Comfortable Thai airline

Comfortable "Tuk Tuk", bike taxi

Army March

Sleeping Budda

Sandal shop !

"aki-ko" ,the very popular confectionary in Thailand

Japanese messages are also written on the package!

International !

It says " Be kind to every old people !"

more information about "aki-ko"

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after departing from Vietnam, I stayed in Bangkok, Thailand.

2002 Sep6 ~ 2002 Sep 7

2002 Takashi Kato

all rights reserved

The photos of "akiko" are taken by

the photographer "Hani,Hajime".

a friend of mine.

He is a very popular photographer

in Japan. Please check his photos.

撮影:加藤隆史(ミノルタ) カメラ:ミノルタα507si フィルム:コダックダイナハイカラー