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Hello ! You want to know more about [guÿom] ! So here is his story :

"As you already, [guyom] is french and is born in Normendie in the 20th century (but i don't know when). At the age of four, he is already fan of Jean-Michel Jarre because he really likes the synthetisers sounds. He began to play the melodies of "Oxygen" and "equinoxe" on his Simon toy. But his parents are upset by the noise he makes and they they hide the simon :( He then stop playing music, but still listen to electronic sounds until the age of seven : with the success of the dancefloor acid house music, he thinks he prefers punk and alternative rock mouvement !!! At school he is the singer of a band, "Les Sales Gosses" and writes all his lyrics. But his parents leave his town, and he has to stop his band. It's a time of great sadness for him because he lose all his friends :( He decide to never play in a band ever again because it's too sad when it ends.

But he still loves music, and his parents put him in a classic music school to learn flute. But he never pass the first class and get fired after four years. But he discover lots of different new musics, like rap and negro spirituals, and plays the percussions.

A few years later, he returns to electronic music thanks to his brothers who is a very good hardtechno DJ. He goes with him to rave parties and wants to compose this music. So he works during the summer in a chicken slaughterhouse to buy himself an Atari ST and sampler and a synthe. Then he will never stop making music electronic music until today, progressivly slipping from techno to IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).

In his new town Angers, he played solo and with several other musicians (like Kikool, le Collectif17ans) and now he has lots of projects with great labels like Warp, Rephlex, Skam and Ego Twister, because they all noticed his fantastic compositions skills. He also performs live in all Europe and you can book him."

This is the official biography that [guyôm] send me, but i suspect it not to be the complete truth ;-) Anyway, I hope you found it interresting !




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