A message from the producer

We apologize and beg forgiveness for what we have done;
We Japanese once invaded and annexed Asian countries, and committed various kinds of war crime there.
We attacked Pearl Harbor without a proclamation of war.
We treated prisoners of war cruelty and did numerous misdeeds which violate international law.

We are deeply disappointed;
The then U.S. government indiscriminately slaughtered civilians including elderly people,
women, children, infants and fetuses in Nagasaki as well as in Hiroshima.
They put nuclear arms into real use and opened the door to the horrific nuclear war age in human history.

We implore;
That your governments never product any more new nuclear bomb victims (hibakusha)
in any country in the world as well including your own country.
That all governments swiftly eliminate all nuclear arms

We do hope;
That you make all contributions to stop anybody from using nuclear weapons again
and to abolish them all eventually.