The Origin of Ganko- ji temple

Ganko-ji is located in middle region of the Kabe River that flows in the east part of

Kagawa Prefecture,

and it is clear that our temple Ganko-ji had already been built in the Nara era.

When seeing the ancient tiles which were found at the site of our temple, according to the records of the Hozoin-Korekiki, it was built by Tetsuen in (830) during seven years in the tencho period. It is thought that it was an ancient Buddhist temple which was not a private temple of a wealthy clan but belonged to the nation.

A large amount of ancient tiles have been excavated about 200m south from the present site.

The temple title of Sheyakuzan hidenin originates from temples name of Hidenin and Seyakuin which was built by Empress Komyo who was grieving the lack of a place that could help suffering people from disaster and hunger.

Afterwards, the war of Chosokabe, it was moved to the present ground. Peoples have believed in the miraculous efficacy of our main statue of Sho-Kannon and have been trying to follow religious principles. To this day, our temple is supported by the deep faith of the people.

The priest's residence and the main temple were burnt down by an accidental fire in 1963, however, now after 47 years, thanks to the Buddhist parishioners,  there has been an opportunity of rebuilding it and it is scheduled to be finished in August, 2010

Important cultural asset'Seated Statue of Sho-kannon'

The Seated statue of Sho-Kannon of this temple has been designated a national important cultural asset (1950), and it is made a method of dry lacquer. The theory that the work was made in the middle term of the Tempyo period is widely accepted. It is unusual that an excellent statue of Sho-Kannon made by the method in the dry lacquer like this has been left outside the Yamato country. Other famous statues with the same style of dry lacquer are the Standed Statue of Jyuichimen Kannon of Mie-dera (Gifu Prefecture), the Seated Statue of Senjyu Kannon of Fujii-dera (Osaka Prefecture) and the Seated Bosatsu with one leg pendent of Ryu-geji (Yokohama city).

To Visit

It is possible to see it from 10:30AM to noon of the 8th every month.

We will accept groups as long as we are available.

Please reserve the name and the number of people beforehand and also please make sure to inform us the desired date and the time to visit.

If you have any question or inquire, feel free to contact with the following E-mail address :sanukigankouji@yahoo.co.jp

When you send the massage to the above E-mail address, please kindly write down the' Visit reservation' as a title.

How to get Gankoji

Train: JR Kotoku line toward Tokushima 12 minutes walk north from Zota station.

Car: Takamatsu expressway 3 minutes from the interchange exit Shido – Nagao