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马连道 is spelled as "Maliandao" but pronunciation is "Maliendao" in Chinese.

Price indicated in this page is price of 500g's (1 Jin).


Maliandao(马连道) Overview


Maliandao street in Beijing is the biggest tea market in North China. This 1500m street has more than 1000 of tea shops, from all over the China. More than 3000 kinds of tea leaves are available on market . The price of tea leaves is 20 - 40 % cheaper than from other places in the city. One can not only buy tea leaves but also one can find a plethora of teapots and tea sets on sale.

Most of shops there are family-run. Only 2-3 people are working on each shops.



Maliandao is located about 600m south of Beijing West Station (北京西站).

Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to get there. All taxi drivers in Beijing know Maliandao.

Ask driver to bring you to the front of the "Carrefour(家乐福)" super market, which is next to the Maliandao-Tea-city (马连道茶城).


Taxi Fares: (with no traffic)

- Less than 15RMB from Junshi bowuguan (军事博物馆) on subway line1.

- Less than 20RMB from Chang chun jie (长椿街) on subway line2.

- Less than 40RMB from  Guomao (国贸) area.


It is about 15 minutes walk from south gate of Beijing West Station.


Check Google Earth! :

39° 52' 56 N   116° 19' 12 E  (Maliandao-Tea-city 马连道茶城)

39° 53' 36 N   116° 18' 54 E  (Beijing West Station 北京西駅)


Tea cities

There are so many shops along these streets. Moreover, there are also several "Tea cities" which have many small shops within the building/area.  

The following pictures are the two of Tea-city buildings, which inside houses 100-200 shops. 


I personally prefer shop in Tea cities. I like atmosphere of Beijing Tea Cooperation Tea city (北京茶叶总公司). Many of shop owners have so much knowledge about their tea and tea in general, and kind to teach you about tea.


Most of Tea cities open at latest 8:30 close 18:30.

Somes shops in Chayuan Tea City (茶缘茶城) open from 7:00 to 22:00.



Maliando-Tea-city 马连道茶城

Jingmin-Tea-city 京闽茶城




15 Maliandao Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing

北京市宣武区马连道15号 马连道茶城


11 Maliandao Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing

北京市宣武区马连道11号 京闽茶城




Tealeaf, Tea pot, Tea set








Tea pot, Tea set


Tealeaf, Tea pot, Tea set







 Intoroduction of some shops

<Xingtai Chahang (兴泰茶行)>

Jingmin Tea City, B1#9   京闽茶城 地下一层9号

Phone: 010-51938739

They are specialized in:

- Yongchun Foshou(永春佛手)

- Anxi Tieguanyin (安溪铁观音)

- Dongfang Meiren/Oriental Beauty (东方美人) etc


Owner of the shop said there are not many shop selling Yongchun Foshou in Beijing. It is one of Oolong tea. I bought 120RMB's.


My tea teacher introduced this shop to me as one of reliable shops. The owner is very kind.


<I forgot to take note of their name>

Beijing Tea Corporation Tea City 1F  总公司茶城一层


They are specialized in: - Anji Baicha (安吉白茶)


They have many grade of Anji Baicha, from 100RMB to 1200 RMB.  

Owner of the shop told me many interesting story about Anji Baicha. About transportation cost, using airplane to carry tea leaves from Anji(near Shanghai) to Beijing costs 6RMB/500g (takes 1 day), using train costs 1.5RMB (3days). But the price of the tea in Beijing is lower than in Shanghai. Because in Shanghai area, this tea is famous and known as good tea so people are eager to buy it. But in Beijing, this tea is not known so much yet. So price is set to lower.

<Beijing Bailin Qianhua Chahang


Qingxi Tea Market B-7 青溪茶叶市场  B-7号   

Phone: 010-6344-6990

They are specialized in: Tea from non tea tree (non Camellia sinensis)

I was so impressed by wide variety of tea type and their color. They carry many grades of Kuding Cha (苦丁茶).