Beaujolais Nouveau on its way - Beaujolais

2001ボジョレヌーボー序章 2001-06-22
VOL.62 Hingis out early again - Winbledon 恋するヒンギス初戦敗退・ウィンブルドンテニス 2001-06-28
VOL.63 Lavish concert at ancient Greek temple draws ire - Athens 冒涜と現代・ゼウスのコンサー 2001-07-03
VOL.64 Janet Jackson savors the singles scene - Vancouver マイルドなジャネット・ジャクソン〜All for You 2001-07-08
VOL.65 Remembering the 'people's princess' - London ダイアナ〜永遠のプリンセス 2001-07-12
VOL.66 Classical beauties from a Bond - New York 魅せるボンド〜クラシック界のスパイスガールズ 2001-07-16
VOL.67 Museum explores Vuitton influence on travel - Paris 受け継がれるセンス〜ヴィトン博物館 2001-07-20
VOL.68 Destiny's Child thrives on music charts - New York ディスティニー・チャイルド〜チャートNo.1 2001-08-03
VOL.69 'Rush Hour 2' breezy fun - Hong Kong ジャッキー・チェン〜最高のエンターテイナー 2001-08-10
VOL.70 Mariah before breakdown - New York マライア・キャリー〜ブレイクダウンの謎 2001-08-16



Beaujolais Nouveau on its way - Beaujolais
2001ボジョレヌーボー序章 (2001-06-22)

BEAUJOLAIS, France (CNN) -- Wine lovers around the world can breathe a sigh of relief. Despite fears of a serious shortage this year, Le Beaujolais Nouveau is about to arrive after all.

The most famous celebration in the wine industry's calendar traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November when, just after midnight, corks are popped to allow connoisseurs their first official taste of the new French vintage.



ところがこの不作の原因は意外にもぶどうそのものではなく、ぶどうを摘む労働力の問題だったのです。 In August it was reported that a booming economy had left vineyards struggling to attract the 40,000 casual workers they needed to harvest the Gamay grapes used to produce the wine.
It was thought this year's supply could be seriously affected as a result, but those fears proved unfounded.

"There was never a shortage of grapes -- just a shortage of grape pickers, " said Armelle Touillaud, from the Union Interprofessionelle des Vins du Beaujolais, which represents the region's growers.
"After the publicity in the summer people came forward, the grapes were harvested and the problem was solved."


ぶどうそのものはいつものように In fact vintners claim this, the first Nouveau of the millennium, is just about as good as it gets.
Following a particularly warm and sunny spring, the grapes began to ripen sooner than usual, resulting in the earliest harvest in 30 years, starting on August 28.
September was another dry, sunny month -- perfect conditions for grape picking.
毎年いろいろなドラマを生みながら安定した状況でヌーボーは評価されています It is produced in a hurry and is meant to be drunk within weeks of appearing. The quality of Beaujolais Nouveau also varies dramatically from year to year.

But there is no doubt that Nouveau is important to the vintners of the Beaujolais region, around the city of Lyon in eastern France. It accounts for a third of all wine produced there.


Around 60 million bottles of will be released on Thursday with approximately half of it being exported.
Germany is the most important foreign market, followed, in order, by Switzerland, the U.S., Japan and Britain.

Always on the lookout for new buyers, the wine producers are this year launching Beaujolais Nouveau in South Korea, where the recent economic upturn has led to an increase in wine consumption.
There are plans to expand further into the Far East.



But, business aside, the wine is seen as something to celebrate. In France two important festivals are taking place throughout Wednesday night and into Thursday morning at Beaujeu and Tarare, in the Beaujolais region.
Last year they attracted visitors from more than 15 countries.

And for those not able to make it to France, restaurants and wine shops as far apart as Seoul, Moscow, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and London will be announcing "Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive" come Thursday.

vivid words & expression

connoisseurs = wine関連で頻繁に出てくるword / expertよりは雰囲気を出せる
vineyard = owner / cf. vintner = businessman
grape pickers =
ritual = ceremony
denounce =


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Hingis out early again - Winbledon
恋するヒンギス初戦敗退・ウィンブルドンテニス ( 2001-06-28 )


Because of her turbulent love life, rifts with mom and a 2 1/2-year Grand Slam slump, Martina Hingis carried a lot of emotional baggage into Wimbledon.

