April 2, 2002

    As anticipated, the swell had been changed by this morning as the ship sailed away from Madagascar. The swell was now coming from south south east or south east. But fortunately the height of the swell was much smaller. Probably the low pressure which generated the swell must have subsided. Sue and Shig walked around the deck for half an hour in the morning sunshine watching the 360 degree horizon, on which only one other ship was seen afar, and a bird persistently following the ship.

    What is the swell ? The wind creates waves. For a certainreason, the energy of wave components of higher frequencies (shorter wave lengths) is transferred to the energy in those of lower frequencies. As a result, when waves of complex forms or of many frequency components are created and grow under the wind, the waves grow with more and more low frequency components. As the waves propagate out of the windy area, only the lower frequency (longer wave length) components survive. We call this propagated long wave the swell. As the swell propagates further, the height of the swell will decline but the wave length will increase.

    In the afternoon, "Country Fair" was held at the pool side. In the States, a country fair or county fair is held with stall shops, many of which offer games to play. It was replicated on board. Crew members of each section presented some kind of games to play for $2. The $2 bills for this purpose as well as $10 or $20 bills for prizes were toy bills with pictures of crew officers. Those bills were good for lottery to claim prize goods. Beauty salon members offerred a shooting gallery with a gun of water spray. Handsome entertainment members offerred a kiss game. A guest sat with a blindfold. Entertainers of the opposite sex made a circle around and one of them kissed the guest. Then the guest was supposed to guess who kissed the guest. It was an interesting plan to have passengers enjoy the cruise.

    In the evening, we were invited to a tour into galley, which means the kitchen of the ship. Everything was big and clean. Sue enjoyed herself very much and remembered the kitchen in the Imperial Hotel for which she was working when young.

    In the evening of "Informal" attires, we dined with Bill & Margaret again, and Katie & Joan again. Sue took pasta and Shig ate lamb.

    After the dinner, the show tonight was by talented passengers. Most performers sang songs except that some dances were included. Shig thought that only a couple of them were better singers than himself, but his problem was that he could not sing those songs which the orchestra could play and vice versa. Shig regretted that he did not prepare some English songs as a part of preparation for the cruise.


 そもそも「うねり」とは何か? 風が波を起こす。なぜだか説明できないのだが、波の高い周波数成分(短波長成分)のエネルギーが低い周波数成分のエネルギーに転換され移行するのだそうだ。その結果、風の下で複雑な波形の波、つまり色々な周波数成分を含む波が生成され成長する過程では、波は段々低い周波数成分が増加する形で成長する。波が風の領域を離れて伝播する場合には、低い周波数成分(長い波長成分)だけが生き残る。この長波長の伝播波を我々は「うねり」と呼ぶ。うねりが更に伝播すると、波高は減衰するが波長はますます長くなる。今日は目測で波高3m、波長50mほどのうねりに揉まれているが、時には地球を半周するくらいの距離を伝播し、波長は200mにも及ぶことがあるという。

 午後はプールサイドでCountry Fairが行われた。米国でCountry FairとかCounty Fairというと、露店が並びその多くが何らかのゲームを有料で提供し賞品を出す。それを船上で再現した。乗務員が担当部門ごとに1回$2で行う何らかのゲームを提供した。このための$2札も賞品の$10札$20札も、船のOfficerの顔写真が入ったおもちゃの札で、溜まると抽選で品物が当たる。Beauty Salon担当メンバは、水の噴霧器を改良して作った水鉄砲の射的場を用意した。カッコいいタレントが揃ったEntertainment担当はKiss Gameを提供した。客が目隠しをして座ると、客とは逆の性別のメンバが数人輪をつくりその一人が客にKissをする。客は誰がKissをしたかを当てるというゲームだ。こういうゲームが十数コーナ並んだ。乗客を楽しませる面白い企画だ。


 "Informal"の日で、再びBill & Margaret、再びKatie & Joanと一緒になった。スミヱはパスタを、重悳はラムを食べた。


April 3, 2002

    The swell had subsided and it was a comfortable morning with a lot of sunshine. The ship was scheduled to dock at Richard's Bay at 1 pm, but probably because of the lunch time, the pilots didn't come to the ship until 2pm. They came with a helicopter and roped down to the ship. Then the ship began to sail into Richard's Bay in the north east portion of Republic of South Africa, the entrance to Zululand. Male and female youngsters on the pier welcomed the ship with Zulu costume and dances.

    Two buses took us 48 people to the airport for flight to Phinda wild animal sanctuary. While our bus took a wrong way and delayed, passengers in the other bus had left the airport. There were only 3 planes, accommodating only 15, 10 and 3 people respectively. We could not leave the airport until the biggest 15 passenger plane returned from the first trip. When we landed at Phinda airstrip, the sun was about to set on the wild field with sparse trees where a kind of cows named wildebeests were grazing. We got on jeeps to begin the animal watching trip.

    In the afterglow, we saw zebras and elephants. As we came to a lake side already in the pitch dark, a red search light spotted a pair of lions resting still. The sky was clear and dark without the moon, and we could see stars very beautifully. As we were still driving in the dark, Sue said "Look at the Orion". It was beautiful at an end of Milky Way. But wait, it was upside down !! We are accustomed to see the Orion in the south sky. But since it was upside down, it must be in the north sky now, as we reasoned. At the other end of Milky Way, therefore supposedly in the south sky, there were some bright stars, and we were talking that specific four stars among them must be Southern Cross. Later our guess was confirmed by a ranger. We took barbeque dinner on a pitch dark field only lit with candles and some acetylene torches. Then we drove 1 hour more to arrive at Rock Lodge located at the southern end of the sanctuary, to stay.

