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↑↓These photos were taken at a demonstration at the Ogaki City Festival, Japan

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〜Nunchaku & SSR〜

Nunchaku is one of the Weapons that is used in Karate. Karate originated in Okinawa about 600 years ago. It was developed by the local people as protection against the "Outsiders". The techniques at that time were kept discreet, by using farm tools, and were done alone. This was how the "KATA" began. These techniques were used as protection against others, and are still being used today. Most people believe that Bruce Lee was the founder of the Nunchaku. Actually, he was the person who made it famous worldwide. Bruce Lee even said that his Nunchaku technique did not originate from Karate, but from a South-East Asian Martial Art.
SSR Nunchaku style is a combination of Traditional Japanese Nunchaku techniques (Position & Blocking), & Bruce Lee's dynamic speed & attacking techniques. At the bottom of the page, are some Intermediate (One hand) & Advanced (Both hands) demonstratoins on media files. Please feel free to have a look.

SUPER HERO BRUCE LEE ! Left & Right: Scene from " THE WAY OF THE DRAGON" 〜This video is courtesy of "YOUTUBE"〜


The most important thing when using the Nunchaku is the Grip. Never hold the Nunchaku towards the end of the stick. the best place to hold it is the top towards the chain. Let me teach you some good hints. When you grip the nunchaku, never put any strength in the middle part of your hand. More strength in the upper & lower part of the hand makes it easier to manoeuvre.

When you first learn the Nunchaku, you will find it very difficult, and you will notice that you need to use alot of force. As you get used to it, you dont need as much force, it just flows naturally. Anyone can learn how to use the Nunchaku, the only thing you need is CONCENTRATION.
Before learning the Nunchaku, there are some exercises that will help you improve your technique. Our Beginners balance on their Knees & fists on a soft surface, some attempt to do push-ups. Our Intermediate practitioners balance on their fists, or attemp push-ups on a soft surface. Our Advanced practitioners do push-ups on their fists on top of concrete. This is done to help their grip, muscle development & control.
Let me teach you some Nunchaku techniques.


Please look at the photos below.

I will explain from left to right. The first picture is showing the "Relaxed Position". Kicking can also be used in this position.
The centre photo is called "Blocking Position". This is used to block or guard the attacker, however this is not really useful to attack back.
The last photo is called "Basic Position". This can be used both for attacking & protecting.
I will now teach you the basic movement for the "Basic Position". Please take a close look at the picture. The right hand is on top of the shoulder, and the left hand is below the arm. To move to the left shoulder, put the left arm on the top and the right arm on the bottom. Basically like a figure 8 movement. Continue this until you can do it confidently. As you improve you can also increase the speed. Once you can do this, you have a basic understanding of Nunchaku techniques.


Using Nunchaku is different for Self Defense & Kata. When you use Nunchaku for Kata, you can swing the nunchaku back & forth with no problem. However, with Self defense, its totally different. When you hit a target with nunchaku, you must make sure its a hard surface, like a joint, otherwise, it will just rebound. If you hit a hard target, there is a chance it will break.


Let me introduce to you the weak points on the body while using Nunchaku.

  • Head & Face(Attacking the side, from the top or from behind the head)  
  • Neck(Attacking the side of the neck & the throat) 
  • Collar Bone(Smashing the collarbone from the top) 
  • Chest (Flick or smash from the top) 
  • Spine(From behind) 
  • Ribs(From the side) 
  • Top of the Hand(Able to attack from any angle) 
  • Fingers(Able to attack from any angle) 
  • Wrist(Able to attack from any angle) 
  • Elbow(From the side) 
  • Hip Joint(From the side) 
  • Groin(Flick up) 
  • Knee Cap(From the side or the front) 
  • Shin(From the side or the front) 
  • Ankle(From the side) 
  • Foot(Smash down) 

When using the Nunchaku as self defense, you should think "hit to knock down" some of the best places to hit are, the face, head, hands, elbows, shin & knee cap.The Hands, shin & knee cap are almost guaranteed to break if you hit them hard enough.The nunchaku can be a lethal weapon if not used wisely. When using the Nunchaku, please consider the environment around you, and the law.


The Flick is basically the "The Jab" of Nunchaku. These techniques are used in narrow places. Hold one stick in your hand, and one stick under your armpit. Please look at the far left picture. Flick the the stick from your armpit into a circular motion, back to the starting position. Speed is the most important thing for this technique. Please see the photos below.

