KENYA (information)

stay: 2006/Jun/01..2006/Aug/24

General View ---------

African people in KENYA are reliable than other African countries. Mt. KENYA info is at another page. In Nairobi there often happen demonstration on the road. But you don't have to worry about it. They don't hurt tourists.
I got KENYA visa at the border / $50 (single 3 months)

Economy ---------

  • $1=Ks71..72
  • ATM for VISA are many.
  • You can use your credit card in the most shops including supermarkets.
accommodation; (city) 300.. (remote area) 100 , petrol; (city) 81..85/L (remote area) 95..100/L, beer (650ml); 50..100, Fanta (300ml); (city) 16 (remote area) 30, Internet; 1..4/min, local restaurant; 40..

Food ---------

There are many kind of beer but I didn't feel tasty. At the local bar you can find a strong beer, 'SENATOR' (alc 8% / ks30). You cannot find it at a supermarket. Please try it.
You can find Japanese food and so on. For example, SOBA and UDON (Japanese noodles), KIKKO-MAN SHOYU (Japanese true soy sauce), MIRIN (sweet sake used as seasoning), MISO (soybean paste), TOFU (soybean curd), NATTO (fermented soybeans), UMEBOSHI (pickled ume)

Accommodations ---------

They have parking area as long as there's no note. But the security is your own responsibility.

in Nairobi (capital)

Jungle-Junction (along 'Amboseli Rd.,' in 'Lavington,' near the crossing 'Gitanga Rd.' and 'James Gichuru Rd.') Tel. +254-0-722-752865 / 0723-392014, E-mail;
C300, +50(bicycle, motorcycle), +100(truck) / D500, S1500, W2000 / shared toilet & hot shower
suit2500 / self-contained (They have some discount rates for the long stay)
kitchen(refrigerator, stove), BBQ grill, meal service, beer & soda service, laundry service, motorcycle fixing service, free tea & regular coffee, storage service

Jungle-Junction map

New Kenya Lodge (The end of 'Latema Rd.,' 1st floor of the building)
D350, S400 / shared toilet & shower
W750 / self-contained
TV, small stove
Parking is the patio of the building. The gate to the patio is backside of the building.

New Kenya Lodge map

Upper Hill Camp Site (refer to the map)
C300, D400, loft300, cabin1500, W1000 / shared toilet & shower
rental tent; +150
TV, restaurant & bar, pool table

Upper Hill Camp Site map

in Nyahururu (At the east of Mt. KENYA, near Nakuru)

(hearsay), (refer to 'Road ')
Thompsons Falls Lodge


in Garissa

Nomad Palace Hotel (along the main road, big hotel with a sign)
(expensive?) / (looks gorgeous)
(MIKONO International)
This is not a guest house but a residence of Japanese NGO. The staff are friendly and kindly. They will help you.
C?, room? (by negotiation) / bed, shared toilet and Japanese style hot bath, meals
(refer to 'town (Garissa)')

in Wajir

PASTORALIST GUESTHOUSE (west of the town, along the road which leads to Moyale)
S300 / shared toilet & cold shower, shared TV
The problem is the restaurant & bar are far from here to walk.
AL-AMIN GUESTHOUSE (along the same street of 'LAVINGTON LODGE')
S150, D150 (150/bed) / shared toilet & cold? shower
LAVINGTON LODGE (opposite to KOBIL petrol st., along 'MOYALE Rd.')
D100 (100/bed) / shared toilet & cold? shower
The smallest dormitory has 3 beds. If you stay here you'd better occupy the 3 beds room by yourself paying 300. Because you may feel anxious about the security.

in Buna

C140 / ?

in Marsabit

Henry "the Swiss" (turn left after 500 m? from the beginning of the town when you came here from Nairobi.)

in Moyale

There seemed to be some hotels.

Town ---------

in Nairobi (capital)

Nairobi town map

motorcycle repair;
At Jungle-Junction there's a workshop. Chris (Germany mechanic) can repair your motorcycle. But it's difficult to get the new parts in KENYA.


The Daivid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
free (donation) / time: 1100..1200? There is a guidance. You can touch the orphan elephants.
Giraffe Centre
admission; (adult) ?, (student) ? / You can feed and touch the giraffes.

Tour agency;

Japanese staff are there in the following agencies.
Afro Space Ltd. (centre of the town, near Hilton Hotel, to ask the Japanese tourist in New Kenya Lodge is better.)
Do Do World (west lands area, near matatu rank, along the big main road opposite to a bank, Sarit centre is not so far)


KORO-chan KOROKKE (Croquette)
croquette; (plain, vegetables) 25 (chicken) 30, a fried cake of minced meat (menchi) 25

The ground floor of 'TITAN' building, along 'Chaka Rd.,' near YAYA centre (refer to the map of Nairobi)
They have some dish menu, too.

(stall car)
centre of the city, in the parking area near KCB (refer to the following map)

Korochan map

in Magadi

About 110km from Nairobi. The altitude of the road from Nairobi is 600..2000m! You can enjoy the mountain pass. The town has its own atmosphere. The lake is almost a tidal flats? or salt pan. You can watch flamingos there.

