FreeCell For After Retirement

FreeCell is a card game of solitaire supplied with the Microsoft's OS Windows  since the age of Windows 3.1.
In the past, the author enjoyed about 17,000 deals in random mode but I changed the way of playing about 3.5 years ago to "look for difficult deals" from a deal number 1 and cleared 20,000 deals, while I fetched each number of a difficult deal and made a record of solutions of them.
I think it is nothing new to say and this is unnecessary care but I arranged the data and decided to bring them here by borrowing this place. I am happy if some data become a help of pleasure of a player.

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All data from #1 to #1100 and
[Data for up to 50000 deals and this is Final.]


FreeCell can be seen as a simple card game which can be played alone but it may be add to one of the pleasure for elder people after retirement.
The FreeCell version after Windows XP provides 1,000,000 deals as number of the maximum deals and even if you clear it from the first deal number in turn and cleared 100 deals per every day, it takes about 28 years to clear all deals. When you retired at 60 years old, there is a possibility that one cannot clear all deals till life of the player is over. From the experience of the author, it was considerably severe to clear 100 deals continuously every day and my brain is apt to have come to overheat.
Therefore, it is sure that it is a game for life when one begin playing it since one become in the generation of which one spend enough time for the game like the author.
By the way, the locus to 50000 deals are summarized in the [Additional Gain].
Moreover, the theoretical number of game will be more than 21 hundred million regardless of solvable or not.

[Effect of FreeCell]

Because FreeCell is a consideration type puzzle game, an assembling and a disassembling of cards are coexisted by the game and there is no lucky and unlucky, I think there may be the effect listed in the followings.

  • Good to foster concentration
    Concentration is considerably necessary if you update a successive victory record or update a chronograph of the shortest clearing time. My successive victory record have ever reached 2862 (although it was used an aid of network reboot without closing a "dead end game") but it cause a careless mistake whenever I hear a sound of television or conversations of my family.
  • Possible to taste a thrill
    This game doesn't require a quick operation of control keys but it requires strong tensions for challenging the successive victory record and it must be similar to be the tension for competing of a Shogi and a play of Go. When I made a careless mistake at the deal #2863, a head became blank. I touched up the registry of Windows after this and a successive victory record of 9508 is left in fact, by the way.
  • Good for vision training
    There are a game console and its software for a vision training but I think it is necessary to have a certain level of observation power for seeing cards on 8 columns.
  • Possible to help prevention of senility
    The FreeCell seems to be simple but it is profound. If you play hard you may play games in a dream, therefore it is considerably sure that a brain is used hard.
    Demerit of playing the game is that you don't move a body and there is no conversation with a family or a friend, it may be no good for your health if you spend most of time of a day on only FreeCell.

[About solution data of FreeCell]

  • Usage
    Here are 3743 full solutions which are; all data from deal #1 to deal #1000 and hard (seems to be) deals found from deal #1101 to deal #50000. The description of data are provided for an international use.
    It may be a way of playing when you choose "difficult deals" and challenge to clear all. However, if you trace the card movements from the top of data to the end, it is meaningless and it is suggested so that you will take about 10 steps from the top of data and then resolve the deal by yourself. If you find only which card should be moved first, it might give you a good hint.
  • Two kinds of data
    There are two kinds of data for each deal. Please use data of favorite one. The data of the first row express only one movement position of one or a pile of cards and one step is expressed by 2 characters. It is an international notation method, I suppose.
    The next row corresponds to a record data of classification/a number of a card and information of a moving area. This data is basically generated by the freeware "Furiseru 1000" (which version is 1.11 and the management area has been extended to 10 million : As of Aug. 2009) and it is modified for an international use.
  • Ranking of degree of difficulty (Level)
    I distributed each deal to four ranks as listed below based on difficulty level. It must differ from the ranking depending on the players skill and experience degree.

      No star: Not difficult if you consider little more to solve
      : A tricky deal
      ★★: A deal to require more time to solve
      ★★★: A deal that is considerably lost in thought
      ★★★★: A deal of abstruseness very much


  • Steps
    The first number mentioned in Steps is the total number of steps (gross) which includes a program's  automatic moves of a card/cards, and the next number is net steps that a player moves cards.
    However, the program (Furiseru 1000, in Japanese) is designed so that it moves multiple cards at once (super move) if there are multiple empty columns and then by an original FreeCell, it may need two or more steps of movement by using an empty column. In this sense, unfortunately, some data made by the program has no full-compatibility with that of the standard program. For examples, please see #435, #6385, #6589 and #8651.
    In addition, the author made a effort to find a better solution that the gross steps is less than 110 and the net steps is less than 60 except specific featured deals.

  • References
    The author obtained good hints for some difficult deals from the website listed below. It is possible to find solution data up to #1,000,000.

  • Notation of a card position
    Three places of position information are shown in the photo below.


