Anne Byrne / Come By The Hills (Hawk HALP 127)

Side One
1Crooked Jack (Words & Tune Adpt. Wolfe Stephens)
2Molly Malone (Trad. Arr. M. Colbert)
3The House Carpenter (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
4Willie O'Winsbury (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
5Captain Kidd (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
6D'Arcy Farrow (T. Kendall / S.Gilhee)
Side Two
1An Suantri (Trad. Arr. A. Byrne)
2Pretty Saro (Trad. Arr. M. Colbert)
3Swallow, Swallow (Alan Taylor / Miles Wootton)
4Constantly Changing (Ray Dolan)
5Come by the Hills (W. Gordon Smith)
6My Father (Judy Collins)

GUITARS : Paddy Roche, Pat Armstrong, Ray Dolan, James Connolly, Michael Colbert
PIANO : Una Moore
ENGINEERING : Philip Begley