Hot Springs;

Lake Magadi Community Hot-springs
admission; (person) 200 (vehicle) 200, camping; 200
From the gate to the hot spring is far and difficult to find (I couldn't find). You'd better ask the place exactly at the gate.

in Garissa

They say there's an ATM. But I'm not sure. KCB bank is there.
Most staff are Japanese. They will help you anything including your accommodation and so on.
The most people in the town know the director, Mr. HIJIKATA.

MIKONO International

in Wajir

There's no ATM, though KCB bank is there. BAR is only one. It's a little difficult to find (refer to 'GPS'). The streets are dusty.
petrol; 9.5/L, fanta(300ml); 30, accommodation; 100.., beer; 70

in Isiolo

(hearsay) This town has ATM. But there's no ATM between Moyale and Isiolo. When you go to Moyale via Marsabit, you can check the latest info here about the convoy and bandit.

in Marsabit

(hearsay) This town is in NP. But free. Bank is there but no ATM.

in Moyale

There's a bank but they don't trade ETHIOPIAN money. They can trade US$ and KENYAN money. Street exchangers are at the border of both sides. Petrol station, restaurant and accommodation are there. Prices in ETHIOPIA is lower than KENYA including petrol.
petrol; 9.0/L, changer; Ks100=Br10? (bank rate was Ks100=Br12)

Government Establishments (visa) ---------

SUDANESE embassy (along 'Kabarnet Rd.' next to POLAND embassy. But there's no sign at the entrance. White wall and light blue gate)
'Kabarnet Rd.' is crossing 'Ngong Rd.' At the intersection there is YEMEN embassy and 'CALTEX' petrol station. And they are near 'NAKUMAT pristage (shopping mall)'
single (1 month) ks4500
2 photos, interview?
apply: AM / issue: next 1400? (Sometimes they issue SUDAN visa)

ETHIOPIAN embassy (near 'State House Av.')
single (1 month) $20 or ks1660
multiple (3 months) $30 or ks2490
multiple (6 months) $40 or ks 3320
transit single (1 month?) $20 or ks1660
transit double (3 month?) $30 or ks2490
photo, 2 copies of carnet, 2 copies of international driver's license, Yellow Fever Card (not sure)
They will check them carefully.
apply: 900 / issue: 1430 at the same day.
Be careful! The validity of visa is from the issue day.

JAPANESE embassy (along 'Mara Rd.,' Upper Hill area)
There is an info notebook in Japanese.

Border ---------

Namanga (Alsha-Nairobi) (entry from TANZANIA);

The government officers of both sides are kindly.

You can get KENYA visa at the border. single (3 months) $50, transit (max 7 days) $20.

road tax;
(1 week) free, (1 month) $20, (3 months) $50 / You can extend it at customs later
(hearsay) At the border between ETHIOPIA, the officer didn't charge the road tax when you entry KENYA.

If you have an AIT/FIA carnet, it's easy to pass the customs. If you don't have it, I heard the procedure gets troublesome.

First, you have to go to the automobile federation in Nairobi leaving your vehicle at the border. And submit documents and pay much deposit there. After the procedure you go back to the border and you can enter with your vehicle. When you leave KENYA, you can refund the deposit, though it is very hard.

The nearest ATM from the border is Kajiad (85 km from the border) and Kitengera (47 km from Kajiado)

There is a forex-bureau at the border.

petrol station;
There are some. One of them sold petrol with TANZANIA money. The rate was same as the public rate (the rate on a newspaper).

Moyale (Marsabit-Mega) (leaving for ETHIOPIA);

(KENYA side)
road tax;
There was no check of the road tax receipt when I left.
(hearsay) When you enter KENYA from ETHIOPIA here, the officers don't charge the road tax.
(hearsay) At the border between UGANDA and KENYA the officers will charge and check the road tax.

They check your carnet and insurance.

Road ---------

North area is dirt road and bandit area.

There are three routes as follows.
  • Nairobi-Marsabit-Moyale
  • Nairobi-(Garissa or Isiolo)-Wajir-Moyale
  • Nairobi-Lake Turkana-(ETHIOPIA)

the north of Nairobi map

*Nairobi-Marsabit-Moyale (hearsay)

This route is short and popular. The road is corrugation or gravel or rocky. Near Moyale the bandit will appear so often (refer to 'bandit'). They say it's once a month.
There is a convoy between Moyale and Marsabit. The convoy leaves Moyale every 9 o'clock for Marsabit. I couldn't get any info of the convoy from Marsabit to Moyale. The convoy is very fast, but the road is very bad. So they say it is impossible to follow them by motorcycle.
The convoy is made up commercial trucks. But the armed security is settled one per a commercial truck. They say that's no meaning because the bandits are more armed people.
You can go through this section by yourself. You can check the latest info at Nairobi, Isiolo and so on. They say that at Moyale there is a spy of the bandit and is picking on tourists.
The rocky section seemed to be hard. I met a rider who caused the fall accident, and 4WD tourist stranded by the blowout.
(I haven't driven this route. This info is from other tourists who drove from Moyale to Nairobi.)
Nairobi--(pavement)--Isiolo--(corrugation)--Archa--(corrugation, dusty, gravel)--Marsabit: Archa-Marsabit section takes about 7 hours. In Nanyuki there is a sign of equator. ATM is also there.
Marsabit[0 km]--(corrugation, gravel, rocky)--[150 km, 6 h]--(flat gravel, bandit)--Moyale[250 km]: The first 150 km takes 6 hours because it's rocky. I met a rider who caused a fall accident, and 4WD tourist stranded by the blowout. The last 100 km takes 2 hours and that's the bandit section.

