MSMount for OS5


MSMount allow you to access palm applications and databases that are on the MemoryStick or SD card as if they are on the DRAM of Palm device. With this MSMount, an appliation that is not support Virtual File System can access to Memory Stick or SD card. You can move large databases (ex. dictionary) from DRAM of Palm device into MemoryStick and make much free space on device.


You can download from here.


Install MSDW.prc and MSMount.prc on your device. Make "/Palm/Programs/MSMount" folder on your card and copy applications and databases. Tap Prefs ICON and open MSMount panel. Enable button activate MSMount functionality.


First disable MSMount by tapping Disable button of MSMount panel at Prefs application. You can now delete MSMount from application launcher.


2004-11-01 Version 5: Release version

Tatsuo Nagamatsu