10 Steps for Buying -
guide for Minemai's CD buyers.

You are now able to buy Minemai's CD from amazon.co.jp, secured online shop even if you are not living in Japan.

This page will guide you how to buy her CD from Amazon.co.jp. Not to worry about Japanese language. With this page, buying her CD cannot be easier!

Currently the CD costs JPY2100 and shipping will be between JPY700-800 (subject to change without prior notification). With using current ROE, it will be somewhere around EUR20 or USD22.

Step 1

Access to Amazon.co.jp fromhere (New window will leads you to directly amazon.co.jp)

Step 2

You should be able to see the same page as above screenshot in newly opened window.Click ADD TO SHOPPING CART (as marked)

Step 3

Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT (as marked)

Step 4

Enter your e-mail address and tick "I am a new customer"

Step 5


Step 6

Enter your address and click "DELIVER TO THIS ADDRESS"

Step 7

Enter your credit card details.

[TIP] Simply enter your fullname again in "Furigana" column.

Step 8


Step 9

Check your order details then click CONFIRM ORDER

Step 10

Congraturations! Your order has now been placed.

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