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Movie shooting has shifted to digital from the film.

Let's introduce the digital camera of the topic here.


It takes a motion picture of the DSLR.

Test roll of the 5D mark2.

Canon enters into movie apparatus industry!
Canon EOS C300

8k CmosSensor/SRmemory 16bitRaw 4K/120psHD

The latest of Camera from ARRI,QT(Apple ProRes)


RED EPIC image quality was achieved 5K.
You can shoot at 300 frames in HD.

From the debut work ・・・
Even a recent work is a thing likes for myself.

Animation is seen. Clay animation produced in companion

City of sasayama

"Movie KAMIHATE SHOUTEN"D:Kiyo Yamamoto/DP:Shinji Ogawa/Lighting Director:Shuji Kurata

"a trailer of KAMIHATE"

"TOYOBO STORY"D:Kazuhiro Matsuyasu/DP:Shuji Kurata

"NG HEAD PV HEAD LINE "D:Sachi Sawada/DP:Shuji Kurata

"TENKA IPPIN"D:Yoshiyuki Oda/DP:Shuji Kurata

"Kintetsu 2016Shutoken CM"D:Takeaki Matsuo/DP:Shuji Kurata(JSC)

Promotion cram school[The first time open college]

An open college and the entering briefing are held on Saturday, November 13, 2010.

Please see this site about interested one in take the motion picture.

You tube 3D "Karakurisan of Kyoto machiya"

It takes a picture and it edits it with a 3DA1 and FCP of making by oneself.

Supervision Fujio Morita

/DoP Shuji Kurata/Director Takeshi Fujita

"Karakurisan" is Wind-up doll kyoto's Machiya, traditional (merchant's) houses had between width 18feet. Summer is hot and winter is cold. it is the climate of Kyoto. Because it is a basin. Kyoto was a center of Japan for a long time. A lot of people lived in Kyoto. The person with high position lived in the roomy house. However, the people lived in the house where depth with narrow width was long. Such a house is called KYOMACHIYA. It is translated into Kyoto 's Merchant Houses in English. Moreover, the house has the small garden that is called TSUBONIWA at the center of the house. TSUBONIWA is translated into "Courtyard Gardens". The girl introduces the house of such a tradition by 3D.

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