    Namely, a to d on the upper left are free cell area, the home area abbreviated by h or HO is the area that the program automatically mover cards here, and 1 to 8 columns (rows) all card aligned at the begining.
    The position of 1 to 8 are;
    * For an example, save the text file (1-8_Template.txt) and open this text file in rear of a FreeCell program for a use as a template.
    * Save the template image (FC_template_E.gif), and open the graphic in rear of the program.
    * Save the wallpaper (FC_temp_1024_E.gif, only for a resolution of 1024 X 768 dot) for templates under a directory of Windows and change a desktop screen of Windows to this image. (The reason why the FreeCell location is made shifted to right is to give a space to open the data page of this HP.)

  • Notation of card name and movement place
    The notation of each card consists of two figures with a card symbol and a number and a card symbol comes to the top.
    Symbol: C: Clubs, H: Hearts, S: Spades, D: , Diamonds
    Number: A: Ace, 2 to 10, J: Jack, Q: Queen, K: King
    A place is expressed by 2 characters which is abbreviation of English notation.
    Movement place: FC: Free cell, HO: home, EC: empty column

Please be careful to the following restrictions.

  • Data of movement position information data (left row)
    Please understand that the data is translated manually based on the program data (data of the right side) and there may be mistake(s).

  • Data of card classification/number and info of movement domain (right side row)
    The author deleted manually the data which the program moves card(s) automatically to home position from the data but the program takes a record of movement. Therefore, card names may be different when plural home movement occurred successively.

  • It is not allowed to use these data for business and copy without permission.

  • Feel free to hyperlink to this page.

[Additional Gain]

  • The author reached the target of 30000 deals on February 6, 2009.

  • The author cleared 32000 games that were a largest game number of the Windows 95 times on May 21, 2009.

  • The days needed to clear 30000 deals were about 3 years and 226 days and this gives that an average daily advance was more than 22 deals.

  • Only an average of 16 deals were progressed per a day when a season was good for outdoor activities but it became 25 games in a cold season.

  • Since the mean of total moving steps of cards including the automatic move by the program was 102 for 30000 deals, it is assumed that all games could be cleared by less than 100 steps.

  • It is saved all data from 20001 to the 38000 but it is judged that those will be useless on this website.

  • The progress speed after the 30001 will be slowed down and the next target is to reach #40000 for the time being. The progress is #39600 on July 22, 2010.

  • The data from #1 to #200 have been revised for shorter than 100 gross steps.

  • The data from #301 to #400 have been added newly. (April 2, 2010)

  • The data from #401 to #500 have been added newly. (April 16, 2010)

  • From the result of data making, it was confirmed that all of deal can definitely be cleared within 100 gross steps.

  • All data from #501 to #1000 have been added newly. (July 22, 2010) There is no plan to disclose all data for later than #1001.

  • Now, next target is set for #50000 and he will go step by step.

  • Added the "Summer Holiday Special" which contains unsolvable games and hidden games.

  • Updating data beyond #50000 will be terminated although the author Alechan will continue to play farther than #50000. (April 29, 2011)

  • Alechan is reviewing old data and some miss-interpolation of data have been found during the process. And it was found also new deals which better be listed. All of those are updated now up to #16000. In addition, #11982 which is one of the "Impossible To Solve" game has been reviewed. Right-click the text of "Open the text data for the FC PRO's Custom Game", left-click the [Save as a file (A)], and save the FC11982_Trick-1.txt file to the same directory of FreeCell Pro. Open this file on the "Custom Game" option and you could play the trick game. (June 1st, 2012)

  • Alechan pushed forward the review of data which had been disclosed after having cleared up to 50000 games. On that occasion, Alechan noticed that he did not save data except difficult solutions up to #20000, and he saved all data in this occasion of review. Then he took possession of the data of 50000 games which did not depend on computer analysis now. (May 29, 2013)

  • By the way, Windows 8 maintains the service application of FreeCell as one of XBox Games, however, the style has been changed completely. My gush! Therefore a player could not select a desired game number anymore. In order to enjoy the legacy FreeCell game of Windows XP, it is possible to copy / paste two files as described below if you are an official licensee of Windows XP and will not use it anymore (one computer - one software, please).
    Please note the following process shall be done on your risk and Alechan has no responsibility of any malfunctions or damage on your Windows 8.
    If you don't know well about a copy & paste of program files, Alechan would like to recommend you to use a free software on internet site.

    1) On Windows XP, open WINDOWS and system32 folder on C drive by the explorer.
    2) Find two files of cards.dll and freecell.exe.
    3) Copy and paste these files on a removable media.
    4) On Windows 8 and by opening the explorer, make a new folder under the root directory of C drive, its name will be FreeCell_XP as an example.
    5) Paste on the two files under the folder.
    6) Register the freecell.exe to the desk top if you wish to start the program by clicking the favorite icon.

  • The last update in this year was carried out. The author will offer review of data after #30001 from the next year.
    Best Wishes for you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (Dec. 22, 2013)

  • The solution data of difficult games from 38,000th to 40,000th has been reviewed and updated today. The owner of these data is 72 years old now, and the making of data of Free Cell games had ever been decided to be his life activity.
    Because a current state of his health is excellence, it seems that he is able to arrive to 50,000 in next year. (August 27, 2014)

December 25, 2007, By Alechan
(Updated: December 2, 2014)