No wonder her back hurt.
The top-ranked Hingis blamed previously undisclosed tendinitis in her lower back for Monday's listless 6-4, 6-2 loss to Virginia Ruano Pascual. But the real explanation may be more complicated.


Hingis, 20, didn't repeat her recent admission that because of men, she's no longer focused on tennis. She has dated several players, including Swedish standout Magnus Norman last year, and recently was romantically linked to attorney Christopher Calkin, the prosecutor in the Miami trial of a man convicted of stalking Hingis.

She said Calkin wasn't at Monday's match but has declined to discuss their relationship.

母でありコーチであるMelanie Molitorとの関係も、今は

Also unclear is the status of Hingis' sometimes strained relationship with her mother and coach, Melanie Molitor. Twice Hingis tried touring without a coach, most recently this spring, before rehiring mom for the job.
Molitor refused to talk with reporters Monday. Hingis quoted her mother as telling her: "You tried your best. Now it's over. You have to decide what you're doing next."

Added Hingis: "Sometimes you just need some time to recover your body and soul. Now I will have time to do it."

She was eliminated just five hours into the tournament, despite a new seeding system designed to reduce the number of early-round upsets.

Hingis' loss aside, the biggest surprise on the opening day was the weather -- sunny and warm, with temperatures in the low 80s. Britons are unaccustomed to such conditions, especially at Wimbledon, and 50 fans and two ballgirls fainted because of the heat.

Now Hingis often seems confused on the court. Against Ruano Pascual she gambled by moving forward frequently and even played serve-and-volley, but her net shots were dismal. When she stayed back and tried to rally with the steady Spaniard, the results were even worse.

The capacity crowd on Court 1 groaned in disbelief as Hingis' errors mounted. She put only one service return in play in the final game, and Ruano Pascual leaped with joy when she clinched the biggest victory of her 10-year career.
"Unbelievable," she said. "I'm very happy. It's a dream for me, no?"

これに対し大金星の対戦相手のスペイン人Ruano Pascualは
On the same court two years ago, Hingis lost to Jelena Dokic in the first round. The other defeats during her Grand Slam drought have been to Lindsay Davenport, Mary Pierce, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams, and Capriati and Venus Williams twice each.

"There was always one player who was better than me at the end," Hingis said.
Or, in this case, at the start.


vivid words & expression

turbulent = passionate
rift = split
The defeats are part of her streak of 10 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments without a title, all as the top seed. = streak, consecutive
hammper = annoy
standout = distinguish,
dismal = miserable, gloomy
and Ruano Pascual leaped with joy when she clinched the biggest victory of her 10-year career. = cllinch
"Unbelievable," she said. "I'm very happy. It's a dream for me, no?" = 同じく最後の no? がすべてをあらわす
The other defeats during her Grand Slam drought have been to Lindsay Davenport, Mary Pierce, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams, and Capriati and Venus Williams twice each. = こんなところに drought/不足、かんばつの意味〜を使って表現するのは私たち日本人にはとても無理


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Lavish concert at ancient Greek temple draws ire - Athens
冒涜と現代・ゼウスのコンサー (2001-07-03)

日本でも京都などで景観などの問題で、古いものを守ろうとする人たちと新しく何かをやろうとする人との間でいろいろなもめごとがおきたりしますが、アテネではNASAや2004年のオリンピック問題もからむ、という "壮大" な?ギリシャ文明をも巻き込んだ騒動が起きています。 ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Too extravagant. Too risky. Crass. An insult to history.
The critical reviews have been pouring in even before the first note is struck at a planned Thursday concert by composer Vangelis Papathanasiou, best known for his Academy Award-winning score for the film "Chariots of Fire."

The complaints are not about his music. It's the ancient backdrop and the big time show business that are drawing ire.

