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In the Limited Space of the Vast Universe,
In the Limited Time, from Birth until Death,
With the Power Given to Me,
I Want to Convey My Feelings,
Turning the Prayer into Songs

  み ず え           クラシカル クロスオーバー ソプラノ
Mizue   classical crossover soprano
■2012 コンサート



P・Aを使うスタイルのポップでクラシカルな型にはまらない歌い方で新しい独自の響きを作り出す。ソプラノヴォイスと、ビブラートを極力抜いた歌声で幅広い音域をさまざまな音色で歌い、透明感と心地良さを追求したステージが特徴。 近年はコンピューター音楽とのジョイントでも楽しめるステージを展開し、コンサートを中心に活動中。

Mizue studied vocal music at the Osaka College of Music, and after graduating, she began her career as a soprano soloist at wedding ceremonies in YonagoCity in TottoriPrefecture. With her interest in artists from a new genre combining pop and classical music, Hara created her original sound by singing on the P.A (public address) system. Her unconventional style is expressed through various,ranging nearly four octaves.
Her stage presence is clear and comfortable, and her sopranos voice a bit husky with slight vibratos. Also, the harmonious combination of her voice and the synth strings is well received. In 2002, Hara began to hold concerts mainly at hotels in Mt.Daisen in Tottori Prefecture. In addition, her songs have been adopted for TV and radio commercials as well as for theme songs in TV dramas.

◆ジャンル: クラシカル クロスオーバー
Genre: Classical Cross over

◆主な共演アーティスト : 岩田英憲
Corroborators in Past Years: Hidenori Iwata (currently the most popular pan-flutist in Japan)

 2006  とっとり花回廊 
 2010 『鷹勇』  大谷酒造株式会社  ← テーマ曲ダウンロード

◆CD シングル   2009年 3/18 発売 Release
出雲神話より 『スサノオ』“Susano-o”from the Izumo Myth  

CD アルバム  2009年 4/15 発売 Release
『Sympha』 〜神花〜 シンファ   

◆ライブフォトconcert photo