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This is the official site, the Japanese Citizen's Group against the Suffrage of Foreigners.

Our Thought
In this page, the word “suffrage” means both of two rights. The right to vote, and to be candidate in election.

We are against the suffrage of foreigners living in Japan.

It is quite natural that foreigners in Japan do not have the suffrage of Japan, just like many of other countries all over the world.

Additionally, it is not a racial discrimination, but only a separation by nationality.

The number of countries those give their own suffrage to foreigners is only about 25 in the world, about 200 countries.

Therefore, the suffrage of foreigners is NOT a common sense at all in the world.

In many countries of EU, suffrage is restrictively given only to the other EU citizens (= the foreigners having the nationality of EU).

For example,
the French people living in Germany are given the suffrage of Germany,
but the Japanese people living in Germany are NOT given the suffrage of Germany.