Extensive scaffolding, seating, tents -- and even a giant screen -- have been erected around the Temple of Zeus, an expanse of 16 surviving columns and ruins in central Athens dating back 2,500 years なんと事前の工事で考えられないようなことが、、、

"Alarm for the temple ... after an accident with a crane that sank into an ancient well," headlined the daily To Ethnos newspaper. A few archaeologists have expressed worry that strong winds could topple some of the concert equipment and damage the site.


The concert includes opera divas Jessye Norman and Kathleen Battle, the London Metropolitan Orchestra and the 120-member chorus from Greece's National Opera. The composer Vangelis -- who is widely known by his first name -- plans to debut his choral symphony "Mythodea" to commemorate U.S. National Aerospace and Aeronautics Administration's 2001 Mars Odyssey mission launched April 7. この大物たちのからんだコンサートは、さらになぜかNASAを記念するというというイヴェントになっています
いつもの非難 "Everything preys on show and the philosophy of the marketplace," said a commentary in the daily Eleftherotypia.
"Zorba the Greek" composer Mikis Theodorakis, one of Greece's most respected musical figures, has expressed dismay at the 1.1 billion drachma ($2.8 million) budget for the event, organized by the company overseeing the Cultural Olympiad for the 2004 Olympics. 2004年のアテネオリンピックもからみ、このような金額が動きますが、NASAは詳細に関しては知らないもよう
NASAの計画は NASA's $297 million Odyssey mission is expected to arrive on Mars October 24 to begin studying and mapping of the planet's surface until July 2004.
Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos defended efforts to expand the uses of Greece's many ancient sites. Already, concerts and plays are performed at the 1,800-year-old Herodion theater in Athens and the older theater in Epidavros southwest of Athens. すでに他の遺跡などもコンサートに使われ
以下のようないろいろな理由付けで "既成事実" はどんどんできていく〜古い国や社会はこうなのかもしれない

Monuments obtain their full worth through their complete use," Venizelos said. "People must feel that the monuments are open to them and that they are not dedicated only to scientific research."
Greeks may be seeing -- or at least hearing -- a lot more of Vangelis in the coming years.
He wrote music that accompanies the official emblem for the 2004 Olympic Games whenever it is displayed. His name has been suggested for collaboration for music for the 2004 Games, but no decision has been made.



vivid words & expression

ire = angry, crass = stupid / 古いBritish English を使っています
backdrop = 背景
scaffolding = 足場
mock = がっかりする
archaeology, archaeologist = 考古学
topple = ぐらつく
devotee = 帰依者
splashy = showy
commemorate = celebrate
dismay =
prey on = 食い物にする
dedicate = contribute


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Janet Jackson savors the singles scene - Vancouver
マイルドなジャネット・ジャクソン〜All for You (2001-07-08)


人間的にも成長して以前の彼女に比べるとマイルドな雰囲気の新曲「All for You」でVancouverを皮切りに45都市へのツアーを開始しました。
"Larry King Live"に出演して心境を語っています。

Jackson talked to King before kicking off a 45-city, 58-show North American tour Thursday in Vancouver, British Columbia, to promote her chart-topping album, "All for You."

After her secretive, eight-year marriage ended in divorce, Janet Jackson has hit the dating circuit. And she says she's loving it. この間にプライベートでは
"It's like you normally -- you experience this in your teen-age years, and that's something that I never really did," she said Monday on CNN's "Larry King Live."
"I grew up a Jehovah's Witness, that's my mother's religion, and you're not supposed to think of dating unless you're ready to get married."
During the hour-long interview, she talked about the fallout from her marriage to second husband Rene Elizondo Jr. The couple kept that marriage hidden from all but a few friends and family members. They split in 1999.
Although she says she wishes she and her family members were closer, she said they remain supportive of each other.

"I think the most important thing is that we are there and we know that we love each other and we are there for each other. That is what families are about," she said.
She said she has grown accustomed to tabloid stories about her over the years, but still bristles when they go after brother Michael and others in the Jackson clan.
"It doesn't bother me when I see things about myself. It bothers me when I see things about my family members -- my brothers, my sisters, my parents. That is what hurts me," she said.

