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  Welcome to Tadd's Photo Collection. Please feel free to browse, quote and link this page. This page is full of my experimental photos, full of colors, and full of seasons. Why did I post this page?
  First of all, I made this page for purpose of web photo experiments.
Second of all, I posted this page to seek your opinions.  Now that I'm just a beginner of digital photography , I'll be so happy if you give any suggestions or recommendations to me.

This Week     Jun. 10, 2006
  Before I Knew, about a month had passed since my last update. Season has changed and now it is beginning of rainy season, is my surprise. To my reglet, I've been kind of busy through May and had no time to shoot. After all, I couldn't update Tadd's Photo Collection at all.
  Last Saturday, I went to Kurihama City, where is the middle of Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Pref. This city is famous for a gigantic flower garden named Kurihama Hana-no-
-Kuni, means the kingdom of  flowers. I sometimes go there to shoot flowers in season. For instance, you can see a mountain of cosmoses from September to Novenber. Also you will be amazed at plenty of poppies  in April and May. But I cannot recommend you to visit there in Jun and October because more


     Here is Tadd's photo archive. A plenty of genres are stored here. Also genres versus months are sorted
    and listed in the "Gallery" table. One of these days, these photos will be sorted in order of lenses.



         Who I am ;
             I'm a resident of Yokohama city, in Japan. I've been a sort of engineer and am now in the beginning of
            middle aged. Frequentry I go to shoot whatever I love recently.
If anything, please e-mail me...