How do the pictures described in the Suite "Pictures at an Exhibition" look like?

Only five pictures out of ten had been identified as the pictures drawn by Gartmann and described in the Suite "Pictures at an Exhibition" composed by Moussorgsky. An NHK TV crew organized by Ikuma Dan and Fumito Kondoh tried to seek for the rest pictures throughout in Russia 1992 after the removal of Berliner Wall. They published a book entitled "Pursuit of Moussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition' " and broadcasted the programme as an NHK Special. They did seem to succeed to find the rest 5 pictures with the highest possibility, travelling the country following small clues and inferring on bold postulation like a detective story.

Later on I met Mr.F.Kondoh whom I invited to a concert when I played the saxophone in an amateur orchestra to perform "Pictures at an Exhibition". He said he visited a number of schools, culture centers, and festivals in order to show their wonderful experience. But it did not seem that this type of experience would be appreciated as a music science because the value of the Suite "Pictures at an Exhibition" is independent of the original pictures. As an amateur music fan, however, I was very intrigued by the TV programme and by the book. I buried myself in the book, reading it repeatedly, and watched the video very often intensively. I came to the conclusion that there should be a lot of people in the world who will be fascinated by the story like myself.

Now let's start to explore the mysterious world of Hartmann and Moussorgsky (and Ravel, as well).