子供を持ちたいという自身の気持ちも話し Jackson also indicated she might want to become a mom.
"It definitely has crossed my mind. ... I don't feel like my biological clock is ticking and I have to rush into anything, but I have thought about it. ... Maybe some day I will have a child. Maybe two. I don't know."
また影響を受けた人たちにも触れています〜なつかしい名前が、、、 Jackson said she grew up listening to all kinds of music, and that her main inspirations are Brazilian jazz, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sly & the Family Stone and her family.

But there were other influences, too, she said, including Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and some heavy-metal types.
"I still am a very big Aerosmith fan, and Zeppelin, I listened to, growing up," she said.


Jackson said she's mystified by Eminem and wants to meet the controversial rap star some day so she can better understand him.
"I think he's very talented. I think he's very clever, but there are certain things that I don't understand," she said of the popular performer, whom critics have blasted for lyrics many say are homophobic and misogynist.

vivid words & expression

mull = じっくり考える
enigma = mystery
homophobic = misogynist


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Remembering the 'people's princess' - London
ダイアナ〜永遠のプリンセス (2001-07-12)

Princess Diana's legacy remains intact four years after her death. On the eve of what would have been her 40th birthday, thousands flock to her grave site to pay homage to "the people's princess," a woman whose presence touched lives and organizations around the world. なぜいまでもこういわれるのでしょうか? ことしもバースデイがきたダイアナについて
Spencer's description helps to explain the enormous appeal of Diana.

"Diana was unique because she had various gifts, and they all came together in one person," Spencer said. "She was phenomenal with people, and when they saw her, they thought she was great. She was exactly who she was. She wasn't going to be crushed by the royal system; she was always going to be true to herself."

身内であるCharles Spencer卿はDianaをいちばんよく知っている(なぜかPrince Charlesと名前が同じ)
Diana's final resting place, on an island in the center of a lake on the Althorp estate, is so popular that the estate was swamped with people applying for advance tickets to visit on the occasion of Diana's birthday. Two out of three applicants were turned away or pointed to other dates. スペンサー家に眠るダイアナのもとには今年も
"This year, with the added poignancy of her 40th, there has been an avalanche of inquiries -- people who want to come here," Spencer said. "In one of the rooms, we have 14,000 condolence books from all over the world and that proves the huge appeal she had, and it certainly seems to have survived." Charlesはまたこう話しています
Christened Diana Frances Spencer, the future princess was born July 1, 1961, to Frances Roche and Viscount Althorp, who would become the eighth Earl Spencer. Diana was the third of four children in the aristocratic family.

Diana had two older sisters, Sarah and Jane, and one younger brother, Charles. The Spencers lived a life of luxury, spending their early years at Park House, a 10-room mansion on the queen's country estate in Sandringham, Norfolk. The boy living next door would be her future husband.


"Diana knew Charles as a child," said Diana biographer Lady Colin Campbell, but "there was a big age gap."
Charles was more than 12 years her senior, so Diana played with royal children nearer her own age, such as Charles' younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Her privileged upbringing did not guarantee a happy childhood. In 1969, Diana's parents divorced in a bitter and public display. このようなこともあったが

At 18, she decided to move to London and pursue her dream of helping children. She found work as a nanny and then as a kindergarten teacher.
In the summer of 1980, Diana received a phone call that would change her life. Prince Charles asked for a date. Soon Diana had a new boyfriend and an intimate relationship with the press.

"Can you imagine coming out of a door and seeing 16 flashes in your face and not having seen this before? This woman couldn't go shopping," said Marlene Eilers, a royal genealogist. "She couldn't conduct a public relationship privately; no matter what she did, the press wanted to be there."

つかの間の幸せか Six months after their first date, a polo outing, Charles proposed to Diana after a candlelit dinner for two at Buckingham Palace. She accepted and would soon become the Princess of Wales.
Their wedding was an elaborate affair. Crowds packed the London streets, and millions watched worldwide on television as Charles and Diana exchanged vows at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981.

