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16th March 2008

Palden Tsering, Tibetan community in Japan

Tibetan Olympic Torch Relay, Tokyo Chapter

As the world prepare for 2008 August Beijing Olympic, Tibetans will be left out. Because their country has been occupied by China. Olympic represents peace, freedom and unity of all people living on this planet. Love, Freedom and democracy are inalienable right of all the people. China has been awarded with the prestige of hosting 2008 world Olympic, on a condition that China would improve the conduct of its regimeso as to live by the spirit of the Olympic.

The recent torture and the killing of the peaceful monks and laymen demonstrating for their rightful homeland in Tibet by the Chinese security force shows that the totalitarian regime is in no way ready to change its oppressive and brutal attitude toward those voicing human right and justice in the land.

We are not against Olympic in China. We also want peace and stability in China so that we could make 2008 Olympic a success. But we cannot let Olympic happen in a place, where spirit of the Olympic is besmeared; we cannot let anyone use Olympic to justify its cruel and illegitimate rule in any land.

We cannot remain oblivious to the sufferings of the people in Tibet. The land and the people of Tibet are considered to be most peaceful and religious, how can the humanity move forward if these people are left to live in terror and suffer just to please a brutal totalitarian regime?
How can we achieve a peaceful world, when the roof of the world is filled with the blood of people abiding by the teaching of non-violence and peace?

Recently, in one of his speech, Hu Jintao has said stability in Tibet is linked with the stability in the whole China. If he really thinks so, give Tibetan their rightful autonomy. Treat Dalai Lama and his delegations seriously, so that a lasting peace could be achieved in China. Dalai Lama has rightly said, "Peace cannot be imposed with a brutal force, it will not last long". China should not live behind the façade of stability; it should heed Dalai Lama's wisdom.

This Tibetan Olympic torch relay in Tokyo is a part of Tibetan Olympic due to be held on May 2008 in Dharamsala, India. It is initiated by the Tibetans in exile to show their love and respect to the spirit of Olympic. It originated from Dharamsala, it traveled to Australia, Taiwan, Tokyo, and it will go to US and some other countries around the world and back to Dharamsala. As it moves around the world, it will also highlight the paradox of 2008 Beijing Olympic; world's most respectful and peaceful sporting event in one of the most repressive and brutal country.

We therefore, urge the Chinese leaders look deeper into this Tibetan issue and give Tibetan people their rightful freedom and peace. We request the world community to support the Dalai Lama and his people in their struggle for peace, justice and freedom in Tibet. Lastly, just as Government of US, Canada and European unions have voiced their concern about recent killing and arrest of peaceful demonstrators in Tibet, we, all Tibetan Living in Japan, urge Japanese government to voice our concern to Chinese authorities immediately.

Tibetan community in Japan, Tokyo


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