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Nishinihon Cat Club 12/4-5/2010

Sanx Akari

Just 5month old, kitten class
finaled 8 of 8
Yoshiko Sada (all breed) 2nd best kitten
Ayumi Ueda (all breed) 2nd best kitten
Yoko Imai (all breed) 8th best kitten
Minoru Maeda (all breed) 5th best kitten
Megumi Yamashita(all breed) 4th best kitten
Kayoko Koizumi (all breed) 5th best kitten
Yukiko Hayata (all breed) 5th best kitten
Koji kanise(sp) 4th best kitten


Sanx First Lady

Championship Open class

She obtained champion's title.


After the show ^^