Less than a year after the royal wedding, Diana gave birth to Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on June 21, 1982. Two years later, Prince Harry Henry Charles Albert David was born September 15.

しかし世界中の人たちが知るように "There were signs from about '86 onward," Fincher said. "You would see them, and they would look really miserable at times. She looked really miserable."
Campbell recalls this period. "She felt that she was in a prison behind bars," Campbell said. "She couldn't stand being caged any longer."

Eventually, Diana learned that Charles was devoted to another woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles, someone the prince had been close with for years.
Struggling with an eating disorder and depression, Diana watched her marriage fall apart.

小さい時から気持ちがやさしかったダイアナは instead of falling apart, Diana decided to use her fame and the media to her advantage.
She became an activist for dozens of causes, namely cancer, leprosy, homelessness and AIDS. In a visual statement about her passion for those who were suffering from AIDS, she held hands with an AIDS patient on television. The scene was played around the world.

"The image of her holding hands with HIV/AIDS. ... It shattered the stigma, prejudice and fear that surrounded HIV/AIDS in the early days," said Andrew Parkis, chief executive of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.


Romantically, Diana was linked to Dodi Fayed, the 42-year-old son of wealthy businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed.
Dubbed the princess and the playboy, they were pictured in Britain's tabloid newspapers.
In August 1997, eight weeks after her 36th birthday, Diana joined Fayed for a vacation in France. In the early morning hours of August 31, Diana and Fayed died in a Paris car crash as they sped to elude paparazzi, including photographers on motorcycles.

この時と同じように今もAlthorpを訪れる人達の気持ちは変わらない On the day of her funeral, September 6, 1997, millions of people lined the streets of London. A gun carriage brought Diana's body from her home at Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey. Prince Charles, Diana's brother, Charles, and sons William and Harry walked behind.
The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, set up after her death, has raised almost $63 million and distributes funds to dozens of causes supported by Diana, including AIDS prevention, the hospice movement and landmine clearance.

An exhibition honoring Diana's life recently opened at Althorp. Some of the dresses that she was photographed in are on display.

vivid words & expression

She wasn't going to be crushed by the royal system; she was always going to be true to herself." = というキャラクターだったようです

She broke the boundaries of royal life with candid public interviews that focused on her feelings and struggle with depression. With her dedication to 100-plus charities, she drew more attention than the typical royal family member to her humanitarian work.


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Classical beauties from a Bond - New York
魅せるボンド〜クラシック界のスパイスガールズ (2001-07-16)

With their plunging necklines, bare midriffs and tight pants, the women who make up Bond look more "Britney" than "Beethoven," more like a girlish pop group than a classically trained string quartet. 日本でも葉加瀬太郎(東大卒タレント高田麻由子と結婚)が芸大時代に結成したやや先覚的なグループや女性だけのグループ "芍薬トリオ" 、さらに思いきり崩した "HIROSHI" などクラシックを現代的に「魅せる」スタイルはいろいろありますが、観客側の固定化した観念もありいまひとつこのやり方は一部愛好家のみにしか受け入れられていないといえます。

ロンドンからの新しいスタイルで魅せるカルテットグループ "ボンド" がニューヨークで人気がでてきています。

デビューアルバム ”Born" がポップグループのような雰囲気もうけて大ヒット。 They certainly sell like a girlish pop group: Their debut album, "Born," has been certified gold or platinum in several European countries, and has been making waves on U.S. charts as well -- quite an achievement for a classical music album.
4人のメンバー構成は -- first violinist Haylie Ecker, second violinist Eos, violist Tania Davis, and cellist Gay-Yee Westerhoff -- about giving classical music a little
インタビューに応えて、このグループはロンドンからスタートしたといっています CNN: So how do four classically trained musicians end up together as a group?

Haylie: I knew Tania from when I was about 15. We were doing music in Australia together. We went to London to study, where Eos and Gay-Yee were also studying. That was the main meeting ground, about three, four years ago.


