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Peace March for Tibet

This March 10th is the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule. Every year in March TSNJ hosts a peace march to commemorate this and to appeal for peace and freedom in Tibet. This year's event is on March 14th, in Shibuya. Please come and join us and the Tibetans as we walk for Tibet.

This year falls on the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising and marks 1 year since the riots last March 3rd. The Tibetans are assuredly doing all they can at this difficult time. What you and I can do is to get as many people as possible to show their support for Tibet. We welcome every and all who will join us on the 14th!

Peace March for Tibet
The Tibetan Uprising happened on March 10th, 1959. Riots broke out in Lhasa and the Chinese military swiftly cracked down. H. H. the 14th Dalai Lama when into exile and the situation has continued until today. In remembrance of this event, and in an appeal for peace in freedom in Tibet, Peace Marches are taking place all over the world.

Event details

The dates and times may change so please check back before coming.

  • Date and time : March 14th, 2009 2PM
  • Place : Shibuya - Miyashita park Map
  • Planned course: Miyashita park -> Aoyama street -> Omotesando -> in front of Meijijingu -> Meijijingu street -> Miyashita park
    • 14:00 -> 14:30 Greetings, announcements and a recorded message from H H the 14th Dalai Lama
    • 14:30 -> 15:45 Peace march
    • 15:45 -> 16:00 Parting words, singing of the Tibetan national anthem, etc.


  • No pre-registration is necessary, everyone is free to join.
  • We are in need of event staff. Anyone willing or able to help as staff please let us know when you arrive.
  • If you can, try to bring a friend.
  • Don't forget to wear clothes and shoes that are easy to walk in. We will have flags and placards for those who wish to carry them.

Hosted by : TSNJ - Tibet Support Network Japan

Rally and demonstration in Tokyo during Hu Jintao's state visit to Japan

PR video for this rally (Thanks YUTA ARIMA)

This rally and demonstration is co-planned by the Save Tibet Network and TSNJ. Further details are available at the Save Tibet Network web pages (Japanese):

Updates: http://save-tibet-network.blogspot.com
Press Releases: http://save-tibet-network-pressrelease.blogspot.com


One month has passed since the violent suppression of the demonstrations that started in Lhasa on March 10th. Although the focus of Japan's news media has switched from "what is happening in Tibet" to "Olympic torch troubles", the situation in Tibet continues to worsen.

Under the facade of "public safety" many Temples and ethnic Tibetan residential areas have been sealed off. Without food or water there have begun to be deaths due to starvation. A young boy was gunned down while trying to bring food to family members in the hospital when he ventured outside. On top of house-to-house searches, people are forcibly incarcerated and tortured without as much as a single witness or warrant for arrest. Hundreds of monks are loaded onto trucks, imprisoned then shot. Forced reeducation (including corporal punishment and image trampling) is carried out at schools and temples, ethnic Tibetan schools are forcibly closed, and the use of armed force by the Chinese government, a clamp down on human rights and freedom of religion, has been getting worse since March.

So we, who are fortunate enough to live in Japan where we have freedom of expression, in the midst of this worsening situation need to speak out for the Tibetans who cannot do so in their own country. We must do this before Tibet vanishes.

On May 6th we will have a rally and demonstration. The reason for this is that it marks the first official state visit of Hu Jintao since the crackdown in Tibet that started in March. The world will be watching, so this is an excellent opportunity.

We welcome all those who love peace, democracy and know the importance of human rights. We want to make the demonstration on 5/6 as large as possible, so invite your friends.

Although there is a 1000 person limit where the rally is being held (Nihon Seinankan), so we would like as many people as possible to attend the demonstration at 14:30 (where there is no limit).

  • Time and date: May 6th (National Holiday)
  • Part 1 - Rally: Doors open at 11:30. Running time 12:30 ~ 14:00
    MC: DJ Morley Robertson (J-wave), Yukiko Ikeda (actress)
  • Part 2 - Demonstration: 14:30~
  • Part 3 - Candlelight vigil
  • Place: Nippon Seinenkan (just outside of Ginza line subway, Gaienmae exit)
  • Note:
    • There is a 1000 person limit. Entrance on a first-come basis.
    • For those who were unable to get in, please do not loiter around the Nippon Seinenkan area. Please wait nearby in Meiji Park. There are a number of flea markets there too.
    • You are also welcome to wait in a cafe in Aoyama street and join the Demonstration as it comes by.
  • Course: Meiji Park -> right along Gaienmae -> Aoyama street -> right along Omotesando -> Meijijingumae -> Olympic bridge -> Yoyogi park area B.
  • Note:
    • We will line up at Meiji park then start at 14:30
    • Those who were unable to get into the rally are welcome to join at this time
    • After arriving at Yoyogi park, there will be some closing comments made
    • We have reserved the Yoyogi park stage from 13:00 ~ 17:00, so feel free to use it

The Save Tibet Network is not an organization, but a network of individuals. Anyone is welcome to participate as an individual. The Save Tibet Network is planning a peaceful demonstration in a spirit of non-violence.

