March 3, 2002

    We sailed all the day towards Shanghai. According to my GPS, our ship reached near the mouth of the Yangzi River at the time of breakfast. The sea water was already yellowish because of the silt, and we met increased number of ships. We felt that Shanghai was not far but the schedule said it would take whole the day to get there. It took indeed. By the time of lunch, we saw both banks of the river, and the water became very muddy. We could not but be marvelled at the amount of silt from the river. The ship sailed 70km upstream in the Yangzi River and then sailed 30km in a branch to come alongside Shanghai Gao Yang Wharf at 7pm. The ship did only about 10km/hr in the last 50 km. It was too slow even if the flow speed of the river was counted. Probably it was for safety on the water with so many ships.

    Shig attended two lectures, while Sue went to a cake class and said she could do it by herself.

    To Shig's surprise, one of the lecturers was Mr. John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple, whom Shig met in Toshiba. It was guessed from his comments that he embarked somewhere in Japan and would disembark in Hong Kong, and that he was invited to the cruise in addition to the honorarium. The lecture was eye-opening. Shig saw his smartness again after so many years.

    The other lecture by an American was on the history of China, without much new information for me except one thing. Since 1949 when Communist China was established, its objectives have been consistent. They are Respect, Borders, No interferance and Trade.

    At 7pm when the ship came alongside, Chinese officials boarded and checked all the passports before we were allowed to land at 8:20pm. We took a shuttle bus to come to Friendship Shopping Center. It was supposed to be closed at 9:30pm, but kept opened until 11:30pm, specifically for our ship. We were impressed by coexistance of such flexibility and communism. Many passengers bought a lot. Labor-intensive products like embroidery and beadwork looked less expensive, although we didn't buy any. We just took Chinese noodles there and returned to the ship.



驚いたことに昔会ったことがある元Apple社長のJohn Sculley氏が講演した。多分日本のどこかから乗って香港で下船する間無料でかつ講師料を払っているように口ぶりから理解した。さすが講演は素晴らしかった。今米国経済は回復の兆しがあるというが企業人の誰に聞いても回復は見えないと言っている。これは経済が伝統企業を離れつつあるからだ。これからはVirtual Companyの時代だ。HPは世界のプリンタの70%の高シェアを占め、HPの利益の2/3を稼いでいるが、HP自身は製造も保守もしていない。Dellも似た面がある。これからの経済の主流は、業務規定と組織がしっかりした会社ではなく、変幻自在なProject Team + Outsourceだと。だから当然私は手をあげて、そりゃ分かったけどVirtual Companyのブランドや工業所有権やノウハウは守るに難い、すぐ真似できる、どうやって生存するんだ、と質問した。「非常に良い質問だ」とお世辞を言って、守るのは難しいからスピードで攻めるんだと答えた。彼の頭のキレを久しぶりで感じた。



March 4, 2002

    We got up rather early to get on a 4 hour sightseeing bus at 8:30am. The bus went through Shanghai streets to the newly developed east side of the river, where Oriental Pearl TV Tower stands, to visit the tallest building in China, the Jin Mao Tower. On the highest 88th floor is the observation floor to look over Shanghai City.

    Then the bus stopped at Shanghai Arts and Crafts Factory. Two foors there were shopping centers. Shig bought an elaborate cut paper artwork of a peacock for $ 22. Sue was more interested in the floor of Cashmere products brought from Mongolian Province, and bought a sweater for $ 38 and a scarf for $ 58.

    Then we visited a Buddhist temple featured by a 6 foot white Burma jade Buddha. It was said to be the most famous and busiest temple in south China.

    The ship left Shanghai at 1pm and took 5 hours again to navigate out of the Yanzi River to the open sea for Hong Kong.

    It was an "informal" evening today. Shig wore colored shirts with a turquoise loop tie and Sue had a grey pants suit. We sat together with Robyn again, and with the former Smithonian Zoo Director Mike & Boby from Florida, and with Stewart Smith from South Calorina. Sue and Shig took pasta dishes.