Eos: Gay-Yee had been working with Vanessa May where she met Mel Bush, who's now our manager. And he helped fund us, do ... demo tapes and everything and get a record deal, and it kind of went from there.
CNN: So when Mel said, or whomever said, "The four of you should get together and here's my idea for a group," what did you say?
Gay-Yee: It's funny because, we'd already been discussing this same idea anyway. I remember talking to you (points to Eos) about it and saying it, you know? So we had the idea too, and Mel also had the idea, and that's why we all got on so well.

CNN: Why not simply dress up in black and white and perform as part of a prestigious orchestra somewhere?

Haylie: I think one of the things in life is you have to kind of stay young, keep fresh, and challenge yourself. And what we've got is something quite unique in that, you know, we're a classical setup string quartet but we're sort of fusing ... pop elements and international flavors together, which gives you completely different music. (So) we can do something different that we have an input in.

Tania: Well, I don't think we've ever thought of ourselves as unusual (all laugh), but we do often get comments that this is something really fresh and original ... so that's quite exciting, to be breaking ground that we find new and fresh.

As far as what category it would go under (laughs), it's very difficult. ... Most (record shops) in Britain actually seem to stock it in the classical sections despite the fact that we were thrown off the classical chart there.

Gay-Yee: ... There's a board of about six people (in Britain) called the Charts Information Network (all laugh). They decided we weren't classical enough and we didn't fit the criteria because we had to be in a classical format, and it had to be composed by a composer and all this business. But they were contradicting themselves because there were all these things in the classical charts, like Pavarotti and friends singing with U2 or Aqua, and all that sort of thing. クラシックとビジネスに関してもきちんとした考えをもっている〜現代のショービジネス

CNN: You're all talented, accomplished musicians in your own right ... but the thing that goes ahead of you is the way that you look. Do you make your image an important aspect of what you do?
Eos: That's not a conscious thing on our part. I suppose maybe the promotion team might think, "All right, hook on to something" and put that out. (But) it's nothing to do with us really. If the image was that important I'm sure we'd have a stylist (all laugh). But, we don't have a stylist and we buy our own clothes.

I'm sure it doesn't do us any harm and sometimes people will see four young girls and they think, "Well, I bet they can't play."

CNN: (And) where did the name "Bond" come from?
Eos: We were trying to think of a name, and we'd all by coincidence been watching the same James Bond film the night before. And we were just talking about what types of music to do, and we said that we all really liked the music of John Barry -- he does all the music for (the James Bond movies). Then Haylie came up, actually, and she said, "Bond! What about that name?" And we thought, yeah, it's really good!

But now we play more on the bond, friendship and the kind of musical thing than the James Bond. It's easy to pronounce in lots of different countries ... so that's kind of fortunate.


vivid words & expression

With their plunging necklines, bare midriffs and tight pants = いちばんわかりやすいのに、こういう表現がなかなかできません
Britney" than "Beethoven," = こういってしまえばかんたんにわかります
showoff = 使えそうで使えないword / でたがりやさん、といった感じ
kind of = 現代的には〜ほとんど、どちらかと言えば、〜といったような意味で使われる / 文中ではit kind of went from there I think one of the things in life is you have to kind of stay young. などのように使われています
criteria (pl., mono = criterion) = standard
contradict = deny


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Museum explores Vuitton influence on travel - Paris
受け継がれるセンス〜ヴィトン博物館 (2001-07-20)



Vuitton's legacy thrives in the old port city of Asnieres, where he set up his workshop, and set out to turn travel into an art form.

Despite the benefits of modern mechanization, it's the precision and care of skilled carpenters, locksmiths and leather artisans that prevail here, as they did when the shop was founded in 1859.

Adjacent to the workshop is a museum, which displays a vast collection of relics. They tell the story of how a family of French woodworkers built an empire out of a passion for adventure, and an affinity for fashion. 工場のすぐとなりに博物館があります
At an early age, Vuitton invented the first flat-top trunk as an alternative to the traditional dome shape, making it easier to stack trunks on top of one another.
And Vuitton kept pace with modern modes of transport, as well as the needs of his elite clientele.

