A couple of words from the author of The Troposphere:

January 29, 2005

As Pen Spinning's popularity is growing by the minute, I am sure that most of us have seen another person spinning a pen around his/her fingers, or just twirling a pen in circular motion before.

Actually, Pen Spinning is more than just that around-the-thumb spin (technical name: ThumbAround Normal). Currently, the number of unique tricks and combinations of tricks in Pen Spinning stands at no less than one hundred.

The objective of The Troposphere is to introduce tricks and combinations of tricks that are not seldom seen. As the Internet already contains other Pen Spinning websites, The Troposphere will focus primarily on tricks that are not present in other Pen Spinning websites

I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Hopefully, the information at The Troposphere may play a part in assisting your development into a bona fide Pen Spinner!

Darren Chan
The Troposphere