〜Inside & Outside Techniques〜

Outside to Inside - Hold the Nunchaku in the "Relaxed Position", then flick from your armpit to the outside, as if you want to swing your arm to hit the person next to you. This technique is helpful to keep your distance away from the attacker.
Inside to Outside - Hold the Nunchaku in the "Basic Position" and flick the nunchaku from the outside to the inside, as if you were going to chop the neck like an axe. This is very good for attacking, the head or the side. Remember to concentrate on your breathing.


From the "Basic Position" flick the Nunchaku as if you were going to chop wood with an axe, then return to the beginning position. This is good to hit the Skull, Collarbone or the hand. One good exercise to practise, is to place a cushion on a high surface, and just keep hitting & returning to the beginning, or just hit the target. This is good for muscle control.


Starting from the "Basic Position" Spin the Nunchaku once anti-clockwise, then hit down towards the hip. Please be careful not to hit yourself on the head. This technique is used for exercise purposes only, and it not useful for self defense. This helps you to improve control.

〜This video is courtesy of "YOUTUBE"〜

Here is a play by play commentary of a scene from Bruce Lee's movie.

First,"THE WAY OF THE DRAGON."( Video on Left )

1.Attackers coming - Bruce Lee waiting

2.Demo - Right hand - Back flick, Front flick, Back flick, Front flick,then Relaxed position 
(DBL= Double ,SGL= Single )

3.More attackers coming - Bruce, Demo - Left hand - Back flick, Relaxed position.

4. 2 attackers come from front, knock down with Front flick.

5.Attackers come from right side: hit with Inside Flick.

6.Attackers come from left side: hit with Inside Flick.

7.Attackers come from all sides: hit with Inside Flick (Double handed)

8.Demo - DBL Double Front flick, Double Back flick, Relaxed position

9.Attackers from front, Front flick then Inside Flick

10.2 attackers with sticks - Bruce hits on the way through, then hits the other guys stick,
knocks it to the ground, and then Outside flick to the head.

11.Demo - DBL Front Flick, DBL Back flick

12.Attacker from behind, tries to stand up. Back Flick to the head.

13.1st attacker on right, Inside Flick

14.2nd attacker, Front Flick

15.3rd attacker, Outside Flick

16.4th attacker, Front Flick

17.5th attacker, Inside Flick

18.6th attacker, Inside Flick

19.7th attacker, Inside Flick while rotating body.

All get knocked down.

20.Demo - Back Flick, DBL Front Flick, Relaxed Position

21.Change to SGL handed Nunchaku

22.Demo - Back Flick, DBL front Flick,Back Flick, DBL front Flick, Back Flick, Relaxed Position.

23.Attackers from behind Inside Flick to green shirt guy, then Left Side Kick to other guy.

24.Overhead Flick to green shirt guy again to knock down, another Inside flick to other guy to knock him down.

25.L-Block - Block the attackers stick with L-Block to knock it down, then Front Flick to head to knock attacker down

26.Basic Position. Guy with knofe tries to attack. Bruce fakes, then makes a sharp Inside Flick
to the body then whack him on the back to knock him down.

27.Demo - Back Flick, DBL Front Flick

28.Bruce Swing Nunchaku around waist

29.Guy with knife comes up. Back Flick using Backhand grip.

30.Bruce Change his grip, Inside Flick, Front Flick, Relaxed Position

31.Guy tossing knife tried to attack him, hit knife down, Low Kick to leg, Left Back Spin Kick to the head to knock him down.

32.Another guy with knife, slowly aim to head then Front Flick.

33.Upper Block to guy with Baton, hit body, and then face with the handle of the Nunchaku

34.Gang Leader tried to stab him with a stick, Middle Block to the stick to knock down stick, High Kick to head, to knock him down.

35.Gang leader picked up Nunchaku, Bruce pauses, fakes, then over Head Flick to the head to knock him down.



To Master the Nunchaku, you must be able to do it with all natrual movement, basically being able to do it with your eyes closed. Also, should be able to do other techniques a the same time. A master can also hit a target less than 1 cm tall with ease. Another thing they must master is how to protect others from attackers (Crime simulation techniques).

And if you interested about Japan also CLICK HERE

Nunchaku can be a lethal weapon if not used correctly. Please check your local area laws, because possesion of Nunchaku is illegal in some areas. SSR TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY WRONG DOING CAUSED.

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