Topps Chewing Gum Cards




gRedh is what I want, gBlueh is what I have available for trade, gBlackh is what I have but canft trade. gPinkh is what I already have but want another of. gGreenh is what Ifm negotiating with a person about the card.

Notice: The cards I can provide are some bad condition for older. You can trade these cards for same seriesf card. (Topps Chewing gum cards)

Update 16 January 2009


Ifm thankful to Mr. H. K in Norway for these checklists


Topps 1975 (Redback)(Complete!)


Topps 1976 (Blueback)


Topps 1977 (Redback)


Topps 1978 (Orangeback)


Topps 1979 (Blueback)


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