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Come to my plog! Come to my plog! Come to my plog!
Come to my plog! Come to my plog! Come to my plog!
Tin giao thong : moi thang nuoc ta mat di hon 1.000 nguoi (phan lon la khoe manh, dang do tuoi lao dong) trong cac vu tai nan giao thong. Nhung do dang la thuc te nhuc nhoi. Ngoai 36 nguoi chet moi ngay. Trong giai doan 2006-2010, tong luong xe may luu hanh tren toan quoc se len toi 17 trieu chiec, dat binh quan 6 nguoi/xe.Tin dan so : Theo thong ke nam 2004, Do tuoi tu 0 den 39 la 71%, Do tuoi tre con 0 den 14 la 28%, Do tuoi lao dong 15 den 59 la 63%, Nguoi gia chiem 60 den 60+ chiem 9%. Dien tich Ha Noi : Dien tich cua thu do Ha Noi chinh thuc tang gap ba lan va dan so tang gap hai lan hom qua thu Sau, tro thanh mot thanh pho voi 6 trieu 2 dan. Tuoi tho nguoi Viet Nam : Theo ket qua khao sat duoc Tong cuc Thong ke cong bo hom qua (1/12), tuoi tho trung binh cua nguoi Viet Nam hien nay la tren 72 tuoi, phu nu cao hon nam gioi 4-5 tuoi.
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I am Hung, studied in English-Japanese department at Hanoi University, Km9 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi capital, Vietnam.

Now I am a
Japanese Tour Guide and Interpreter. As a Tour Guide, this Jobs can help me to understand very much about History, Economic, Cultural, Social of Vietnam and Japan. It is very interesting job. As a Japanese Interpreter, I am a bridge to connect between Vietnam and Japan, to now many business partners come to Vietnam to find investable chance. I am very pleased to be a Interpreter to introduce to Japanese partners, for this reason I can study very much from both of sides..

If you want to find a Tour Guide, a Business Guide, a Interpreter, You can
contact to me directly follow my mobile : (00-84)915566770. If you are in Viet Nam, only dial 0915566770.

You can refer to some tours on this website before deciding
You can send short mail or attachment file for me here..
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