There are flyers here, please pass them out to your friends (JP): http://briefcase.yahoo.co.jp/bc/save_tibet_net/lst?&.dir=/8db5&.src=bc&.view=l

Candlelight March in Shibuya

This is a TSNJ independently planned candlelight march from Shibuya to Yoyogi.

Please come light a candle and walk with us in a spirit of peace.
Further details are on the TSNJ event calendar (click on the event on April 13th).

  • Time and date: April 13th (Sunday) Gathering time: 17:30 Ending time: 20:30 (around)
  • Meeting place: Miyashita Park, Shibuya
  • Map: http://tinyurl.com/6zblgo
  • Map (English) http://gmap.jp/shop-8731.html
  • Please bring:
    • Candle (+ empty bottle, paper cup, pet bottle with the bottom half cut to block the wind )
    • Written message of peace, picture, flowers, etc.
  • Content:

Update on Death Toll from Tibet demonstrations

While the most recent death toll from the demonstrations in Tibet is around 140, we are releasing the names and details of 40 identified people.

Since the start of the Demonstrations in Tibet on March 10, there has been a steady rise in the death toll. As the demonstrations continue to spread vastly to many areas in Tibet, the number of people who have died from the brutal military and police suppression during the peaceful demonstrations is astounding.

While we have confirmed information on the death toll from the demonstrations so far, it has been extremely difficult to get the details due to all the restrictions that have been imposed by Chinese authorities, especially since March 10th. The most recent death toll from the demonstrations in Tibet is around 140 and we are releasing the names and details of 40 identified people. While we do have reliable information on other individuals killed during the demonstrations, we are gathering more comprehensive information before we release more names from the death toll list.

We have reliable sources confirming the death of numerous individuals killed during the recent demonstrations; however, we are still in the process of gathering more details (such as name and place of residence). For instance, while we can confirm that during the protest in Dabpa County (Karze "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture," Sichuan province), an elderly person, a young girl and a boy were shot and killed by the Chinese military, further details are still being gathered.

Many of the dead bodies from the recent demonstrations are being turned into the People's Procuratorates instead of being returned to their respective families. This has also made it more difficult to gather details on the death toll.

>>list of Tibetan casualties
(Excel File * 37KB)

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チベット国旗An appeal for peace at the Chinese Embassy in Roppongi!
3/22 (Sat) Come demonstrate against violent suppression in Tibet!

  • Date: March 22nd, 2008 (Sat)
  • Demonstration at the Chinese Embassy: 12:00~12:30 (* 5 at a time, rotating)
  • Local demonstration: Gather - 13:00 / Meeting - 13:30~14:00 / March - 14:00+
  • Gathering spot: Mikawadai Park - Roppongi (Roppongi 4-2-27, Minatoku, Tokyo)
  • Local train stations: The closest subway station is Roppongi (Hibiya line and Ooedo Line). Go out exit #6, turn left and follow the main street for about 150m. The park is on the left. Alternatively, the Roppongi-itchome station is also close (about 500m from exit #1).
  • Planned march path : Roppongi -> West Azabu -> Kougai Park
  • Post demonstration location: Kougai Park (around 14:30)
  • The nearest station to Kougai Park is Hiroo (Hibiya line). Most people will use this station so just follow the crowd.
  • Hosted by: TSNJ (Tibet Support Network Japan)
    Also: "The Federation of Representatives for Considering the Tibet Problem" will participate

Everyone is welcome - Please come and help support freedom in Tibet!

Contact: tsnj2001@gmail.com

>>Tibetan Flag (print quality) (A4 Size/PDF/224KB) Tibetan Flag

>>Free Tibet Materials (print quality) (PDF)

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Let's get faxing!

Fax campaign for ending violent suppression in Tibet and allowing Tibetans in India and Nepal to peacefully protest

>> Email templates can be found on the blog.

Templates for the Let's get faxing! campaign
1 Cover page 1-protest-top.pdf
2 Full list of government addresses (J) / Statement by the Dalai Lama (J/E) 2-protest-02.pdf
3 Petition the Japanese government to put pressure on China / List of various Japanese political party offices 3-protest-japanesegov.pdf
4 Petition to the Japanese government (petition body text) (J) 4-protest-japanesegov.pdf
5 Fax petition to end the use of violent suppression for the Chinese Embassy (J) 5-protest-chinesegov-jp.pdf
6 Fax petitioning the end of the use of violent suppression for the Chinese Embassy (E) 6-protest-chinesegov.pdf
7 Fax pressuring the Indian government to allow Tibetans to peacefully march (J) 7-protest-india-jp.pdf
8 Fax pressuring the Indian government to allow Tibetans to peacefully march (E) 8-protest-india.pdf
9 Fax pressuring the Nepalese government to allow Tibetans to peacefully demonstrate (J) NEW!! 9-protest-nepal-jp.pdf
10 Fax pressuring the Nepalese government to allow Tibetans to peacefully demonstrate (E) NEW!! 10-protest-nepal.pdf

0 All 8 parts in a single pdf signatureobtaining.pdf (3.8MB)
Warning The single pdf download does not have parts 9 and 10. Please download these separately.


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