the world"s first of earn new SNS, fully explain the registration method of Tsu!

remarks to the SNS earn been "Tsu"

has been running a general SNS in advertising revenue as profit.
And Tsu also has earned the advertising revenue in the same way.

But there is one different one side to Tsu.
It is the distribution of revenue to the user.

Its distribution rate as high as 90%,
User will be able to receive a high reduction.

Twitter, Facebook, and easy to use as Tunblr,
You can make money while having fun.

How the account registration

Tsu has way of account registration is defined in,
Can not be registered with the invitation is not.

Is a complete invitation.

If you try to temporarily register from the top page, and
Invitation code is found, it can not be registered.

Because it is,
I will prepare my invitation page.

Please complete the registration from this link.

account registration Item Description

first page

Is there are more that are available in the real name, but it is also possible in the handle name.

Is the user name. It becomes part of their URL.

Is the email address.

Is gender. Male if male, is female if women.

Birth Date
Is date of birth.

Is the password.

Page 2

Profile Picture
This is a thumbnail that represents yourself.

Cover Picture
This is the background image of their pages.

It is a self-introduction of sentence.

Phone later
It is OK in the blank.

3 and subsequent pages


mail authentication

Open the mailbox,
"Verify my email"
Click to will the completion of registration.

Tsu Welcome to the world!

Now you are also a member of the Tsu.
You can earn income by to speak something.

world"s first of earn new SNS, fully explain the registration method of Tsu!