mod_sync, mod_dynloadbalance, mod_failover

mod_sync, mod_dynloadbalance, mod_failover are modules for Apache which provides respectively.

One can use these modules in the cases such as:

  1. Automatically taking the backup of a server
  2. Automatically updates a public server at a time (like midnight) by synchronizing with a backend test server.
  3. construct a semi mission critical system with weakly connected distribution server
  4. realize load balancing without expensive load balancer

mod_sync for Apache 1.3
mod_dynlaodbalance for Apache 1.3
mod_failover for Apache 1.3

mod_sync for Apache 2.0
mod_dynloadbalance for Apache 2.0
mod_failover for Apache 2.0

The development of this software is supported by Exploratory Software Project of Information-technology Promotion Agency.

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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.