365days Squat


Squat Training Application.

It's useful to continue accurate training everyday.

This App's training will be unsatisfied for athlete.

    Please try app's system, and if you like it, please purchase Add-ons.

How to use

  Please hold your iPhone on your thigh and push a button.

  And start squats!


  It's counted by an Angle sensor.

  It help to keep your accurate training.

  This is very useful for squats!

icon Badge

  An icon badge displays your remaining count.

  It's renewal everyday.

  Please put an icon near a favorite App and check frequently.

  It help to continue training.


  Let's tweet about your today's training when you finish training.

  It's only push a "tweet" button.

Link with iPhone Calendar    new!

  All 365daysApps are connected to each through iPhone's Calendar.


Medal Box    new!

  This is good motivation to continue squats.

  Let's collect medals for your challenge.

  10000 & 50000 medal box  need Add-ons

  3000 medal box need GraphKit

Let’s  “continue” squat training everyday!!




“365days Push-ups”



“365days Sit-up”


  App display a message, if you haven’t used App for a while.


  You can confirm a record by a graph.

  It help to keep your motivation.

    (It is necessary to get GraphKit)

Goal Setting

  You can set your goal.

  initial Limit :               10 x 2 sets

  Medal 1:                     15 x 2 sets

  Medal 2:                     20 x 2 sets

  Medal 3:                     25 x 2 sets

  GoalSettingKit :   1000 x 20 sets