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Eat a lot. Fart a lot. Produce a lot.

What is a fart?

Farts consist of 30 to 40% gas and 60 to 70% air. The air was inhaled by the mouth and the gas was made with the bacteria
which are in intestines. It is reported that people fart 5 to 20 times per day in average. The quantity is 1-2l liters.
However, this is not fixed at the difference in individual difference or food. A sweet potato which contains abundant starch, and a cabbage
which has many fibers increases the quantity of farts. 99% gas of a fart is gas called nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane
which occupies 99% does not have a smell. The stink is only 1% or less of gas. Ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide, Indole, Skatole.
These gas is produced when the bacteria in the large intestine disassemble protein. Interesting one is Indore.
If Skatole thins with great force, it will become the materials of a perfume. In the large intestine, there are 100 kinds of and no less than 100 trillion bacteria.
Abundant things of protein, such as legumes and meat cause a stinking fart especially.

Why does a fart make a sound?

The muscles of the anus is doing its best so that feces may not leak.
When feces come out, it opens greatly, and when a fart comes out, it opens a little.
If gas passes along the anus with sufficient vigor, membrane will vibrate and sound will come out.
The strength and loudness of the sound depend upon the passage speed of gas, and the quantity which comes out.
The number of a fart increases by the old person is due to the weakness of the anus muscles.