Some stow-away trunks, for example, were sized specifically to fit the tight quarters of an ocean liner, or a steam engine cabin. But more compact didn't mean cramped: Vuitton took great pains to keep his clients' finery looking, well, just fine.


By the time the automobile had become all the rage, Vuitton's son Georges had taken the reins of the company. He not only shared his father's penchant for travel, but he also inherited his creative genes, as evidenced by another piece that de la Perraudiere points out.

博物館にはこのような創立者の成功の喜びの歴史を見ることができます Also on display at the museum: a tea set designed in 1926 for the prince of India, a traveling secretary special-ordered by a world-renowned conductor, and a bed-trunk designed for an early African explorer.

vivid words & expression

loom = ぼんやりと見える、現れる
evolution = development
locksmith =
relics (pl.) = 遺品、遺跡(=ruins)
empire =
affinity = この場合‘類似性’といった感じか
clientele = どうしてもFrenchを語源とするwordが多い = client, customer
cramp =
締め付ける (本来は痙攣の意)
advent = birth
rage = in vogue, prevail
penchant = liking, tendency


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2001 Men's Fashion Show VTR
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Destiny's Child thrives on music charts - New York
ディスティニー・チャイルド〜チャートNo.1 (2001-08-03)

MTVが20周年をむかえた今年、DESTINY'S CHILDが 'SURVIVOR' を大ヒットさせています。 Destiny's Child, the curvaceous girl band with a strong hip-hop sound, reached the top of the pop album charts this week with its latest offering, "Survivor." The trio -- made up of founding members Beyonce Knowles, 19, and Kelly Rowland, 20, along with newest member, Michelle Williams, 20 -- says the assent to the top has been amazing.
1999年のセカンドアルバムで驚異的な売上を記録 "You just dream of being there (at the top of the charts) but to have the success that we are having now is truly a blessing," says Rowland. "It's everything and more." The group's 1999 sophomore album, "The Writing is on the Wall," sold more than 9 million copies worldwide and rocketed the group to fame. Singles from the album, "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills" lingered at or near the top of the R&B singles charts through the summer.
But the latest album, Williams says, is all about the band's personal and professional growth. 最新アルバム "Survivor" ではさらに成長したとメンバーは語る
この3年間で上りつめた気持ちは Knowles: The first time we heard our song on the radio was a beautiful moment. When our first song went to number 1 and the next album sold ten million copies ... that was like 'ladies, we did it!' Some nights you perform and it is like there are so many people out there you're like whoa! We did it! That's what keeps you going.

Rowland: And we got a Rolling Stone (magazine) cover!

Desitny's Child を表現すれば Knowles: Destiny's Child's sound is very staccato. We do a lot of cool harmonies that no other female groups are doing right now. We do real pretty vocals over hard beats. And our concepts are very original. We paint pictures and tell stories with all of our songs. They're the types of songs that people can really, really relate to. So they feel like they are listening to themselves when they hear our music.
ほとんどの歌詞を自分たちで創っているのがすばらしいとファンからも絶賛されている Knowles: Well, since I was 9 years old I wrote songs for us and on the last album I wrote 8 of the songs and produced a lot of the songs. Sometimes it takes a while for a 19-year-old female to get her credit. And with this album, I wrote "Survivor" and the label sent me back in there to do another song and another song and before you knew it the album was finished and we didn't really need any other producers because we already had the songs finished. It wasn't planned. It just happened.

Rowland: People respect you a lot more because they feel like they can relate and they think it is really cool that you write your own lyrics.

vivid words & expression

assent = agree

The group's 1999 sophomore album = 2nd albumというより sophomore album という使われ方が多い
World Beat sat down with the members of Destiny's Child to talk about creative control and risks they took with their new album, "Survivor." = 何事もこういう積極的な気持ちでありたい
had so many dreams and aspirations, = dream だけでなく aspiration も持たなくては


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'Rush Hour 2' breezy fun - Hong Kong
ジャッキー・チェン〜最高のエンターテイナー (2001-08-10)

