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Dream Come True

at the 1999 CFA International Show

City-of-Angel was awarded Best American Shorthair Kitten at the 1999 CFA International Show.

international-4.JPGIt's been my dream to enter my cats in an International show, but I never thought any of the kittens I had bred coud become Best American Shorthair Kitten, specially at its first entry and in my first CFA Intarnational Show. It's difficult for me to express in words how happy and excited I felt.

My first American Shorthair was a silver tabby male which I got in 1991. As I showed him in local shows, in southern Japan, I decided I wanted to breed better ASHs and start my own bloodline. For years I continued trying.

Sanx Milky Way was one of the kittens from the first ASH litter I bred.

sumichan.JPGmilky waymax1-3.JPGMad MaxShe later gave me Sanx Mad Max, a silver tabby male, in 1996. A year later I bred Sanx Mad Max to Sanx Big Apple and they had Sanx Thunder Dome, who granded, before his father, to become the first CFA grand champion bred in my cattery. I was so excited when Max was born, because he was so
cute. But as time passed he gradually lost his cuteness, which is common. Thunder Dome, however, didn't change much as he got older. His big round face, big legs, broad shoulders, huge gentle-looking eyes and sweet expressions made me feel crazy about him.
mel-kitten.JPG3 month, Thunder Domemel-2.JPGmel-3.JPG
For years I had liked various colors of American Shorthairs, but my love for Thnder Dome, or "Mel" as I came to call him, helped me realize it was the silver tabby I really liked. And so I decided to concentrate all my efforts on breeding silver tabbies, and to improve the quality of my line.

My search for a good female for Mel began. Because he had been bred from my line, I knew I needed to look outside my line in order to achieve my goal. Not only did I feel this was important for breeding better kittens, but also for their health.

After vigorously searching, I was able to contact an American breeder with whom I felt comfortable. Her name is Carol Rothfeld, owner of Carocats cattery. She had several litters from various parents, and was kind enough to send my a video of her litters. I was very impressed with the kittens bred from GC,RW Carocats Cosmic Connection and Ch Jonjan Flirtation Walk of Carocats. I asked Carol to sell me a female silver tabby from their litter. She is now Ch Carocats Special Angel of Sanx.
Anxiety built and excitement grew as I awaited the arrival of my kitten. She was 5 months old when she arrived in Japan. When I went to the airport to pick her up, I was so impressed by her beautiful big green eyes, wide muzzle and short, gently curved nose. In short, I loved her. I felt she and Mel would have beautiful kittens someday. I saw my dream closer to becoming a reality. As I had hoped, she later gave me a great kitten, City-Of-Angel(nicknamed “Nana”).
Nana is one of four kittens (two silver tabby males, one silver tabby female and one black smoke male) that Special Angel gave me in one litter. Nana has a very nice personality, like her parents, and like most kittens is very playful. I often took her and the other three kittens to my friends' houses when they were little. As they grew older, I thought about showing them.
Initially I was only wanting to show Nana at the CFA International Show, but I heard rumors that Japan was going to introduce a quarantine on cats, so I decided to show tree of my kittens.
As I made preparations to leave, I realized that between Nana's 8 pounds (at 5 months)and the two other kittens, each weighing even more, I had a total of 32 pounds plus my own luggage. Had it not been for Mrs. Kaori Seki, Mrs. Kayoko Otsu and her family accompanying me on this trip, it would have been impossible for me to go. I am very grateful to them.

Everything about the CFA International Show was a new and exciting experience for me. I can't forget when, in the first ring, with Judge Donald Williams, I put the wrong kitten in the cage and made people laugh.

I was so happy, though, when City-Of-Angel received best of breed and was selected for the finals in that ring. Then City-Of-Angel won Best American Shorthair Kitten....
what a great experience....I was so proud!

After we returned to Japan, Mrs.Motoko Sakaguchi become City-Of-Angel's new owner, and showed her at a CFA show in Japan on Dec. 23-24. Although she had a skin problem at the time due to shampooing, she was still able to come home as 2nd Best Shorthair Kitten and 4th Best All-Breed Kitten out of 51 entries.

The American Shorthair is very popular in Japan and there are many beautiful ones being shown. I can't wait to see how City-Of-Angel does in the future.
I have had so many ups and downs throughout the years as I've tried to improve my line.
But I can say with pride that from my small cattery I have produced two CFA grand champions of my own, GRC Sanx Mad Max and GC Sanx Thunder Dome.

I wish to extend my gratitude to all the people who have given me so much moral support throughout my years of breeding: my family, all my friends and breeders who though their own experiences have given me such valuable advice and support. I'd like nothing more than to keep a good relationship with them, and be able to continue breeding more and more beautiful and healthy American Shorthair silver tabbies.

I'd like to give my special thanks to Mrs.Carol Rothfeld and her hasband and all the CFA International Show judges.

Translated by
Sam and Michi Cordero