 それからバスは上海工芸美術廠に行った。廠というからには伝統工芸作品を作っているのだろうが、我々が入ったのはその作品を販売するショッピングセンタだった。切り絵、刺繍、刻印、絵などを売っていて、重悳は孔雀の切り絵を $ 22で購入した。スミヱは内蒙古から仕入れたカシミア製品にもっと興味があって、グラデーションのあるスカーフ $58、紫のセータ $38を購入した。



 今日はInformalの日だったので、重悳は色シャツにトルコ石のループタイ、スミエはグレイのパンツスーツで出掛けた。夕食で同席したのは、再びのRobyn、Smithonian動物園長を昨年72歳で退職してFloridaに引っ越したというMike & Boby、頭を使ってると健康で居られるよというSouth Carolinaの88歳のStewart Smithだった。スミヱも重悳もパスタを夕食とした。

March 5, 2002

    When the day broke, the ship was cruising south along the seashore of China still between Shanghai and Taiwan. It was foggy and the ship was blowing whistles regularly. The sea water was not muddy any more and more blue. But apparently its color was much lighter than, and quite different from, that of Kuroshio current. No wonder that Kuroshio currrent was called so, literally "black current".

    Shig attended two more lectrures by the same lecturers as an March 3, Mr. John Sculley and Mr. William Stubbs, an retired official for the State Dept.

    Because Internet connection of my PC in my room doesn't yet work very well, I opened an account in the library after all. The system introduced only recently at Los Angeles was found much more convenient. I got "" shared by Shig and Sue, and we can now send and receive emails. But Japanese emails can not be received, or uploading to the home page can not be done. The first email I sent through this system was a request to our son Aiki to forward our apology to our friends that "" wouldn't work practically but that "" would work instead.

    The dress code was "Formal" this evening for the second time for us. Sue wore whitish kimono with a black belt. We dined with a retired newspaper executive Mr. George (Gene) McDavid and Betty from Houston, TX, and a US redcross executive Mrs. Roanne Coplin and Lawrence (Lory) from the west coast of Florida. It was Betty's birthday. Unfortunately no birthday cake was provided in time, but Gene gave her a seemingly expensive blue topaz ring during the dinner and she was very much touched. Shig ate shrimp and beef, after so many months, and Sue took fish.

    The show this evening was by a world-famous pianist Mr. Tian Jiang from Shanghai. We were so impressed that we went immediately to the boutique but his CD was not there. Sue sent emails in the library while still wearing kimono. Combination of kimono and PC was interesting.


 重悳は、3月3日と同じ顔ぶれの講師による2つの講義を聞いた。Mr. John Sculleyと、国務省を引退したMr. William Stubbsだ。

部屋のPCをInternetに接続することがまだ実用的にならないので、ついに図書室にemailアカウントを開いて貰った。予めパンフで知らされていたのとは異なり、Los Angeles以降新しく導入されたシステムはずっと使い勝手が向上していて、""でemailを送受できる。但し日本語は駄目だし、Home頁へのUploadもできない。最初に送ったemailは、ごめんなさい、""は使えません、代わりに""にして、というメッセージを東京の息子愛輝に頼んで同報で転送してもらうことだった。アドレス帳・同報は使えないか、添付ファイルは使えるのか、などまだ調査が必要だが、とりあえず最小限の送受はできてホッとした。

 Beauty salonに予約して行ったスミヱは、黒人男性の美容師に高々と髪を結い上げられた。米国流の髪と和服の組み合わせだ。昼食ではFloridaから来たShirley Grobenと一緒になった。がんこで強いおばさんらしかった。

 2度目のFormalで、スミヱは白っぽいかきつばたの模様の着物に黒っぽい帯をつけた。新聞業界から引退したHoustonのGene & Betty、米国赤十字の重鎮というFlorida西海岸のRoanne & Loryと一緒になった。Geneが席上Bettyの誕生日のお祝いに高そうなBlue Topazの指輪を贈り、Bettyは泣きそうになった。なぜか誕生ケーキは間に合わなかったようだが。重悳は久しぶりに牛肉と海老、スミヱは魚を食べた。

 今夜のショーは上海出身で世界的に活躍しているピアニストMr. Tian Jiangで、感心して売店に行ったがCDは売っていなかった。スミヱは着物のまま図書室でPCの前に座りemailを打った。着物とPCの取り合わせが面白かった。

'02/ 3/ 3 正装    初めて正装のディナに出席した。
'02/ 3/ 4 老人パワー    乗客は老人パワー全開だった。

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