Limoges- Le Marché

Limoges is a central town in Haute Vienne prefecture and is located 400 km away from Paris to the south direction. On the list of the works at the exhibition there are about 70 sketches drawn in Limoges: " Limoges, the destroyed wall", "a cloister in Limoges and an woman 112 years old", "Limoges", "Sculptures beside a street", and so on. After all the NHK crew did not found any works entitled as "Limoges- Le Marché", but found a series of 14 sketches drawn with pencils. On the original music notes by Moussorgsky a sentence ought to be read as follows:

"Women were quarreling as hard as they would start to seize hold of each other at any moment."

The sketch on the second row left should be the one meant by this sentence. When Hartmann visited France after the French Revolution, the French ordinary people must have seemed to be glaring and completely different from the Russian slave peasants in the Empire.