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Research interests


     I am interested in functional evolution of the genes involved in adaptive process. I am now investigating the functional evolution of vertebrate temperature receptors which play crucial roles in thermal sensation. Temperature receptors are ion channels belonging to TRP superfamily (thermoTRP). By combining molecular evolutionary and electrophysiological approaches, I examine the functional evolutionary process of thermoTRPs in vertebrate lineages. I am also interested in evolution of uncoupling protein 1 gene which is a key factor in nonshivering thermogenesis in mammals.      


Shigeru Saito, Ph.D.

Cell Signaling,

Department of Biosensing Research,

Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience

National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan

Email:  sshigeru nips.ac.jp (Please add 'at mark' symbol before nips.ac.jp)

Tel:  +81-564-59-5287



Trout fishing 'Iwana'



Cherry blossoms in Okazaki.

Okazaki castle