azone pureneemo: purella magica - madoka
size in: 27cm 1/6
release date: Feb2012
price: SGD298.00
stock: available
azone pureneemo: anohana - menma
size in: 27cm 1/6
release date: na
price: SGD220.00
stock: available
azone pureneemo: railgun - misaka mikoto
size in: 27cm 1/6
release date: na
price: SGD270.00
stock: available
azone pureneemo: k-on! - hirasawa ui
size in: 27cm 1/6
release date: na
price: SGD260.00
stock: available
azone pureneemo: strike witches - sanya v.litvyak
size in: 27cm 1/6
release date: na
price: SGD250.00 now SGD220.00
stock: available
Obitsu 25cm 1/6 Doll Body (S/M bust - Natural White)
size in: Azone, Obitsu, Mamachapp 1/6
comes with: Main body and Hand & Neck parts
price: SGD30
stock: available (view (m)bust type)
secret fantasy - showsDoll limited one-off
size in: YoSD 1/6
comes with: head dress, kimono/lolita top, obi, skirt and leggings
price: SGD80
stock: Coming Soon (view details)
black bow - DDdy casual one-piece w/ leggings
size in: 60cm 1/3 (DDLbust, DDdy, AZ60Lbust)
comes with: head dress, one-piece dress, waist belt and leggings
price: SGD80
stock: available
azone60cm shima pantsu
size in: 60cm 1/3
release date: Nov 2010
price: SGD15.00
stock: available (pink/babyblue)


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