*Nairobi-(Garissa or Isiolo)-Wajir-Moyale

This is dusty road. Tourists say this is dangerous because this is near SOMALIA. But when I passed, the local people and Japanese NGO said these 10 years nothing special to be afraid of (If it's so dangerous, Japanese NGO was not there).
Be careful of your driving speed! Because suddenly the deep sand section appears in front of you. In Garissa there is a Japanese NGO (refer to 'town (Garissa)'). You can ask them the latest information.
Nairobi[0 km]--Thika--Mwingi--Garissa[3?? km]: Pavement. Mwingi-Garissa (198 km) section is no petrol st. (At Bangari (118 km from Mwingi) a petrol st?)
Garissa[0 km]--(dusty, deep sand)--[90 km]--(flat?)--[120km]--(gravel, dusty, dirt)--Mad Gashi[170 km]
Isiolo--(dusty?, deep sand?)--Mad Gashi
Mad Gashi[0 km]--(dusty)-- [7 km?]--(many small dunes on the road because of the sandstorm, sandstorm)--[30 km?]--(gravel, corrugation)--[40 km?]--(dirt, gravel, deep sand, corrugation)--Habaswein[50 km]
Habaswein[0 km]--(dusty, corrugation, gravel)--[30 km]--(dusty, deep sand)--Wajir[110 km]: Garissa-Wajir (330 km) section is no petrol st., though there is a black-market petrol (100/L) in Mad Gashi.
Wajir[0 km]--(gravel)--[15 km]--(dusty, corrugation, dirt)--[110 km]--(deep sand)--Eldas[114 km?]--(dusty, deep sand)--Buna[160 km]--(flat dirt, deep sand)--intersection[250 km]--(gravel, pavement?)--Moyale[259 km]: Wajir-Moyale (259 km) section is no petrol st.

*Nairobi-Lake Turkana-(ETHIOPIA) (hearsay)

This route is very hard off-road. Some sections are flooded. To get petrol on the way is also difficult. Motorcyclist and single tourist should plan carefully. I got this info from two 4WD vehicles group.
Nairobi--(pavement?)--Gilgil--(rocky, dusty)--Nakuru--(pavement)--Nyahururu--(pavement, gravel)--Maralal
At Nyahururu there's an ATM. When you go north, this is the last ATM. A campsite is also there. (refer to 'accommodations') At Maralal there's a petrol st.
Maralal--(rocky, flood)--(rocky, corrugation, flat dirt)--Sibiloi NP--Banya Fort(border)
There is a petrol st. in Maralal, Baragoi, (Loyangalani?). In ETHIOPIA the petrol st. is at Jinka, Konso and so on. The entry fee of Sibiloi NP is $15 just to make sure. In the NP there is a campsite.
At the border there's no border officer. You can get a stamp in Addis Ababa (When you come to KENYA, at Nairbi you can get a stamp).
You can find the tribe in the southwestern area of ETHIOPIA. The west side of Lake Turkana is dangerous and the north border is close.


Bandit (armed robberies); They try to stop you with gun and barricade. Their purpose is to get your money and luggage. In so far as you obey them, your life is safe. But be careful, in the past a car driver was shot when he tried to unfasten his seat belt (The bandit might misunderstand he tried to take a gun). To unpack your luggage slowly is one idea. Because they want to run away soon (They might give up and running away).
I saw a tourist by bicycle who met the bandit. There was the loud report of a gun then bandits came around the tourist.

GPS (download)---------

(for GARMIN 'Map Source' file)
  1. nairobi-addis.gdb Nairobi- (border)-Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA)
  2. arusha-nairobi.gdb Nairobi city, Nairobi-(border)-Arusha (TANZANIA)

(GPS eXchange format file)You need to rename the file!
  1. nairobi-addis.rtf Nairobi- (border) - Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA)
  2. arusha-nairobi.rtf Nairobi city, Nairobi-(border)-Arusha (TANZANIA)

(HTML Plain Text, only the main waypoints)
  1. Kenya (plain text)
  2. Jungle Junction (Nairobi) (plain text) The way to Jungle-Junction
  3. Nairobi - Addis Ababa (plain text) Nairobi - (border) - Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA)

route & track;
  • Arusha (TANZANIA) - Nairobi
  • Nairobi city (excursions)
  • Nairobi - Mt. KENYA
  • Nairobi - Marsabit - (border) - Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA)
  • Nairobi - Wajir - (border) - Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA)

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