Jackie Chan がたまたまゲストとして出演していたCNN TVのヴァラエティでの viewer や host へのサービス精神のすばらしさに彼の頭の良さをあらためて納得した。

新作 'Rush Hour 2' での 'buddy' である Chris Tucker のことについても興味ある発言をしています。

ジャッキーの映画には、彼のこのような精神ですべて表現されます Jackie Chan's movies are the cinematic version of M&Ms: They melt on the screen and not in your mind, leaving you with a pleasant rush afterwards. The movies aren't about much -- simply an endless variety of pratfalls, double-takes, and slapstick -- and they rarely make much sense, but they do move like a speeding train, leaving you free to put your mind into neutral.
ジャッキー・チェンの良さはアメリカ映画では反映されない In his American movies, Chan usually plays the "fish out of water" character, from "Rumble In The Bronx" (1996), his first successful United States film, right up to last year's "Shanghai Noon."
これぞジャッキーの真髄 Legs fly, torsos spin and heads are cracked as da boys take on the Chinese mob.
そして彩りを添えるのが Then the mysterious and seemingly corrupt U.S. Customs agent Molina enters. Of course, she's really an undercover agent for the Secret Service -- or is she? Just like Lamour in the original road pictures, you don't know until the final reel if she's with the boys or out to get them.

Adolescent energy

This is one reason for Chan's phenomenal success. Combining action with slapstick, pathos with humor, and all of it with plenty of adolescent energy, Chan is an amazingly likable "everyman" caught in these over-the-top situations. エンターテイメントとはここに尽きる
国際都市 Hong Kong が生んだスターが世界に通じる理由は彼の限りないサービス精神である。英語を共通語としない日本映画が永遠に追いつけない理由がここにある。

Hong Kong の熱気を実際に感じるとさらにそのエネルギッシュさをいつも感じる。

vivid words & expression

adolescent = 若々しい cf. adult
Jackie Chan's movies are the cinematic version of M&Ms: =


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Mariah before breakdown - New York
マライア・キャリー〜ブレイクダウンの謎 (2001-08-16)


The 31-year-old singer suffered an "emotional and physical breakdown" which led to her admission to a New York hospital on July 25, her publicist said

この以前のインタヴューでその前兆が、、 At a promotional event in Long Island, New York, Carey talked openly about her passion for music and her frustrations with the music business. While she came across on the taped interview as a smiling, composed professional, Carey also showed signs of fatigue, sighing deeply between answers.
小さい時からの仕事で‘擦り切れた’のでしょうか The funny thing is, when I realize how young I was when I first started in this business, and how it was all crazy and nothing seemed real; I sort of haven't taken a break since then," she said. "So it all seems like one continuous day."
たしかにこんながんばりやでは〜と感じます Carey has always stressed keeping her fans happy, and that has paid off immensely: She was the past decade's top-selling female artist. Carey signed her first record contract at 17, and has a string of 15 top hits, plus more than 80 million in global album sales.

After a formidable track record with Columbia Records, Carey recently signed an $8 million dollar, four-album deal with Virgin Records.

She also took on a new title -- actress. そして今度は
She's also starring in "Wise Girls," an independent film about a waitress who works in an eatery owned by gangsters.That movie is slated for release next year. 次回作の予定が
"Right now, it's about expressing myself as a creative person and so I just feel like there's no pressure," she said. "It's not about the charts -- it's not about that. It's about me being in a place that's free and creative." と発言しつつも
Yet Carey's breakdown suggests things were not as free as she would have liked. She spent two weeks under supervised care and canceled all public engagements, including a headline appearance at MTV's 20th birthday celebration on August 1. ついにダウン

Carey's mother, a former opera singer, introduced her daughter to singing when she was 4.
"Basically, I started singing when I started talking," Carey said. "Music has just been my saving grace my whole life."

"But now that I have more control over what I do as a creative entity, I just feel like it's more fun and it's a great way to release a lot of tension. Music in general has always been that for me."

For now, though, according to her friends and family, rest and relaxation are the orders of the day for this songbird.


vivid words & expression

allude = hint
formidable =
recuperate = recover
slate = schedule


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