence -permission holders .
Refugee Recognition Status
1-9 1-10
Procedures for Recognition of Refugee Status
Effects of Refugee Status
1-11 1-12
Permanent Residence Status Naturalization
1-13 2-1
Procedures for Naturalization Alien Registration
2-2 2-3
Application for Confirmation of Registered Items
Carrying Alien Registration Certificate with you at all times
2-4 2-5
Loss of your Alien Registration Certificate
Damage of your Alien Registration Certificate
2-6 3-1
Amendment of Alien Registration Law
How to rent a house
3-4 3-5
Obligations of the Tenant
Against a Rent Increase
4-1 5-5
Entrance and Fees into Public Schools
When your work differs from the Contract Agreement
5-7 6-1
Wages and Wage Deduction
Registration of Marriage , Birth and Change of Address
7-4 7-6
Divorce by Consent Between Foreign Nationals
Divorce and Child
7-7 8-3
Recognition of Child
Guarantor of Finance
8-7 8-10
Traffic Accidents
Problems with neighbor
9-2 10-1
Effect of a criminal conviction on Status of Residence
Structure of the Government
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