 うねりは治まり日光がさんさんと注ぐ気持ちのいい朝が来た。船は1pmにRichard's Bayに接岸予定だったが、多分昼食時間との関係で水先案内人が2pmまで来船しなかった。GPS時代に水先案内は無用の長物なのだろうが、規制を守護神として特権を欲しいままにしているのであろう。彼らはヘリコプタで来てロープで船に降りた。それから船は動き始めて南アフリカ共和国の東北部でZululandの玄関Richard's Bayに入った。埠頭では男女の若者がZulu族の衣装で踊り、船を出迎えた。


 残照の中でシマウマと象の一群を見た。もう真っ暗になってから或る湖のほとりに来た時、サーチライトの赤い光が静かに休んでいる一対のライオンを捉えた。空は晴れていて月も無く、見たことも無いほど真っ黒だったので、星が非常に美しく見えた。ドライブ中にスミヱが「あっオリオン」と言った。天の川の外れにオリオン座が美しかった。いや待てよ、オリオンが上下逆に逆立ちしているではないか!! 我々は南の空にOrion座がある眺めに慣れている。それが逆立ちしているからには、今は北の空に見えているに違いない、と推察した。天の川の反対側、従って南の空と思われる辺りに明るい星が幾つか見え、その内の4つが南十字星ではないかと話し合っていた。後でレインジャに尋ねてこの推察が当たっていることが分かった。ロウソクとアセチレンランプで照明しただけの真っ暗な野原でバーベキュー式の夕食を一行で一緒に食べた。食後にまた1時間ほどドライブして保護区の南端にあるRock Lodgeで泊まった。

April 4, 2002

    We got up early to set out for the morning animal watching trip on a jeep from 6:30am. We could see many kinds of animals; zebras, a kind of boars called Warthogs, giraffes etc. Unique cacti and aloes were seen. Vervet monkeys let one of them stand sentry on the top of a big tree. Rhinos, a kind of deers called nyalas, a big flock of geese, a huge bird called goliath heron with wings of 2m end to end, buffalos etc. But the most exciting sight was that of a family of cheetahs resting beyond grasses in the shade of trees. They were wearing very expensive furs.

    We returned to the Lodge. While we were taking breakfast, Shig found a herd of animals like deers in the mountain foot in front of us. We were told they were impalas. Two female nyalas visited our lodge. Interestingly one of the toilet walls was all transparent glass facing the wood. This glass wall was found the best location to watch these nyalas, and vice versa. We had to kill time until late afternoon when the flight was available. We were taken to the near-by Mountain Lodge for leisurely rest, shopping and lunch. We took the last flight to return to the ship around 5pm. We bought some bead-ware in the makeshift vendors on the pier.

    It was an "Informal" evening. We dined with Ron & Vi again, and Ambassador & Mrs. Alan Nazareth. Shig ate veal and Sue ate shrimp.

 早起きして6:30amからまたジープで朝の動物観察に出掛けた。多くの動物に出会った。シマウマ、Warthogという猪の一種、キリンなど。独特のサボテンやアロエがあった。日本で見るAloeと違って葉が枯れて幹ができ、その上に葉がある。Vervet Monkeyという猿は、大木の頂上から1匹が顔を出して見張りをしていた。サイ、Nyalaという鹿の種類、ガンの大群、Goliath Heronという羽を広げると2mはあろうかと思われた巨大なサギ、バッファローなど。一番のハイライトは木陰に休むCheetahの一家を草むらの向こうに見た時だった。子供も含めて一家揃って随分と高価な皮を着ていた。

 Lodgeに戻って朝食中に、重悳が向かいの山すそに鹿のような動物の一群が居ることを発見した。Impalaだと言われた。部屋のベランダで記念写真を撮っているうちに、雌のNyalaが2頭我々のLodgeを訪れて来た。面白いことにトイレに座って正面の壁が森に向いて全面透明ガラスになっているのだが、そのガラスがこの2頭を観察するのに最高の場所だった。彼女らにとっても人間観察の絶好の場所だろう。飛行機に乗れるまで午後遅くまで時間を潰す必要があり、我々は近くのMountain Lodgeに移ってゆっくりと休み、昼食をとり、買い物をした。飛行機の最終便で5pm頃船に戻った。埠頭の露店でZulu特産のビーズ細工を若干購入した。

Informalの夜で、再びRon & Vi、インド人のAmbassador & Mrs. Alan Nazarethと一緒に食事した。重悳は子牛を、スミヱは海老を食べた。

April 5, 2002

    This was a cruise-only day. As the ship was exposed to the southern tip of Africa, the big swell began to come and the ship pitched very violently. It was the most violent pitch in the cruise so far. The elevators in the ship were stopped for safety for the first time. Fortunately, both of us were OK and attended a lecture. Shig attended the second lecture while Sue did laundry. But we refrained from moving too much in the afternoon lest we should get motion sick.

    We felt colder today in the room and outside. We had travelled to the south but "too south" we came. The latitude was found 34 degrees south, as compared with Tokyo's latitude of 35 degrees north. It was almost as if we had been in Tokyo in early October.

    We didn't feel hungry in the evening partly because of pitching and partly because we ate too much in the lunch. So we skipped the dinner.




'02/ 4/ 5 Zululand    Zulu族の野生動物保護区で野生動物と南十字星を見た。

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