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The Saitama Premier Brass (SPB) is based in Saitama, Japan, and has entertained local audiences. The object of the Band is to advance the education of the general public in the art of British Brass Band music through the provision of public concerts and training in brass music skills.

The band's playing members are all amateur musicians, playing brass instruments ranging from Cornets to Basses, as well as a full complement of percussion instruments. We have got lesson from an international musician positively, and are enjoying playing together.

The next celebrity visited our band.

    Eric Banks (Conductor)
    Russell Gray (Conductor, Cornet soloist)
    Roger Webster (Cornet soloist)
    Alan Wycherley (Soprano Cornet soloist, Conductor)
    Brett Baker (Trombone soloist, Conductor)
    Owen Farr (Tenor Horn soloist, Teacher)
    Garry E. Cutt (Conductor)
    Sheona White (Tenor Horn soloist, Teacher)
    Natsumi Inaba McDonald (Baritone soloist in Fodens Brass Band)
    Glenn Van Looy (Euphonium soloist)

We have rehearsal on Tuesday in Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan every week. Please let us know if you would like to play together, then please email us.

SPB The Twenty-fifth Regular Concert
Saturday 11th April, 2015, 1:30pm
Sun City Hall, Koshigaya

28-Oct-2013, 22nd Concert

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